AQUA - oh dear!!

  • it really sounds to me like she likes the attention you give her and keeping you open as an option but not sure about the romantic angle. I must admit i have been guilty of this but not to this extent i'd call/text when i was lonely knowing people would reply back etc...

    i hope i'm wrong but it sounds like that's what she's up

  • Hum" Gemini13" well me and the gemini guy, i gave it up long ago

    the way you describe your aqua girl was the way he was with me hot and cold

    i actually saw him today after a long time not seeing him, i took a long time out of him and it was the right thing to do

    then he came around today he seem to have a thing with me ahahah gemini, gemini i dont understand

    i have gemini in my moon and as an ascendent so i have quiet a lot of it but i guess you just cant be people that were born sun gemini hey

    i m not ever sure if it's worth talking about it

    i dont hold my tongue with him, i tell him exactly what i think and how i feel, that can be good or bad i dont take his mess, this is maybe why he likes me

    liking someone is one thing but liking someone that make you feel low and so confused to lose your balance is not healthy so i left it alone

  • leorising yea she is deffinately 'keeping me there' well buddy NO ONE keeps 'me there'. its either a yes or a no. I told her once before that she was playing with my mind just to get a laugh and she ignored it and replied with something completely different.

    Well she can go fck herself because im over her bullsht. Honestly im not going to contact her AT ALL not at work via emails and if she writes to me (which she prob will) im not going to reply and im going to go MIA.

    Would this make her hunt me down? or will she give up chasing after a few unanswered replies?? how are you aquas when you get completely ignored?? she'll prob get over it and move on. I dont care I just feel like making her suffer but then I cant because uughh I dont want anything bad to happen to her 😞 I want to PROTECT her lol

    oh well na im over it!!

  • Star2u if you guys both like each other why dont you just get together? If he is going to see u etc he likes you! believe me as a gemini I can talk AALLLOOOTTT and say a million sweet things etc but if im not following my words through with actions then forget about it. Im just talking sh*t.

    Its when you start to see ACTIONS that you know something is happening. And him making effort to see you is a big indication. Believe me when we dont like someone we'll be nice and stuff but we wont be meeting up with you etc and if we do its because we feel bad and slack for you and we wont stay long we'll try and cut it as quickly as possible.

    Maybe YOU play the hot and cold with him and the whole 'aquarius' detachment and stuff and its making him second guess how YOU feel about HIM.

  • AHA!! she just text me lol. see how im obsessing over this?? uugghhh!!! i feel so stupid lol. well the text i sent her yesturday (friday around 1ish) about seeing her that night and abt my friend coming to cook anyway. She just msgd me then its saturday 11.30am and she said "hey u i just got ur msg this morning lol WTF wen did u send it?? hope all was ok?"


  • ok then "Gemini13" i need your help

    then listen to this

    i think his married or seeing another girl or he just want to have full control on how things should be between me and him

    he seem to like control, he seem to like when he plan the meeting and i agree ( something like that)

    his way to ask me to meet up, " oh i have some time this day and this time because busy at work if you want?" his very busy with his work its all he does

    all week he stayed at a hotel paid by the company he work for, he work and work

    he never came to mine etc...

    anyway he always go back to his town on the weekend i dont understand why and he gave me weird excuse why he cant pick up the phone ( i never tried to call him but he tells me " oh my phone is broken or i switch my phone in case work calls me when he live for his job)

    i m having a hard time writing about this right now because i am more then sure he is married or something

    he want to meet me when he suit him and he never cant meet me on friday night or weekend

    i noticed that i dont care anymore, seriously i dont i m just writing about to tell you whats been happening

    i have lost the feeling and he bored me to death actually

    when we get together it's great, ok but because straight after it he will do something that cancelled the good that happen before it's like nothing happen you know

    any guy that likes you, would want to pass proper time with you, especially weekend

    but not him

    i m sure he is married

    we know each other now for 10 months he always comes around

    we met through the net and then end up working in same place ( i m getting bored talking about it)

    when we are with each other, like last time he change he tells me really nice things, he cant stop kissing me

