Reading please - just want to be loved :(

  • Can anyone give me a reading about my love life? I was with my Virgo guy for 6 years. He is very confusing and I think he is now seeing a sagittarius girl. I just want to be happy 😞 x

  • If you don't mind, I will provide a reading for you.

    Ace of Cups. Has someone new shown interest in you? There may be a budding new romance on the horizon!

    4 Pentacles. What are you holding on to? Is there any financial or material connection to you and the old boyfriend? Did you live together or have strings attached to the relationship of a financial nature? Relax your hold and let things play out. We only have control over our own lives. You can’t move forward by holding on to these issues. Sometimes we have to cut our losses and move on.

    6 Wands. Once you start getting out and involved with life again and letting go of the old relationship, you will gain a new perspective on your love life and find that you have gotten over the old boyfriend. Creating new habits and a new life without your former partner will allow you to rise up above the sadness you are currently experiencing. You will get past this and triumph in the long run.

    Knight of swords. Be prepared that the old boyfriend may not be too thrilled to see you moving on. He may realize what he is losing. Only you can decide if you want to go back to your old relationship or are now ready to see what else is out there. You decide if you want to find the true happiness you seek

    Empress: This card shows the loving relationship that is in store for you. You can find the happiness you seek and it will be rich and loving based on your realization of what you have learned about yourself in your old relationship and knowing what you need to be happy.

    We have choices in what we do. We have control over ourselves and how we live our lives. Emotions are slower to follow but will catch up to all the right decisions we put in place for ourselves. (Listen to your own inner voice. It is usually the best guidance we have.)

    Though 6 years of your life went in to your relationship with your boyfriend, if he has now turned to someone else, not only don’t you have control over his decision but this indicates that at this point in time, he does not reciprocate the emotions and commitment that you have in this relationship.

    That being said, with some very active and deliberate changes to your life, you can better see what you would like from a partner to feel your emotional needs are being met. You also know what you have to offer for a fulfilling relationship. Go for it. You seem to be at the right place to move forward and get what you want.

    I never want to say that a relationship that is at the point yours is can never be healed but in reality, something major has to happen for the other person to wake up and change. That may never happen but then again, you may never have the opportunity to have the happiness you deserve. Take care of your business first. He may realize your value and want back, but more than likely you will be at the point that you want better for yourself.

    The choice is yours.

    Sending loving thoughts your way


  • Thank you ever so much for the reading. I do need to make some changes in my life ad I think I do deserve better. 🙂 thank you!!

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