AQUA - oh dear!!

  • Hi all. I totally agree with you Arizona, Gem13 if you don't act now she will be gone . Hello again Arizona x

  • lol thanks for your input ladies

    Arizona thanks heaps for your post lol. I dont know what it is thats holding me back!! I just freak out and close up when im around her because she makes me nervous. When were in person and shes talking to me when she looks me in the eye it freaks me out her look is so penetrating and then a zillion things fly around in my mind (like a true gemini! lol) and then im like should i do this?, should i say that?, should i mention this? but then maybe she'll react this way but then she might do this etc etc its never ending!!

    And another reason thats holding me back is as I previously posted, she talks and talks and says she wants this and that but then when were in person she acts like whatever was discussed between us never happened. It confuses the hell out of me because I ask myself.. all the things she says is she just saying what I want to hear to "keep me there" and play with my mind for her OWN entertainment while something better comes along or is she being for real? Her words dont follow her actions so thats what holds me back.

    If she mad ONE little move like tried to kiss me something then believe me i'll be making moves back at full force and I wont hold back. As I have 2 planets in cancer, IMPORTANT planets when it comes to this situation, its hard for me to come out of my shell unless I have 10 green lights saying IM OPEN COME!!. I need a super obvious indication that she wants me, I mean I know to some extent she wants me but then the whole avoiding seeing me when I ask her to do something..

    I've been thinking of just being like, tonight u and me were going to do this so what time will you be ready? I think I will but if she says no again then thats it im going to be like whats up with you???

    I've also decided to ignore her over the weekend (she prob wont make contact anyway but im not going to either).. or should I?? I just dont want her to think im being clingy.... lol its times like these I wish I had some scorpio placements, id be right in there no questions asked but my cancerous planets hold me back!!!!

    You guys are freaking me out with "if you dont act NOW shes gone!!" hahahaha but na seriously thanks alot for the advice girls!! I will keep you all posted. Thank youuu 🙂

  • Arizona we havent done a synastry but Id really lke to do one!. I tried to the other day but I need her time of birth which I dont know.....

    Not to worry!!, I will get it out of her in casual conversation 😉

    Are you good at interpreting those charts?

  • Gem13,

    "If she mad ONE little move..." Hmmm, I believe she has made her move and made herself clear.

    " tried to kiss me something..." Again, you need to be the one kissing HER. I'm pretty sure she'll return the favor. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    "...believe me i'll be making moves back at full force and I wont hold back..." Of course you will, once SHE makes the MOVE. I'm not sure I'd call that "making moves." There's action and reaction. Trust me, if you're reaction, she'll be bye bye within a week. AM I RIGHT AGAIN MY AQUARIAN SISTERS?

    I do want to make a very important comment, however. You must be true to yourself and listen inside to who you really are and YOUR needs for personal growth. Never do anything that is contrary to your natural Self. Is it hormones or compatibility? Your true self intrinsically knows the answer already.

    I'm a much older Aquarian (but, always young at heart). My Mars and ASC are in Cancer so I feel your pain when it comes to not feeling comfortable about putting it out there and face possible rejection. But, that is the negative side of Cancer and something we must always work on. Use it's positive qualities along with all your Gemini whit and playfulness. Be who you are!

    You say her words don't fit her actions... Well, first of all, she's going to have alot of words because she has a Gemini moon....she has her assertive mars that is action all the way... and then, just by being an Aquarian means she's a walking contradiction. That can confuse anyone! We confuse ourselves most of the time! We are ruled by 2 very different planets.....Saturn, fixed and disciplined and crazy, wacky Uranus that we are always plugged into. Go figure. BUT... when it comes to love, her Venus is cautionary, methodical, disciplined, Saturn ruled Capricorn. Venus Cappies don't jump in head first....they need to make sure that you're the one that's going to tame her wild side and be her rock!

    So read past all her Gemini/Aquarian words and know that your gentle, nurturing Cancer that you possess is very compatible with her disciplined Venus. (You still need to make the move, though and be her strength)

    Here's a little diddy I copied for you....Mars in Aries natives are easily irritated by indirectness from others. They expect others to say things straight, no beating around the bush. They easily become impatient with convoluted plans, or with people they consider to be slow to action.