    and never mind who is around

    i m confused i dont ever know if it's true his married or not because the way he kiss me and nearly lose control in public when he start getting his hand on me lol

    i m also confused about the S. e .x because we could have done it millions times but ever that is not straight with him

    ever that is difficult to happen

    if i start to look how he ask me things, i start to standing against him and say "no plan it better"

    then i go with the flow and do what he want and we met

    but what about what i want

    i told him long ago i m in love with him, i told him so many crazy things and i like that part because he leave me time to develop and never say anything negative in what i do and said

    when i m upset i tell him too and he go quiet

    he compliment me the other day about my dress, my hair, the colour i was wearing etc and bam he start kiss me

    children and grandma can walk around he doent seem to care and me too

    he seemed also to have made a great effort to look and smell good ahah and he looked good

    the first time we slept together and the only time we did it ahahah after 8 months knowing each other

    i was shocked by his body reaction

    i thought he was sleeping around but his body reaction was not like a guy that sleep around

    his body reaction was like he didnt sleep with someone for a very long time

    i send him an email last night as i couldn't sleep , we are suppose meeting on monday but at this point it;s not going to happen because of me

    i asked him if he is seeing someone and is this why he cant answer his phone and meet during weekend

    i did ask him the question early on, are you married? he say no you fool. i just i had a bad week and i want to go home, i was thinking: if you had a bad week wont want me to relax you a bite? and why when i saw him early on he didnt mention he had a bad week ?

    something is wrong and i m tired again of him, OF gemini twisted games, oh why cant you just be like everyone else and enjoy life man?

    he seem to be obsesses about getting me to bed again, he say we need to do it again, he ask a lot about what i like etc... it's funny

    he has a lot taurus in his chart and moon in Aries, looking at this i know his not going to let me go easily because we got a very good match and same things in chinse astrology but i m tired of him and i m not sure his realise how serious . i have decided if he doesnt reply to my email about the question i leave him alone,

    the only other things that is weird is he still around after i told him i m deeply in love with him, i think his the one for me and crazy things like that( i wanted to see how fast he could run but he is not running)

    i wanted to Australia for few weeks , because i needed to far from him, ahahah

    he emailed me asking me when you back, when you back?

    then i mention to him i was planning to go to china he got so upset ahahah ( it was a joke but it;s funny)

  • I can't speak for how everyone else reacts to being ignored but it usually don't go well with me, however if it's someone i've no romantic interest in, i.e. just keeping them on the hook with no plans to reel in, i feel a little dejected and all but my first instinct is still to go after them still so to speak

    I say at this point just go up to her and ask 'what is up with us' even i being someone who tends to hide their true feelings might dance around it but if pressed i will answer .

  • Star2u, has he ever invitedf you to his home. If not don't you worry abot that? You know how we are (Aqua) we can be very forceful at times. I am surprise that you let him get away with his actions. Do you think hs just wants you on the side? I just think that Gemini's has a lot of female friends. I would not worry about it, but I wil protect myself. Just enjoy your time with him and have fun. S O R R Y about my spelling. I've learned not to press and just enjoy and have a good time. We know how to protect our feeling just like Gemini's does. I know how you feel when you want to spend all your time with him because I love being around my Gemini. My Gemini is humorous, s e x y and oh so smart. Love him. I don't worry about the small stuff anymore like pressing him about things. We know that Gemini and Aqua are such a match. I know I will always be in his life.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you "Worthy" but i dont think i m let him getting away with anything and like i said long ago i m done with him, i dont care about your sign i have no time for playing catch me if you can.

  • What do you mean u don't care about my sign, it was not about sign. I was more so talking about his actions. Are you angry?

