AQUA - oh dear!!

  • actually take her to the Park and just kiss her what the point to talk, if my Gemini didnt kiss me i will not think of it

    somehow you need to remind her she has nice lips that's you job hey

  • ArizonaSunday, I just love the way you spoke for us Aqua and very on point. We are so much that way. I appreciate it so much I read the whole comments over again. Thanks...

  • Yea worthy i agree i love the way Arizona writes her comments and the way she describes aquas. Very good and seems to be very on point!!

    I think i will go to the club with her and her friends on friday but im a bit.... nervous... i mean i've never met her friends before. what if they dont like me? what if they think im trying to get with her etc i dont know and i KNOW for a FACT that she will be ignoring me and go off on her own etc etc and i dont want to be sitting there like an idiot on my own not knowing people. Although im sure they are as friendly as her since they are her good friends..

    Arizona, please check in more often my aquarian friend!! Your advice is always taken into account by me and deffinately very much appreciated!! :))

  • Thank you 'Worthy1248' and 'Gemi13' for your kind words. I simply have a few more years and a few more relationships on you is all. (including Gemini's) : }

    Star4u has good advice once you have an established relationship. We do not like figuring out what someone means by reading between the lines. We like friends and partners to tell us EXACTLY what they want and what they are games. It takes alot of wasted, emotional, energy to be in a relationship with someone who is never straight up. This type of relationship is usually short lived and exhausting.

    In your case, my Gemi13 friend, you haven't established a relationship as of yet so light, fun, optimistic is what's going to keep you around and NO MORE comments about, "What if her friends don't like me." Not very attractive.

    CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE! They'll like you perfectly fine as long as you are being yourself. Don't be obnoxious and try to do things for attention. You are going there for one thing only....just to have a good time. She's not asking you to go with her.......she's asking you to go with her and all her friends. Her friends are her safe guard. She would be too vulnerable on a one- on-one date with you. This is a safe way for her to learn more about you in a fun environment. You need to be exactly the same way.

    In may want to consider bringing some of your guy friends along so you feel more comfortable...(if that's appropriate to where you're going). Tell her you'll meet her there and then you can talk to her in a laxed atmosphere and also mix and mingle with everyone else.

    DO NOT be the puppy on her heels because that won't fly. Talk to her for awhile then move on and talk to someone else. Walk around for a bit, then come back and chat some more, then move on. No leeching, whatever you do! She will personally ask you to stay around her if that's what she wants.

    If she is friendly but doesn't ask you straight out to stay and talk to her, then move on to another group to talk. If she talks to you for a bit and then goes off to talk to someone else she sees, move not stand there and wait for her to come back. Just be happy and fun about the whole attitude!

    Just have fun and be yourself....with CONFIDENCE! (key word)

    Quote: Arizona, please check in more often my aquarian friend!!

    The recent eclipse has brought to surface some health crisis with friends. I have spent alot of time with them in the hospital and, unfortunately, one of them has a long road to recovery so I will check in as often as I can between hospital visits and busy life.

    Hang in there!


  • Gem13 where are you? How did things go with your date?

  • hello hello!! im here worthy!! I will write something more detailed but for now I got to run so everything is good. I didnt end up going out with her and her friends last weekend (i couldnt bring myself to go lol) blame my libra moon indecisiveness! But she has invited me out again tonight (its friday today) and I think i am going to go.

    Also, were going away together lol. In a few weeks. Next month in august were planning a trip interstate together and im in the process of booking flights etc. I will write more details and how all this came about a bit later!!


  • and i hope your all good and doing well 🙂

  • Oh how I LOVE a great suspense thriller!!! I'm on the edge of my seat : D


  • Arizona lol sorry to dissapoint you but I think you'll be staying on the edge of ur seat for a while lol. Guys im OVERRRRRRRRR this girl. I am seriously PULLING MY HAIR OUT right now! I just dont understand, I dont get it so PLEASE open my eyes and tell me whats going on!!