    Make THE move and be yourself and please don't leave us waiting, my friend. You have a nice support group of qualified Aqua's in your court to counsel you along your journey.



  • hi "Gemini13" i m a aqua woman, when i m close to a man and i get alone with him i feel sometimes very confused or ignoring the sign that there is maybe a romantic interest here

    i never kind think the guy like me because of romance but friendship

    sometimes the guy need to do something that clearly define that it's romantic not friendhsip for me to know it's that

    i may enjoy and feel connected to someone but i wont prioritise and concluded it's romantic because love and S.E.X is not always in my mind so i kind forgot that the guy may like me that way

    i wont mind if he is but until the guy kind make it clear by kissing me or things like that i wont know my feeling in that way

    i find it difficult to think about love with Gemini men

    the one i met i can talk to him, we always talk about other things but then when he switch to love things i get kind shocked and realise ok i didnt know he can like me this way too, and it's nice but scary because i may lose his friendship somehow

  • and one more thing for my own experience, it's never clearly for me to make a move or make myself clear if the other person dont iniatiate it

    love is just not something that seem easy to understand in my mind

    in friendship you go with the flow and it look acceptable to make mistake but love have certain rule and demand that sometimes can make people upset

    people change in love relationship as some of my friend then i speak to them today or in 3 months we still friendship

    i find the demand of close relationship scary

    Gemini men scared me because they flirt so much i dont know how to feel, if i should let them in or not

    if they mean what they say or not

    i m worry i tell the guy that i like him maybe his not going to joke with me anymore or we are not going to be close like before

    sometimes i sacrifice my own feeling , leave the guy i love to someone else and be able to be there for him when he need then involving myself and maybe spoiled things

    and one more thing is about S.E.X , this is a test so see how fast you fall for that, i like a guy that make me wait someone that is not cheap to fall for that straight away

    the best place to get our full attention is in place there only two of us, otherwise we start to look around to everyone that pass because we like people and we want to talk to them so not good for a date

  • Alright small update and advice needed!!

    So I was browsing through people's facebooks lol and I came accross my aqua girl's ex boyfriend. She said he was a complete psycho (he is a gemini June 15 lol im June 13) but she loved him and she still thinks about him here and there but she'd never get back with him. Shes told me he was completely f*cked up, he slept with one of her good friends after they broke up, he was stalking her for a while and she had to get an AVO (apprehended violence order) against him and went to Court for all that etc so pretty much she makes it out to be like she is completely over him and dislikes him.

    So, Im going through his profile and on saturday night he posted as his status thanking cecilia (my aqua girl) for the birthday dinner & movie and that he loves her very much and a few "xoxoxo".....

    On saturday arvo I text her and I asked her wat she was up 2, she said she was with some friends so I left it. That night about 2am I was out and thought she would be too since shes a party animal, she text me back on sunday morning saying she hadnt gone out and stayed home...

    So the ex bf status says they were together on saturday night and shes telling me she was at home on Saturday night. I will see her tomorrow and I was planning to finally make my move but with this information im not so sure anymore... Im pretty dissapointed to be honest! Why would she lie to me? I dont care if she sees her ex its her life and what she does with it is HER problem.. on the inside im angry at her but I cant be angry to her face I feel as though I have no right...

    uughhh. lol you girls have been more than good help!!

  • Gemi, the best way to know the truth is by asking her. She likes you and been showing that. You have the right to ask her what her situation is with her ex or anybody else. Since you plan to tell her how you feel it is important for you to know that. There's nothing wrong with her finding out how you feel about her. That is the mature thing to do. If it doesn't happen between you two, it would be her loss and she would know that she would be losing a valiant guy. Good luck. I hope it works out. If it doesn't, at least you tried and there won't be anything torturing you with " what if, what if, what if."

