Please I need some help and a reading!

  • Hello, I have a issue between my boyfriend and my sister. My sis is resentful toward me cause im 12 years older then her, and I was a mother hen towards her. now she says mean and cruel things to me whenever she gets a chance. she also has a learning disability that effects her moods at times. well she tells me that my boyfriend who lives with me talks crap about me all the time! she also lives with us, and my mom. I know she has tendencies too lie and be malicious at times, it just hurts me when she talks badly about the man I love. He is serious about and has talked about marrying me eventually. Since we all live together, I want everyone to get along and be happy. Can someone do a reading that can give me some outlook on the near future and what could be done to obtain peace and harmony in this household?

  • You need to trust your sister more and your boyfriend less. I did a reading for you and all the cards that came up showed you not seeing things as they truly are and this man at best being an emotional addiction for you (based in fear) and at worst as deceitful and pulling the wool over your eyes. At the core is you learning to stand in your own power, speak your truth, and from this position make WISE decisions for yourself.

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