Hi new! exchange?

  • does anyone do exchanges on here or is anyone interested

  • candycane22


    I'm interested in exchanging readings.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader and will answer two questions in return for your answering two of mine.

    1. Is Texas my permanant home?

    2. When will I find my second cat?

    Thanks so much for doing this and I look forward to your reading.


  • Perfect i can get to these questions tonight!!

    So firstly I am currently in a relationship, but lately and for the past several years i have had some pretty disturbing dreams about him cheating on me and then i have rather good dreams about another male that is in my life and im not sure why i am always dreaming about this other person. I ve always felt rather connected to him in different way then most. I was just wondering what this all means. If you could help me with that it would be great!

    My second question is im throwing a party this friday i was just wondering how it was going to go and if i can expect any positive surprises:)


    again ill get to your questions tonight and have them posted just at work now for the nxt 20 mins then should be home soon after! look forward to it! Cheers 🙂

  • OK! so for your first question "Is Texas my permanant home?" I pulled three cards and an advice card.

    So the first card i pulled the magician.

    When i see this card i see someone that has all the tools infront of them and hes just figured out which one he wants to use. I feel like you are very capable of putting things together and i think this is in regards to your career i feel like your career has had a lot of influence on where you are right now. The Magician is telling you your life is under your control. Your life is what you want it to be. Your life is what you make it. Show confidence and be you. Go towards what makes you happy or you have gone towards what makes you happy you just need to keep going forward and using all the tools necissary. This will bring you to where you need to be. I interpret the Magician to be letting you know that you have the resources to take on or do what needs to be done to deal with a particular situation. The Magician is able to shift events in your favour - to make the World change around him according to your will. I know that the Magician is creative and resourceful. It's that part of us which we harness to control our own lives. When we are the Magician we make what we want happen.

    The Hanged Man

    I think this goes good with the following card i think its more of a warning that if you dont make what you want to happen things will remain in limbo there won't be much change you have to be the one to make something happen. I feel you want a change you just dont know how to go about it so the biggest piece of advice here is to look at everything around and see what you can use to benifit you and once you realize that potential thats inside of you only then will you know what you truely want there fore bringing you to where you need to be which might be texas or might be where you are now.

    Two of cups was the next card i drew

    I feel as if a friendship / relationship will be a huge decision on where you could end up. I think that you will have two choices in the end that will be a huge factor on if you will stay in texas or leave i feel this way because on the one side of the two of cups i pulled the king of cups on the other side i pulled the star. I feel that told me that you might have to make a choice between a man or going after something that will make you more complete as an individual and yes this might require you to move away. Either way it will be something that you need to think really carefully about use those tools that are availble to you to make magic and make your dreams come true

    The advice card i pulled for you was the wheel of fortue

    It could be advising you to realize nothing is static, that things are constantly in a state of flux and to be flexible... to stay centered so the ups and downs of life don't throw you off your path. Ride it out.

    also i think its a huge indicator that there may be openings being offerred to you and when this happens dont be afraid to open the door when opportunity knocks, to take risks and not play it safe. Take a chance on the unknown, untried, unproven

    Ill get to the other reading in a little bit:)

  • candycane22

    Your answer to my first question is very on target and so interesting to boot as they perdict just exceptly where I am and hope to be in the future. I look forward to the open door opt coming and am so ready for it.

    Now, In answer to your questions in regard to your relationship you are in. You are having fear dreams where he is concerned and therefore you are insecure in the affair, you are the one that has cared and given more in this partner ship. The other man that you have in your life and wonder why he is there, he is a stepping stone to free you from your fears and spread your wings and fly. I do not feel you will marry either of these men , yet they are there to help you progress to the stage where you know yourself well enough to enter into a more balanced and equal marriage. I feel two children with you and the man you marry may have a son from his first marriage. He has been on his own for at least 10 years and is ready to marry and settle down, enters you. I feel you being very happy with this man that is of average height and dark hair , he likes to cook and he likes to be outside to enjoy sports and baseball is what I receive. Bill is a name given to me to share with you.

    Your 2nd question is the party will go well as planned and there may be someone that has to be watched a bit with liquor, do not let this male drive home on his own, call a cab for him or get a friend to take him home. I see a lot of yellow and white with this party so are you having someone of a methaphysical nature coming there that could pick up vibes from those around you? You will be pleased with the outcome of this party and someone will bring a person that may not have been invited , yet you will click and really feel like you have found a potential friend.

    I look forward to the rest of your reading and thanks for your fast response.


  • Im glad my first reading made sense 🙂 your readings for me were very ineresting and ill have to keep you posted on how the party goes tomorrow night.

    As for your second reading im just at school sorry i was really tired last night so when i get home tonight ill get to your second one!

  • Im glad my first reading made sense 🙂 your readings for me were very ineresting and ill have to keep you posted on how the party goes tomorrow night.

    As for your second reading im just at school sorry i was really tired last night so when i get home tonight ill get to your second one!

  • I pulled three cards for your when will i find my next cat


    Firstly going back to your first spread there was mention of a male and mention of the possibility that you could move on to do something else that will let you be your own person and in this spread to me it looks like that if you were to take the choice of moving on and focusing on your self that i get the feeling that this cat will play a huge role in helping you get over what your moving on from..

    I think that you need to seek out extra help in this case im not really sure in what way but i feel that there is a source that you could use that will help you. You may find your next cat in a place that your familiar with that you go to frequently. I don't think you will find your next cat anytime soon though i give it about eight months. I don't usually do time so I could be totally off but 8 months keeps popping in my head. I also think that when you do find your next cat it will be a way of you moving past something as i said in the first section. Itll be a special cat i think something that helps you as much as you will help it. I think that this cat will provide you with quite a special bond.

    Let me know if this makes sense.


    Let me know if this makes sense!


    Yes I understand how it would make sense connected to moving forward and living my own life.

    Thanks again for the reading and it looks like you have a wonderful gift to share.


  • Hi Candycane,

    The Disillusion card with the Palace card tells me that your current lover may not be putting much attention to you. You feel alone and detached and that’s possibly why you’re thinking of someone else at the moment.

    What is does this other person mean to you? I see that he may give you what you crave for. Someone that brings excitement and attention for you. I feel like you may need a little drama in your life, and this other person brings it.

    Both seem to come with issues for you.

    Though, I get a sense your current relationship is shifting as more a friendship than a romance. You want him to notice you. Still, I got the Isolation card, and it shows a withdrawal. The Knight card and the Ishtar card show me that you may act in an overprotective way that may end up pushing him away.

    The other person may give you attention that you want, but he may come with his own drama. I see a connection with a lot of people and secrets coming being known that will explode in your face.

    As for my question.

    I wanted to know how my mother and father’s health will fare this year.

    And if you could, I’m willing to exchange this one too, could you tell me how my new friendship with my piano classmate will go?

    Thank you for your kind gesture.

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