  • "Gemini13" Just ask her plain and direct, i like a man that doesnt take my S H I T E so tell her

    but i understand when you said you feel you got no right to confront her as she is not your girl.

    i will raise the question in friend way, like this< hey cecillia, you told me you were at home on saturday night but apparently your ex posted a thank you for the great dinner on saturday night

    i m quiet annoyed and dont know why would you my friend lie to me about such thing?? whats up???

    this is in friend way, i dont like my friend to lie to me especially for small deal like this

    you like her but if she still like her ex then it's time to know and to move on to something more real and less confusing if she is playing double game here

    i m not saying she is but you need to fair to yourself man

  • Just read though everything, first up the looking is shes totally sizing yu up in my opinion.

    Becareful how you approach her about the ex's status 'cause when caught in a lie i can't speak for other aqua girls but it not only makes me incredibly exposed but a little annoyed someone was snooping around on us and i get defensive even if i was in the wrong.

    Oh as for us air signs not being emotional bs, we just hide it differently, and only share what we are really feeling with people we feel we can trust. Then again my moon is in cancer lol.

    Geminis/Aqua theoretically make great partners but to be honest most of the ones i've ever known didn't do so well to much thinking and over reading if you ask me not enough just 'being' together is what does it in.

    Another thought to step it up is just to ask her straight out would you like to go out tonight? Don't give a week or so for her to wiggle out of it make it as soon as you can manage but still reasonable... if she keeps putting you off either she needs a dang good reason or she is keeping you as a back-burner option , again just my opinion so take with a grain of salt...

  • i feel kind tired of Game with people in relationship, the deal should be straight and clear, DO you like me because i like you, if you feel confused then i leave you alone to clear my head, life is too damn short to play guessing games. And sometimes it;s not good to ask other people about what to do, you are the only one that know what you want for yourself so if you like her and there is maybe a chance she like you but also another chance she still like her ex

    if thats me i just ask it straight , thats what friendship is all about and also love is all about

    if you start to hide when you are upset, happy etc you start to lie to yourself

    what kind life is that

  • Gemini13, just ask her. She will either be honest with you or she will lie. Honey just ask. You guys are just trying to get involved with each other but don't forget you will have your moments too. We all know that Gemini's are a tripp. Sometimes I think that Aqua are the only one that understand Gemini.

  • Hello again!!

    Well she text me this morning (didnt speak to her since sunday when we text) and today is tuesday we've got class tonight.

    She text me saying" hey hun how ru? wake up lol" (I told her once I wake up at 8 and i guess she remembered) I got a new fone recently and havent moved my contacts so I didnt kno it was her but to be honest I had a good idea I just wanted to play it smart and get a reaction out of her so I text back asking "whos this?, she text back saying "omg its cecilia!! you forgot me" I didnt reply.

    I get to work this morning and shes already emailed me asking how I was and if i was cranky at her. I replied to her email telling her i was good and that no I wasnt cranky and why should she think that? She replied saying that she texted me this morning and I didnt even know who it was. I told her about me getting a new fone and not having the contacts bla bla anyway. I've been somewhat "cold" well not really but I havent been mooshy and sweet and flirty with her as I usually am when we talk so she goes thank u BABY (for something I sent her regarding our class tonight) and i told her "dont baby me!". so she replied saying "your being mean 😞 " and I asked her how am i being mean? just because im not being mooshy and sweet with you. And she replied back completely ignoring the question I just asked and was talking about something else.

    Anyway im going to see her tonight i'll "feel her out" to see if she is still interested. Im not going to ask about the ex bf because her and I arent official nor have anything exclusive and I dont want her to know I had been doing some "facebook stalking" lol so i'll let that one go and im going to make my move tonight (try and kiss her lol) and then i'll go from there and i'll update you all on the results!!

    thanks for your input guys. its been heaps of help!

  • pardon my asking but i'm curious how it went?

  • Hey " Gemini13" oh my god man i really think she doesnt know how you really feel about her if you two been flirty with each other, someone may think you been friendly and nothing more

    she may see you as a friend that she like

    You got to break the glass here somehow , come on

  • Hey Gemi, we're worried about you and hope everything's ok.