    Is this girl all just talk? Because it deffinately seems like it! So alrite last weekend she invited me out I didnt end up going. I talk to her monday (she emailed me in the morning as usual) so we've been emailing all week. Mid week we were talking about wanting to travel and how we both want to but our friends dont have $$ at the moment etc so she suggested we go away together. SHE SUGGESTED IT. I said okay lets do it. So we agreed where to go and she said lets start looking for the flights, hotel etc. 2 days later I asked her are we going to go for real or not because I dont want to waste my time looking for flights etc just so u can change ur mind. I told her this because I couldnt believe she was being serious about going away together, interstate for about 5 days to 1 week ALONE just her and I. And I mean she doesnt even have the bals to see me on her own 1 on 1 and hang out but now she suddenly has the bals to go away by plane with me and spend 5 days straight together! I mean come on wouldnt YOU be weary and confused!!

    Then again, she does have a gemini moon and I've read that gem moons play out in their minds just like gem suns and we get 'lost' in an idea or fantasy we have in our minds and try and bring that into reality, so she could just be talking a lot of SH*T and knows that she wont actually do it. So after I asked yer are we going for sure or not she said yes she deffinately wants to go she just has to organise time off work etc and then she was saying how she is so excited to go and cant wait.

    Okay yesturday (thursday) she goes im going to (club) tomorrow night, pop by if your not busy. I said i might be busy and we'll see i'll let her know. And then she goes yea try and come and I said to her "I dont want to have to be pushing men off u cecilia lol" as a JOKE of course and she replied back saying " LOL babe dw i will be hooking up with you yum ". So okay we continued to talk watever etc.

    Today she hadnt emailed at all so I emailed her and she sounded happy to hear from me. I just emailed her to tell her I was leaving work for the day because I was feeling crap and that id most prob go out with her tonight (friday) if the invitation was still open ofcourse. She said that she is waiting on her friend to get back to her about going out tonight 100% but that if she goes out then im more than welcome to come and ofcourse the invitation was still open. So okay I told her id text her later.

    When she had first invited me out tonight (its friday now) I told her I wasnt sure because I had 2 other plans for tonight and plus I would be going on my own (to the club she was going to) because my mates wouldnt go and I knew how annoying it was when someone new comes out and u feel like you have to be around that person and baby them the whole night etc. She said "dont be silly babe come if u want its just my friend that i told you about and myself". So yea anyway.

    So I text her friday about 7.30ish saying hey wat r u up 2 are u still going out?, she texts back and says my friend doesnt know yet babe wat u doing. i text back saying nothing watching (the show i was watching) wens she going to decide so i know. she text back saying 'ok bub ur friends gna go?. i text back saying nuh uh i told u b4. im riding solo tnite lol so ur gna go?. she text back saying that her friend wants to go somewhere different now and she doesnt want to go there (to a different club much further away from where i live - and she probably said this purposley and was BULLSHI**NG). So i text back saying r u serious?... go to the city i was keen 2 c u finally!. She text back saying will try my best. I text back saying yea try and convince her. plus that place will be sh*t on a friday. she text back saying i know lol. So after about an hour i text her saying alrite wats the go yes or no?? im getting over waiting... . she text back saying babe im still waiting. i text back saying lol fuucckk!! alrite well let me know then.

    And well not SUPRISING from her but she didnt reply, nor call me, nor say ANYTHING and im SO fkn angry at her. I canceled OTHER plans thinking i was going to see her tonight and then she leaves me like that high and dry! No response, no communication. Imagine I was all ready and dressed up looking smick and I sit around waiting for her to contact me! WTF im not so much angry that she is doing this because hey its becoming a habbit of hers BUT what pisses me off THE MOST is how FKN rude. Arent you aquas all about being up front and honest and straight forward and telling people how it is etc. WTF she could have at least text to say listen were not going sorry see u another time (even if she WAS actually going and was just making it up). Or anything along those lines or whatever but not just ignore someone you've invited out etc I mean im pretty dumbfounded as to this behaviour.

