AQUA - oh dear!!

  • Fr33sprt, sorry I am Aqua and Ido not playing games at all. I need something stable and not nothing pretend. Don't like playing games 😞 Gemini's are the one that is into the game playing.

  • i agree totally with you" worthy" i m an Aqua too and i dont play game i put my heart on the table and face the consequence of it. Gemini are the one that play the game for sure no doubt about it

    you never know where you stand with them

    it sometimes feel like someone in them likes you and another one that hates you

  • hello again. star2u i will send you a reply to your gemini man dramas a bit later on i want to sit down with time and read what you posted properly & not be rushed πŸ™‚ lol.

    update with my aqua drama. NOTHING. Since her text saturday morning saying she just got my text then, i havent replied ive been 'ignoring' her. I havent spoken or head from her at all. Im going to give it until friday or mayb saturday and then text her and see how she is?


  • Well " Gemini13" i saw him on friday and he was he couldnt take his hand over me, never mind if old grandma and young kid was passing by he didnt care

    anyway after that moment went home and contact me again, he seemed to wanted to see me again that day

    things turned to the question why cant you be with me on the weekend, why cant you take call on weekend, are you married

    he said his not, his not ( he usually saying the truth)

    anyway i said goodbye again, thing he doesnt like because he will come and say something i met someone else ( just now by the way) or like what he said next

    i want a wife ahahah( his good dont you think so??)

    he always told me he didnt want to settle down and i didnt pursuit him, God you want to fly then fly brother.

    anyway he insisted that he didnt seem me has a wife and all our interaction was bas on lust ( i was saying to myself : " whose fault is base on lust i try to know you but you were so good to block and sabotage all my attend.

    i didnt fight it i just agreed with him like a child:" i think it’s good you dont see me like your future wife i think you are totally right about that one. i think you are right also it was base on lust and i agree time is very precious indeed so better make the best of it. i think ever yesterday was ok today look more promising and amazing then yesterday, dont you think? concerning memories i doubt there is anything left so thanks it was fun.”

    Gemini 13, i actually think he is in love with me to do all this work ahaha

    anyway i m Done, i dont want anything to do with him

    i dont see him as an husband ever, he can go somewhere else

    he want a puppet that say " yes , yes of course i do all you want , he can dream about that one it will never happen

  • every time he say goodbye he always say goodbye by telling me somehow he got what i m after: i find a new girl and she got kid but i want to try with her and i met her just now and i know i want to be with her

    when his not like that he need to think before deciding such thing

    he knows i love kid and i do want kid so his kind telling me see i wanted that too but you are bad with me so i punished you know

    and now it's the wife things

    i must say i m interested to know what he come with next time

    but wont be a next time with me so , oh i feel i can sleep in peace again ahahah

    gemini and aquarius a match made in heaven and in pure madness

    meet the genius and the mad scientist experimenting on life together , oh dear

    you can expect anything and everything to happen with these two

  • Gemi, Good to hear from you. I think you should just be upfront with your doubts or hurts -- not necessarily admitting but asking her what's the matter. A contest of endurance is just too much of a game.

  • tellstar i thought you aquas were all about 'mind games'. So i dont understand?? should i contact her soon?? OR hold out until the weekend (friday)??

  • i just want to make her see that im not after her how she probably thinks iam and i CAN live without seeing and speaking to her so me ignoring her is a way to show her that i dont need her as much as i've shown that 'i have' and to show her that i dont like her as much as she thinks i do (im trying to get the power back and by ignoring her im in power πŸ™‚ ) loll.

  • So is this how you Gemini's are thinking? See the real you willbe surfacing up soon. The older you get the more Gemini will be coming out in your actions. I am surprise that this Aqua is working what she has.. I;m sure she knows what she is doing . It seems like the shoes is on the oher foot. I'm not saying that I agree with her because I don't if she is playing a game. I would tell you to step your game up and just say what you want to her. This to me is playiing games. It's not time for play games, sometimes you can wait to ling and the next thing you know the person is gone or has moved on. Step it up....

  • lolll haha the 'real you' lol this is me!! Well she deffinately knows what she is doing. This girl is smart she KNOWS but she seems and acts so airy and like shes not really paying attention, not really on this earth lol.

    I dont know if I even really like her anymore.... I mean uughh I dont know. I might just wait and text her on friday even though I want to talk 2 her!! yea i'll text her friday πŸ™‚

  • Gemini13, i have 13 Aqua friends and they are all with a Gemini boyfriend, so far is the the Gemini that plays the game, Aquarius doesnt play games, not the one i know and i know a lot of them and i m also Aqua and i dont play games, i just adapt and leave the Gemini in his game and when he want to come around say hello but we dont play games

