Cracking crystal! can anyone tell what it means?!

  • Whenever I break or lose a crystal, I read it as a sign that I no longer need it (for the purpose for which it was programmed). Today I found my pyrite cum calcite crystal in pieces. I had used in a pouch with other crystals for pain relief. The pain is now gone and the crystals cleansed. What im curious about is that did the crystal crack because it had absorbed some of my pain/illness? Any insight would help!

  • In the last week I also managed to squash a raw ruby earring and a tiny citrine crystal:(

  • good morning suramya I was told when I was young that when crystals crack or break that means its purpose for healing or protection is done and to bury them in your garden or favorite plant. empaths use the crystals alot and when ever mine crack i bury them in my garden. I also like to toss them into a stream or creek.

  • Thanks for sharing that Shadowmist. I will bury them .Just sad to say goodbye to them!

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