    Arizona if you have ANYYY insight lol please share! Honeslty im really into this girl and I feel stupid and foolish because of how EASY she is playing with me. Mainly im angry at myself for letting EMOTIONS get in the way. You see if I didnt feel anything for her or not as much or I was just playing a game with her with no intentions of taking her seriously, pffttt believe me, id be playing HER and super easily. But i stupidly jumped into this too quick, became infatuated too quick, let my emotions get out of control and now im sitting here, on a friday night ON MY OWN like an IDIOT writing a post about HER while she is probably out, getting drunk, hooking up with guys.

    Seriously i really want to tell her to FK OFF and not to fk around with me like this because its fkn rude and its disrespectful so if she sees me as some idiot she can play with, she can go hmmm i wont say wat i was going to say but i really need to get this girl out of my system. SHE is playing games, SHE is making this weird and awkward. Wat the FK is up with her???

    If it helps here are her placements although I think ive mentioned them before.

    Aqua sun, Gem moon, aries mars, capricorn venus, pisces mercury

    Me: Gemini sun, libra moon & rising, cancer mars, cancer venus, gemini mercury

  • She will probably text me tomorrow with some BULLSH**T excuse as to why she didnt reply to me or why "she didnt end up going out". If she does aaarrrr I am so in the mood to text back saying something spiteful like "yea you know what dont worry about it. Your a waste of time, u dont know wat u want and im over waiting around for u while u play me around because u know i like you. Fk it, im over it and im over YOU". Or is that a bit too dramatic? LOL haha. aaahh!! i just want to let her know im ANGRY at her but I dotn want to seem like a baby having a cry over her. Dont know what to do!?!??? And I hate playing stupid 'ignoring' games uknow. She text em i ignore, i text her she ignores etc. Come on! were both mature adults stop playing GAMES!!!

  • Don't let er knw that you are angry. She will know she's in control. Just try not to respond to her at no time. She will get to wonder. Or let her know thta u had a good time out. But don't let her know you where angey. Or another thing you can do is give her a taste of her own medicine. There are many things you can do, but that's when the ganes start. Have her think your leaving town and she's not welcome and you have others plans with someone else. I can only tell you Aqua's does tend to do things like that, not really aware of how it may look to someone else. My Gemini gave me a taste of my own medicine and it did not feel good at all. I wa so hurt when he did treat like that and he called me selfish. Now, that hurt my feelings.

  • LOL worthy, how did your gemini give u a taste of your own medicine? what was the situation

  • Gem13 there has been a few cases or maybe a miisunderstanding. There was a time when I told him that I would call him back or I will talk with him later, but I did not call him back until a day or two later. But the difference is I am always at home and that's were I was at. There was no company or anything like that. That's why I said it was just a miss understanding but he did not take it like that. So when I offered to go by his home or he comes by mines, he said he will call back but I never heard from him. When he did ti to me I said he was playing games and it did not feel good at all. I knew exactly what he was doing. That's just one case that I can share with you.

  • Ohh my god. .. 10 pages ! I got past the first two and decided, i'm just gonna cut to the chase here hahah

    Firstly, i read this one from someone's reply..

    "She needs stability and security so she tests .... figure out how to tease her about things like this while also letting her know Not to go there."

    Hmm when you let her know not to go there.. er i dont think she would do it on purpose to hurt you ? Also, don't tell her to do anything, we hate rules. we hate being told what to do or being nagged at. It makes us feel confined..

    I think she generally asked you that, just to check that you're inteested, and also whilst kinda telling you that she is wondering the same thing about you..

    Oh and just realised another thing.. does she mean like another lover, kinda thing ? Or just with another person in general ? Cause she could also be testing if you get jealous easily...

    we don't like INSANELY jealous people.. who later try to control us and accuse us of all sorts !