    Now, Every human being are different so you cant base everything from that

    The issue with Gemini and Aqua, there seem to be a game going on there but i dont think it's done by the Aqua

    when i looked my relation with my Gemini, for me i didnt play any games with him and yes i didnt

    but looking at his understanding i was

    for example: he will ask me out in very short notice , i will say no i cant , i could meet him but because i say yes before and still he let me down i know stay firm on my no so he take my feeling in count

    in way in his eyes: i playing hard to get and likes it but what i m doing is behaving normally to the situation and responding to his behaviour

    be careful to what you think what you understood

    Gemini sometimes seem to not understand very well a no and certain behaviour because they are use to get people running straight away for them when they need and they dont understand why someone wont do that

    i m not saying all Gemini are likes that but a lot Gemini will want someone now and you need to respond of they just replaced you or take it the wrong way

    With my Gemini i can see he think and believe i m playing games with him without him looking at his own behaviour and analyse or remembering what he did before that can make someone be careful now with him

    it's all a cause and consequence thing

    No, Aqua doesnt play games

  • i think if my GEMINI would have told me his thinking and what he wanted it would have been so much better because most the time i was ending up be so frustrated, stressed out and feeling insecure with him. i simply couldnt relax with him and i couldnt exchange my feeling with him.

    i tried to open the subject be will always seemed to be busy

    People need to understand is when you start a game with someone you say or think you like, the other person may misunderstand or misread your attention and action and they may also start a game to protect their feeling or to simply looking at your own action

    Sometimes it's not good playing game and it is what it is" playing game", it's not real and doesn't involving geneuine action and reaction so YES most the time people will misread your expectation because you are not showing your real desire to them

    we are all different so ever we think by doing this and that someone will understand this and that, we cant read their mind and most the time it back fire

    so you can only blame yourself if you are not getting what you are after

    Life is very short and playing games with someone you like it a waste of time and waste of life

    if something happen to this person tomorrow and you today tell them something you didnt mean

    you will regret it all your life

    it's better to be genuine and be true to yourself and to everyone else involved and face your own fear of rejection or your true feeling then mask them under a fake and testing reaction

    Until this day i dont know the real feeling of my Gemini man and unfortunately i will never know because there were so many mixed message from him and deny of feeling i m now feeling so drain i dont want anything to do with him at all

    and it's over and i will never come back

    ever if he comes back i cant allow myself to step there again because of the game, it's really draining

    you give yourself those gap to call her, what work for a man may not work for a woman

    when i give space to my Gemini man it works for him to come around and his better, but this was not my choice in way he forced this space on me i had no choice then accept it

    all the time he got his space i learn to separate myself from him and maybe thinking to end the relationship all together or ever seeing another guy

    SEE space for woman doesn't always work because a woman need to feel close to her man not cut off

    Think about this woman and man are not the same, you giving her what you think she need but it's maybe not what she need

    you need to start talking to this girl because you are going to get to a point she wont want anything with you because she maybe reading you wrong

  • I do agree Gemini's ask for space or we just know to give them there space. Aqua does not ask for space. Like Star2u said we like to feel close. You do not need to wait for Friday to give her a call, To me that's playing game. Like, what are you waiting for?

  • Okay star2u and worthy im feeling inspired this morning to contact her lol. Today is wednesday morning I text her just before saying "Morninggg baaaabbyyyyy πŸ™‚ lol how r u this morn?? Wats this coldness!"

    and she replied prob not even 5mins later saying "Morning baby i miss u xo email me when u get to work!!"

    So i guess thats a good sign?? is it not fellow aquas?? lol and I havent spoken to her since she text me on saturday morning (which i ignored and began my ignoring campaign) haha

  • Just remember Aqua does not like games. It just does not work with us. We are so real and loyal.

  • Gemi,

    I agree with the two ladies. Be the mature one and face her and ask her how she feels about you and that you're serious with her ( that is if you really are serious with her). If she really loves you she'll not play games with you. If she plays games then she might not be that interested in you. If that is the case, then you know something and could decide which way to go, but at least you know the score and will not haunt you. Good luck.

  • Okay guys well i emailed her and we've been emailing all day and its going pretty good and she invited me out on friday night to a club (its funny that she always invites when shes in a crowd but always declines my invitations to see her 1 on 1) so im thinking about it im not sure if i should go.... i dont want her to think that as soon as she invites mesomewhere im going to run.... so do you guys think i should go or not??

    I think shes testing me out. She wants to see how i act around HER friends and in HER scene etc... could this be an aquarian test people??? to test my reactions and see how i act and if i like her friends etc??

  • Gemi,

    Of course its a test. But remember tests yo pass lead to success! You should go - the door is wide open! Good luck man!

  • Gemi13,

    Number 1 thing to remember about Aquarians... we're all about FREEDOM! Freedom to laugh, freedom to love, freedom to think, freedom to act, and freedom to simply be who we were born to be.

    In addition, we allow and respect that same freedom and unique individality of every person. That's what we find so fascinating and beautiful with people and why we can be friendly with all walks of life. There is never judgment, only acceptance. Sometimes, playfulness, friendliness and showing interest in someone can be interpreted as more than was intended.

