Missing items... Aghh Captain!!!

  • Hey guys, sorry I've been so inactive the past month, I haven't been well at all and then just been super busy.

    Unfortunately, one of my pandora charms has gone missing! The bracelet itself was sitting in a bag in the wardrobe, and I have emptied the bag and looked around the wardrobe but not seen it. Any ideas guys? It's a silver christmas tree with a gold star

    I also cannot find my tan coloured country Road glasses case - inside is a black and pink pair of country road glasses. Any thoughts ??HElp!! My life is getting away from me

  • I feel the charm has fallen off when you were shaking your wrist - I see it dropping to the floor and sliding under a piece of furniture that may be raised off the ground. The charm is in a dark place now. The glasses have been 'borrowed' by a friend but you'll soon get them back.

  • Interesting thoughts captain.. The glasses are prescription (though they only have one lens at the moment that's what I was going to get fixed) so I'm not sure if you're seeing my country road sunglasses.. The glasses are black and hot pink on the inside

    The charm hasn't been out of this particular bag for months - the bracelet was whole when i put it in, nad the charm was missing when I took it out yesterday... Hrrrmm..

  • Are you really sure the charm was on the bracelet when you put it in the bag?

    Any chance a child may have gotten hold off the glasses? Feels like someone childish...

  • Yes absolutely, all charms were there. It's pandora so they screw on - impossible to come off while wearing, but can eventually screw off while it's unclasped.

    Hmm. No children have been in the house, I'm confused!

  • Then an adult with a rather childish or childlike nature...

    I'm finding the charm hard to pinpoint which usually means it's moving around - as in with another person, pet, or in a moving vehicle.

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