    "She's a Live Wire with a need for adventure"

    True true.. we're so restless..

    my gem seems to not like that about me 😕

    (-he was sleeping at mine once- and i woke him up at 2am, after getting a lil buzzed on some vodka/mango, and felt like going on an adventure.. i really wanted to go play on some swings at the lakes by my home, and secretly spend some time with him with lots of stars and nobody else awake 🙂 but er he would not do it at all so i went by myself, he still reminds me of that night and tells me its not normal and he doesnt like it lol)

    I should mention, don't get too engrossed with how much she contacts you... that part in is most unintentional... we get really bosy and feel liek a lil break from everyone every so often.. space is a veryyyyy huge factor. Just as long as you let her know (quite playfulliy) that you're thinking about her, she won't mind at all and will always understand when you need yours. That said, we can always tell the difference between recieving 'space' and being ignored 😛

    Don't play that game.. or atleast dont make it so obvious, most aquarians i meet always say they hate people that play games.. but the funny thing is.. and i hate to admit it.. its what keeps our attention sometimes ahah. And don't forget, we're always right. So you will lose if you try to point out that we do this to you. (humour it !!! lol)

    Over all, its so very cute that she asks for your oppinion on random personal things like that hahaha

    an aqua girl crush of mine, back in the day, used to do this with me.

    she still does it, i find it adorable.

    maybe ask her for her opinion/help on lil things, omg she will drone on, as i'm doing right now lol.

    i should probably read all 10 pages so i know where you're at with this... hmmmm give me a sec lol (we're very impatient ahhhhh)

    Oh and.. you should not even ask/arrange a day to hang out, just go up to her, tell her you feel like an adventure and all you know is you want her company and icecream. and go where the wind blows with it. i cannot see how she'd turn that down. !! Or even better, just randomly walk up to her and kiss her cheek. We are such suckers for spontanious stuff like that. And although we won't ever talk about it so openly, i can guarantee it'll be playing on her mind alllll day !

    my aqua girl used to write me letters, then tear it up and ask me to piece them alllll back together to find out what it says ! AHAH

    so just you wait till it starts turning super fun like that 😛 that is if she knows you're interested, whilst still managing to keep her interest 😄

    we always try to find fun ways to let you know how we're feeling. 🙂

    I hope you kinda enjoy the guess work and won't think its too outlandish and far out..


  • my spelling/fast typing .. ahh busy

    please excuse all further type-o's...... !

  • oh man.... the games have already started hey !

    Wow ! I haven't finished reading and i will read more a little later on so i can give you better advise !

    I have an encounter with the libra ex in a bit so gotta get ready.

    I read up to the ex thing you've dealing with, from her

    (reading it back to front, and also front to back.. dont ask. i'll read all of this properly when i get back !) ...okay ignore that, i got really into it after page 5..

    so now i'm about to have a bath then read some more then get ready and read some more..

    and then whilst i'm out, i'll be thinking about this. haha xox

  • Dear Gemi13,

    I've written you a response twice and kept deleting them. So, at this point I best write back tomorrow but I will quickly mention that I'm pretty sure she will have an excuse for why she did not get back with you. Dr Phil says, "We teach people how to treat us." Simply meaning, know your "deal breakers" and don't allow anyone to disrespect you. However, at the same time, do not disrespect her when you discuss what happened but its important that you're honest and tell her that was way uncool. Be emotionally mature about how you say it. Remain dignified and don't create negative karmic energy. Your thoughts and your words are infinite and live forever so be conscious about what you send out. Inside yourself, if you listen past your emotional upset, you will know the answer to any question you are asking about this situation. ONLY YOU can decide if her excuse is legit and ONLY YOU can decide what to do with the information you get from her.

    Also, don't get caught up in the fact that she was cool about going on a trip with you. An Aquarian can go on a road trip for a week and still consider it a friendship and not think twice about it. I'm guilty of this very thing in my younger years and I was surprised that "my friend" thought it was more.

