Question for CancerMale w taurusfemale

  • Ok, I have a couple of questions for you.....

    1. Why do you Cancers bottle up and not want to talk about it. I think I have a good idea but would love your prespective.

    2. What is it about being vulnerable and the possibility of getting hurt that bothers you guys so much? BC what I do not get is, with the way you all feel so deeply, I cannot understand why you all keep that area so closed off.

    3. Why Cancers in general allow situations oto develop or work out with out getting involved? Fear of rejection and hurt?

  • Because we are cranky b. a. s. t. a. r. d. s. 🙂

    sorry....i couldn't help myself - LOL

  • You are sooo bad!! lol

  • Well I tend to bottle up when I am unsure of something. If it is a love situation I know without a doubt if I am in it or want to keep my options open. Obviously we cannot tell someone that hence the bottling up.

    Going through the hurt of a breakup takes a great toll and a long time to recover if there is a chance of this happening I tend to be more protective....although it didnt work out for me so well being open recently.

    I am not sure about the might just be me but if I am in a relationship that has long term potential I am there and willing to do the work.

    ,,,,,and yes we can be cranky bastards 🙂

  • So, this is kinda funny. J and I are very playful, yet we can be very serious. Today, I did nott alk to him when I 1st got to work. After about 15 minutes or so, I went up to him and was like....." you feel like talking today? " I started laughing as soon as I finished my sentence, I had a wicked little gleam in my eye, he smiled, laughed and said Ya.....

    He basically just said he didn't feel well, I know that was true. But I also know he has been going through a lot of stress. So, I waited awhile, then talked to him later. We had an amazing talk. The big thing was, is that somehow, someway, I know he was sorry, yet he really needed that alone time.

    We have grown so much......and it has all been worth it!

  • T7

    I love that you are so happy with J now!!! Love it love it love it! You deserve this happiness girlfriend. So glad I met you on here...

  • Awe Doe!! Thank you!!

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