Reading help -- the knight of swords & the high priestess!?

  • hi, i've been reading tarot for a little bit, but i'm truly stumped on this reading. i did the celtic cross, and what i got was:

    1- current situation/significator: KNIGHT OF SWORDS

    2- what covers: HIGH PRIESTESS

    3- what crowns: 3 OF COINS

    4- what is beneath: ACE OF SWORDS

    5-what is behind/the past: 7 OF SWORDS

    6- what is before/the near future: THE STAR

    7-oneself: FOUR of SWORDS

    8-environment/house: QUEEN OF COINS

    9-hopes & fears: NINE OF CUPS

    10- outcome: KING of WANDS

    thanks so much for any help. i rarely do readings for myself. this was done with more of a broad focus (my self), I wasn't concerned with love or another person.

    i've never had the Knight of Swords & the High Priestess "meet" like this -- admittedly i have a hard time "reading" the court cards, anyways.

    Love & Light.

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