    I will say that when I'm into a guy, I would NEVER forget to call him. Just food for thought. Personally, I feel some of her behavior is unacceptable. We must all be responsible for relationships, no matter how small or grand they may be, because it is only throw relationships that our soul evolves. If she is not being respectful of you and your relationship, you need to be respectful and responsible for yourself. You sound like a great guy and you deserve someone who treats you the way you deserve to be treated. Accept NOTHING less.

    The world is full of cell phones she could have used to call you...just saying.

    Chin up, my friend and I'll check back in tomorrow.


  • @star2u lol erm i read you say

    "i dont see him as an husband ever, he can go somewhere else

    he want a puppet that say " yes , yes of course i do all you want , he can dream about that one it will never happen"

    But before that, in that same coment you said "i didnt fight it i just agreed with him like a child:" i think it’s good you dont see me like your future wife i think you are totally right about that one. i think you are right also it was base on lust and i agree time is very precious indeed so better make the best of it. i think ever yesterday was ok today look more promising and amazing then yesterday, dont you think? concerning memories i doubt there is anything left so thanks it was fun.” "

    Ehh ?!

    "Gemini13, i have 13 Aqua friends and they are all with a Gemini boyfriend, so far is the the Gemini that plays the game, Aquarius doesnt play games"

    Ahh c'mon.. we're no angels.. we play some sort of 'games'. just admit it/call it what you will "hot and cold".. we play games. All the analysing, all the secret speculating/retaliating... coming to this forum for advise.. the minute you realise someone is playing some sort of game with you and you start to react to it to your own device, you're in the game playing with them. sorry ! I'm best friends with aquas and we have such a close understanding where relationships are concerned, we always go to each other for advise, without having to hide all the dirty details of what we're doing behind the curtains too. Everyone is different, but nobody is perfect.

    Oh i do understand when you said you weren't meaning to come across as if you were playing hard to get, that you just see how unreliable he is etc.. yeah i hear that. Im sure most people can relate to that/see where you're coming from despite starsigns.

    "be careful to what you think what you understood" ...truetrue. ❤

    what baffles me is 😕 look at how much of an impact he has already made on you, considering you don't care. ofcourse you do. theres nothing wrong with it either. wouldnt you rather be you...warm hearted and just as prone to feel hurt as anyone else. Even him ?(no. but blahblah you are) And he still affects you. Aquarians tend to cut it off completely when theyre really super hurt from feeling utterly betrayed. i know that. But under that hard shell, theres something going on also. Whats going on under your shell ?

    "SEE space for woman doesn't always work because a woman need to feel close to her man not cut off" -Thats your personal experience. For one, i know i LOVE my space. it feels sooo good to not be around people and their inharmonious thoughts/feelings, sometimes its just about being alone with yourself to get rid of inharmonious thoughts/feelings ! Theres something i understand with gems also.. you'll never get completely and utterly close to them, theres always gonna be that lil distance and personally, for me, its nice.

    Correct me if i'm wrong (im sure you will), but it seeeeeems you don't truly understand him from his side ..because ofcourse it sounds like he never did reveal much at all, despite all the things that you have taken apart to see for yourself.

    And if so..isn't that gonna bug you(a little ?) forever even if you may not admit to it ? cause we just love to dissect everything, as i realise i'm doing right now lol i'm just wondering how you deal with that part.

    I say all this to you because whilst its all well and good to have gained such knowledge, i dont want you to shut off.. ? How is that being true to yourself ? just wondering/curious..

    I really want to want to give you a quick a hug. but at the same time, i've come across quite a few of your posts 😛 and its probed my curiousity. I love that you're giving lots of advise from your hurtful experience etc, but i'm noticing that although you do this, you're still hurting. Atleast, thats how it comes across in your way with words when you talk about him.

    im sooo hungry. butter on toast anyone ? 😄

  • Ahhh i seriously finished reading ALL OF THAT and my bath overflowed. whoops.

    (dyeing my hair right i had time to spare :).)

    But really quick,.. you're on the right track in following "ArizonaSunday"'s advise !

