Captain, a couple of friends had the same dream about me..?

  • Hello Captain, I hope you are doing great!

    A couple of months ago a cousin and a long distant childhood friend of mine sent me a text message that they had a dream about me and I was pregnant. Lately I've been having dreams that I gave birth. Another friend of mine that also lives long distance and I've known for 17 years also sent me a text last night saying she has similar dream about me.

    I'm single and don't wish to get pregnant. I have a lot of bad drama in my life at the moment. What do these dreams mean? Are they related to what's going on in my life right now? I wonder that because what has happen recently has had a huge impact in my life/ work/ income.

    Feel free to speak your mind out. Hehehe I like that about you. = )


  • Dreams seldom mean exactly what they depict. dreams of pregnancy can simply mean that you are ready to create something - not necessarily a new life - but it could be a new project, a new way of life, or a new attitude you can develop. Your friends are seeing that you are ready to be creative and expressive - more than you yourself do. I would trust what your friends see for you, that you have more inventiveness, originality, and creative ability that you think.

  • thanks Captain for your help = )

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