    When we find the other person has misunderstood our intent and begins coming on in a fashion that we are not ready for, we immediately distance ourselves enough to keep the person from getting too close (which may be interpreted as playing games) but we may truly adore the person and want to keep them as friends or even a possible relationship later on when we can feel them out a bit better.

    If they feel rejected by OUR giant step backwards and they become distant, we will try to keep the contact going to some extent because there really is something we like about that person and we do not want them to completely back out of it.

    We want to keep it light and fun...nothing heavy until we're ready for heavy. Any attempts to stifle and suffocate an Aquarian from the freedom that is second nature to their BEING, will only result in disaster.

    Please do not confuse 'freedom' with an inability to commit because that is FAR from the truth. It is for the sheer fact that we are 100% committment oriented that we steer away from it until we are good and ready. BECAUSE... when we give our word about something or choose to commit to someone, it is completely unbreakable. We are loyal through and through. We value high ideals and we settle for nothing less, especially from ourselves.

    Our fear of someone getting too close to us when we are not ready is more a fear of our own ability to commit when we are not ready to. Then we feel 'stuck' instead of committed and there goes our beloved freedom. Choosing committment is freedom, finding ourselves 'stuck' is prison. I hope that makes some sense.

    So.... it may seem that Aqua's play games but in reality our nature is often misunderstood. Games are way too heavy for Aqua's who are simply in play mode.

    There are two kinds of guys we adore... The strong, confident, HE MAN that usually ends up being bad news in the long run for us (I'm speaking for myself) and/or the guy who has been our friend, who allowed us to be ourselves, laughed at our qwerks; the guy who was there for us when we needed a shoulder to cry on or the dependable guy we knew we could count on when we had a flat tire....suddenly we see them in a different light and we fall in love.

    Gemi13... I see your Aqua girl as wanting to keep you around but she is playing the 'distance' card. I believe your window of being the HE MAN has closed (which is fine because you have to be your true self to be happy, anyway) but she is not ready to close the door completely. She is still feeling you out. There is something she really likes about you but she has to analyze you a bit more.

    DO NOT take this as rejection by any means. If she were rejecting you, she would flip you off like a light switch and you'd never hear from her again. HOWEVER... since you are still being analyzed, you need to play it 'kewl.'

    Any emotional outburst will end it for you...guaranteed! Stop the game playing because that may be what has caused her to step back. Aqua's do not like game playing and she will never call you out on it, but she will be turned off immediately by it. It's not too hard to figure out.

    You need to be yourself, DO NOT initiate any texts or communications but respond back to hers in a fun, light manner. I suggest going out with her and her friends, be yourself, laugh, have fun, talk to other girls. DO NOT try to 'hit' on her (figure of speech). When she feels that you are no longer coming on to her, she will relax and you both will be able to get to know each other better....then you will have a much better chance at getting close to her.

    She may still be seeing her old boyfriend, and maybe other guys for all you know. You are not in a relationship with her and bringing it up would not be wise. She most definitely is not committed to him and I'm sure he is slowly going the wayside. She has the right to do what she wants... you guys are still in talking mode so making a comment about it would only make you look like the crazy one.

    She is open to finding someone to connect with.... take that information and run with it. BUT, just remember to be the fun, lighthearted guy that is likeable and step away from her comfort zone until she invites you back in. She will make it perfectly clear when that time comes.

    Apologies if I'm too straight forward but I'm on your side, Gemi13. I can see that there is something about you she really likes and I want to help you connect in the best way possible.

    Hang in there : D


  • Gemini13, I m so sorry but i dont think she is playing game like everyone seem to think, you are reading and predicting her action for her this is what the issue is

    life is for living so just live your life man, i also dont think because you have so much in your mind to tell her that is a good idea for you to meet her in club with other people around

    Aquarius get distracted when they are other people around and you may get mixed signal again there

    so dont go , make up something and ask her to have coffee or go to the park alone with her and TALK

    if she decline it then tell her you need to speak with her and if she can come back to you when she has some free time

    Play it normal without no game and everything will be easier to analyse

    Play games and all the signal wont be real

    Also dont listen to people that tell you she playing games, They are not her and they are not in her head

    Most my issue with my Gemini was i listen to my friends that find him too sexy to be single, too a good catch to be alone so i listen and everything got messed away

    sometimes it's better you listen more then twice to what other are telling you and base it on reality

    and the reality is, other people cant know what is happening in someone else head or heart

    so dont play game and be true to yourself and her, be brave about it ( well be a man about it)

    you need to see her alone before going out in busy place with her

    Busy place with an Aquarius is dangerous, we just get interested in friendly way to everyone around and we forgot we came with someone to that party

    not sure if all aqua are like that but i had many times complaint for my ex's that i ignored them when i felt i didnt but i think they were right so dont do it

    every time i met my Gemini it was always alone, especially if we need to talk but again my Gemini dont have many friends he like to be alone

    but if invite me out after week of things in my head i couldn't do it because i wont have his attention to listen to something i need to tell him

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