    Also star3u said the same thing as i did before reading everything ahah

    "actually take her to the Park and just kiss her what the point to talk, if my Gemini didnt kiss me i will not think of it"

    Do it do it do it do it do it ! haha

    Oh god, and she did to you what my gem did to me the other week !!

    I was out of town with my bestfriend, he knewwww this, and he was out in london with his friends. He had a s-hhh-it time apparently, and i had a great time, he called me real early, and asked to meet me back at our home town, and i was all "er let me know when you're back there.. blahblah sleepyface" -it was like 5am ! He kept txting me telling me i better let him in, hahah its like having another cat 😛

    So anyway after making sure he was alright and stuff/not lost, i obviously fell asleep and he called again at 7am, apparently, and i had missed it. woke up around 9 and checked my phone, apparently i had answered the second time he called.. but i dont recall the convo. So i txt him asking where he is, and hes all like erm i'm in bed dying. so i'm all like aw me tooo, and i havent even left yet blahblahfdjfdk i called him at 12ish when i finally left my bestfriend's to go back home, he was literally dying on the phone, so was i.. mad night ! i told him i'd let him sleep and talk later. I didnt wanna ask if i'd still be seeing him, caus ei know how badddd it can feel to be so tired after a night in london..

    and later i was on facebook just uploading all the pictures from my night.. when i noticed he was online too cause he wished his friend happy birthday (whom we both have on fb). But he didnt say a word to me, i didnt say anything either, i just wanted to sleeeeep lol. Well. 2 hours later round 6pm, he sends me a txt going "i just woke up fml" ... translation "i'm not seeing you, and thats my excuse."

    He lied ! ahhhh. but then i figured, ah he lied so i dont get mad at him for being too lazy//or think hes making excuses to not see me. This all happened on a sunday. The weekend prior to this, he asked to stay round mine and i said uh sure if i'm not out, he then tells me okay, depends first on what my friends are doing. ahahah. And he did the same thing your aqua girl did. Exactly the same thing ! lol in the end, when he would not give me a straight answer, i said to him "well i guess as you're still maybe potentially busy, i'll just catch you another time :)" To which he suddenly immediately knows what hes doing ! "Yeah i think we're just going out for a few drinks :)" ...Wouldnt it have been easier to say that from the start ? lol

    So i understand your confusion 😄 lol

    You know what i did ? I went out with my bestfriend. and just had heapsss of fun.

    If he wants to make me miss him, i know hes gonna have to suffer with missing me too 🙂

    You should just do your own thing but don't be sh-itty with her.

    These are all just silly lil things. my aqua girl did this to me also. She tells me how much she wants to hang out( and we're just friends) but i take it all with a pinch of salt !

    I do this to people also... and its when i'm feeling too lazy.

    If you're out having fun, and yet still showing a lil interest in her, she'll wonder.

    The minute you start obsessing negatively towards her, she'll runnnnn for miles. So dont do that one. Just breeeeaaathe. 🙂 Bath time ! xoxoxo

    (ps soo awefully sorry for how much i've rabbited on !!! ahh how embarassing 😕 lol x

  • Hi,

    I’m kind of late into this discussion and I think you’ve gotten some very good advice from the Aqua ladies here. ArizonaSunday’s in particular.

    Remain calm and casual when you tell her that you would appreciate that she let you know when plans change. If she is still in the observation stage she has no problem with writing you off when she sees something she doesn’t like. Idk, she has a Pisces Mercury as I do and we are not always direct in our communications and we don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. We also pick up on subtleties and absorb the feel of people, situations and environments so it can make for moody communication too. But if I really liked someone I wouldn’t hedge around, or forget to call or not meet up. She’s got an Aries Mars too and unless afflicted I would think her actions would be more direct in getting what she wants.

    And yes, going away for a week with a friend even a male doesn’t mean anything. I was in the same situation as Arizona where he thought it was something more, and then the friendship got really awkward. We don’t play games. I think our analyzing can be misconstrued as playing games, but really there is no hidden agenda.

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