  • Hey guys thanks for the concern. It put a smile on my face hahaha! lol. Really :).

    Im at work at the moment and SUPER busy so i'll post up when I get home later tonight and hope for your input guys!!

    I dont know, im losing hope, this girl is sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fkn complicated im ripping my hair out!

  • Hey "Gemini13" i so she sooooo complicated hey? thats what i told my friend about my gemini guy and we still on, i think i love him because his complicated actually it put some spice in life and we need that complication somehow ahahah

    you should see how my gemini man transform any simple deal in complex situation it's crazy but in way thats what we like

    it's funny

  • Star2u, I thought u where not with your Gemini friend because you did not Gemini's. Did he chg your mind? You where so not into him. What happened?

  • Because she is shes so hot and cold and on and off!! I dont understand it. She can be so completely cold but then she can be really sweet and its SUCH a change in behaviour lol and they say geminis have mutiple personalities! but then again she has a gemini moon!!

    Anyway i saw her on thursday we met up before class as usual and her mum was there so she introduced me to her mum and we had a chat after about her parents and like how he used to abuse her and her mum etc then in class she was asking me for help etc but i dunno i get the feeling that because she knows i like her, she uses it to her advantage. So after class we hung around (we finished early its our last class for 3 weeks so im not gonna see her for 3 weeks unless we meet up) and we were with another friend and that day we had class in the morning we were emailing each other and i told her that i wanted to do something with her after class and that i wasnt taking no for an answer. Oh yea and she was telling me (while we were emailing) that she cant be bothered for class anymore but "i stay to see you etc" and i replied saying "LOLLLL at "i stay to see you" pleaseeeee cecilia, you dont have to lie to me" and she completely ignored that.

    Well after class our other friend wanted to grab a coffee so we did but she didnt really want to and she asked our friend if she wanted to go out tomorrow night (as in tonight) and her friend said her parents were strict and then she asked me if i wanted to go out (she said she'd pick us up and take us home etc) and I go to her just you and me?? no how boring!! and she was like oohh!! fine then!! and laughed. Anyway we walked to the train station and parted ways i text her about 30mins later saying "r u still with florence?? so wats the go am i seeing u or wat? dont bitch out" and she replied going "naa im at wolli creek waiting to get picked up. see me tomorro??" and i replied saying "shit go wat r u doing tnite that u can? i just past wolli creek!" and she replied saying "where u going? kogarah! lol to funny" and i replied "my dad just got me. your a head doer dead set im over your "yes", "no", "yes", "no" and she replied saying "Yes! No!? dont be cranky im going to go home first get dressed etc n see how i feel! dont be cranky" and i just didnt reply. And no i didnt end up seeing her either.

    So that all hapened last night (thursday) today is friday and remember she said she wanted to go out tnite. Anyway so I hadnt heard from her and i was going to contact her at all lol but i was thinking about her alot today and i couldnt hold back so i text her around 1.30pm saying "eyy hope ur enjoying your day off! Bitch!! lol. listen if ur still free tnite then we'll do something. One of my mates whos the biggest 2 face wants 2 cum and cook dinner n i dont want to be around when shes there so if i organize wit u it will be good..." So i got no reply to that msg...and i still havent and prob wont. So I was going to text her just as i finished work saying something like that im over her and not to bother to contact me because i cant deal with her attitude but then i thought properly over things and realised that would have been a bad move.

    So im not going to see her for 3 weeks since we have a 3 week break from class. She emails me pretty much everyday at work so she's got my email and my number. I made an attempt twice (thur night and friday night) and she prettymuch igored/declined both so ball is in her court. I've made an effort im sick of chasing her wih no reciprocation.

    How can people put up with this??? and they say geminis are crazy and cant be understood!!

    aahhh!!! i was thinking of deleting her number as well so that way i got these 3 weeks to completely get her out of my system and then when i see her in class again i'll just be distant. but i dunno.

    Star2u whats going on with your gemini??? i want to know your story!! :))

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