  • D A M N IT just leave me alone

  • OMG, I guess you are 😞

  • yes i am, i m piss off at myself mainly but please i dont want to get back with that guy or trying to understand his issue, sometimes it's best to focus on yourself then trying to put energy on someone that just seeing you as a simple object that they used when they need you and throw away when they dont need you, he dont ever think i m his equal , a full Narcissist

    it's not always good to ask too many questions about things sometimes you need to consider how this person make you feel

    i have spoke to him for 4 weeks and i felt so great and in minutes to be in touch with his toxic way i felt down again

    unable to win

    nothing i do is good enough but of course his doing nothing to try to make something but HIS MAJESTY want you to serve him at any time he call so

    i asked him last night if his married because it's strange he never want to meet up during weekend and his phone is suddenly not working

    by the way he always told me he didnt want to settle down etc..

    then today he replied and telling me HE didnt see me as a wife and his looking for a Wife

    and all the following crap

    so i just replied and agreed with everything else he wrote

    what the hack with fighting it i do Absolutely agree i cant be his wife for sure because how i can be the wife of a m i barely know and a man that keep pushing me away

    sabotaging every effort i done to show him some love and to try to get close

    i agree and i agree with all my heart that year i prefer to die then giving you any single time of my life

    the H E L L with him

    some people have serious issues with themself and there we are idiot trying to understand them and we dont see how much we hurt ourself

    we put them before us , why because of love then F U C K love

    if this is love then i prefer never love again

    is it love is about caring, trust and bring the best we can to make each other happy

    with this is it's pure Misery


    i be MAD to marry such man

    he likes control and want someone to control , that makes him happy

    and "Gemini13" no i havent been playing mixed Aquarian Games with him at all,

    let me tell you what bull i got on my face, the guy will give me meeting arrange in same day and i txted him 5 minutes ago

    i will get to the meeting dropping all my plan to see him and then he will not turn up and not ever reply to my txt or anything

    then 3 weeks later coming around and said it was nerves

    this was in christmas times

    what jokes is that and you give the guy some credit because i never met any mess out like that before you see

    but then he keep doing this kind things

    in 10 months knowing the crazy case i saw him in total 6 times and slept with him once

    looking back at it i prefer cutting my own legs then go back there again

    so yeah anyone want to know if i m piss yes i am but i thanks god , i really do it didnt take long and i was not involved that much with the prick

    but fair enough it was my fault i let it go this far, i gave him credit for his behaviour and i tried to try to understand him this is why i came to this site

    it was not a waste time because freedom came from it and i met so many beautiful people on this site a lot people i speak directly with my personal contact

    there are so many people out there involved with people that just emotionally and physically abusing them

    You call that love, i call them get the away from the TOXIC

    there is time to love is when you feel good and the person show they give a s h i t e and there is time to love yourself because lets face it they will never love you ever ahahah ever you can transform yourself on little frog or a little creature with no soul

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you, just move on.

  • Thank you, i tried with this guy i did, i always give and he give nothing

    for him i just an object not worth any effort from him

    he always talk about him, everything is about him

    i dont care how i really feel about him all i need to focus on is how he make me feel

    he make me feel so down i been in bed all day

    and i feel so depressed

    i need to wait few week again before the effect goes down

    i dont want to be in relationship with such person i had better relationship in past then this

    when his with me he cant keep his hand out me but then i know something is going to happen

    and then it happen, something happen that we wont speak for another week or 3

    he like to control it, i have no say when i see him, call him or anything

    the H E L L with it, why would ever try to understand him it's clear what is happening

    i better put all i can to put myself on my feet and be happy then try to understand him

  • its hard each time to get to ground zero with him but i m done

    i prefer die then be with someone like that

  • Gemini13 how is it going?

  • Omg, Xtine21. im an aqua and you described us just as we are. i use to think i was just a mess but i see we just are that way lol. Gemini13 ummm we love games. i love to act guarded but really im all mushy inside and the minute a man shows distance or lack of interest i come full force and reil him back in to right where i want him, then i sit bk and play hard to get again lol. hot n cold is right...

  • Omg, Xtine21. im an aqua and you described us just as we are. i use to think i was just a mess but i see we just are that way lol. Gemini13 ummm we love games. i love to act guarded but really im all mushy inside and the minute a man shows distance or lack of interest i come full force and reil him back in to right where i want him, then i sit bk and play hard to get again lol. hot n cold is right...

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