AQUA - oh dear!!

  • hahahah maybe its just us younger aquarians born in 88 then lol

    ommmg i love my gem boy's sense of humour hahahaha

    he called me 5 mins ago and just before we got off the phone, he was complaining about his blistered hands so i told him to get some hand cream.. he says "its called Se-men" LOL i nearly choked on my drink. Always comes out with random stuff lol

  • Oh wait, i get what you mean, yeaaaaahh... but AquaBubbles when its all broken down into little pieces and we 'react' accordingly... at certain times, to protect ourselves.. that in itself appears as a 'game' move to me.

    I guess people percieve the idea of 'game playing' differently.

    Maybe there just is no such thing, and we're all just very 'analytical' about everything. But the hide and seek thing.. is a game, intentional or unintentional. It kinda ends up a boring / frustrating one also, if played for toooo long.

  • This is to everyone reading this thread.

    I'm in the middle of writing the flip side of Zodiac signs and trying to create a fun play of words to make people relate and laugh at the same time. So far, I'm getting great response with them. Everywhere you look, you find the positive gifts and talents of what the signs represent but you never see much of the signs ugly side. To everyone who reads this, please take it with a grain of salt. It is strictly for fun and not to be taken seriously and not to offend anyone. I think it's important in life to laugh at ourselves and that includes the side of us that may not be so pretty. The ones I have completed are: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Almost finished with Libra.

    I think sharing the flip side of Aquarius with everyone here will confirm some of our quirkiness that we are all talking about here. I hope you can all join me in a good laugh at ourselves. For those of you reading who are not Aquas, you'll get a good look at some of the characteristics we are accused of.

    It's formatted completed different of course but at least you can read the words.


    January 21st - February 18th

    Eccentric, Stubborn, Psychedelic, Talks to Trees, Inventive, Independent, Retro, Vintage, Loves People, Hates People, Mentally lives on the planet “Elsewhere,” Understands the word “Groovy.”

    Don’t waste your time and energy trying to figure out an Aquarian. They defy all logic and reason. They’re not from our world so on the rare occasion they do decide to visit the rest of us here, their minds are still stuck somewhere we’ve never been, nor really care to go. You’ll never understand them and they’ll never understand you. Try not to lose too much sleep over this tiny, insignificant fact because no one else will.

    Aquarians are kind to everyone, cheerfully ignoring anything you have to say. Blatantly insult them and they’ll ignorantly smile right back as if your cutting remarks were transparent.

    You can always pick out an Aquarian in a crowd. They're the one's dressed a bit off, the one's trying out a new dance move they just invented, and the one's who could care less if you liked it or not. You are irrelevant and simply take up space.

    If an Aquarian is showing brief interest in you, it's only because you're stranger than they are so don't go patting yourself on the back. As soon as they have siphoned and dissected every morsel of your brain, they'll flip you off like a light switch and walk away. Chin up, my friend! Save your humiliation for another day or another sign. An aqua-air person is incapable of recognizing your emotional pain. Some even speculate if they're capable of any human emotion.

    When it comes to companionship, give up now! They have no heart. “Commitment” is synonymous with “prison” and the majority would rather welcome a hardy drilling of their teeth, void of anesthesia, than commit to anyone or anything. Set your sights on an easier target, which would pretty much be anyone else, and stop wasting your time on this alienistic specie who barely speaks your language. They’ve already forgotten you by now, anyway. Wipe your tears and move on!

    Copyright © 2010

    Arizona Sunday

  • Gemi13,

    Now back to the subject at hand, my dear Gemi13 friend and his state of complete Aquarian confusion. Sometimes we confuse ourselves as well and it's only through many years of self analyzing, introspection, and analyzing others' behavior (a typical Aquarian trait) that I can understand a larger picture to share with you here.

    There maybe some truth to the comment made [...maybe it's a younger Aquarian thing...] that more 'games' (using that word lightly) are played by Aquarians. I think that what is understood as 'games' intentional or unintentional by ALL individuals is simply an early human behavior used in trying to understand one another's boundaries, personalities, interactions of each other, and learning our own inner selves and how to adapt to the behavior of others, especially when it comes to attraction.

    I'm speaking about ALL signs, especially when you're younger. Attraction, chemistry, hormones, love or whatever you want to call it is when we are most vulnerable and nothing is more painful than a broken heart. So 'games' (I dislike that word) is the little dance of one foot in, one foot out, two steps forward, two steps back, that happens when we guard our hearts from pain and as we learn to connect with each other. The older you get and the more you understand yourselves and where your own personal boundaries are, the less you have to go through this stage of wonder. Actual communication with words takes the place of trying to read between the lines and understand what someone is trying to say to you with their behavior. I believe that this stage of your relationship development is important, however. It's as important as learning to crawl before you walk.

    I'm continuing my comments, this was getting too long so I thought I would post it as I continue on here....................................................................(cont)

  • (cont).............There are 3 levels of emotional maturity and I'm sure we all know people that fit into each catagory. There is a very immature emotional nature that immediately reacts with drama to any situation. Name calling, throwing things, etc. Basically, the person experiencing the emotion is only concerned about themselves and wanting to be heard or catered/nurtured to. They may emotionally destroy everyone around them in their rath but are unable to see beyond themselves. This kind of behavior only creates karmic energy that will eventually need to be dealt with. This may be a person who hasn't learned to communicate with words or someone who has not had their feelings validated and they need to be noticed at all costs. Think of a 2 year old...they react with tantrums because their vocabulary hasn't been developed enough and the only way for them to express themselves is through this type of behavior.

    The next level is a person who has the ability to control their emotions up to a point until they can no longer contain it and then explodes into the above mentioned behavior. Again, the key here is communication. Holding it in doesn't solve the issue, it only allows it to fester and the person hopes the other party can read their mind and make them feel better. If the other party can't read into what the person is needing, alot off resentment takes place creating a bigger prolblem. Of course, no one can read minds and alot of issues can be misunderstood but the final result is the eventual explosion creating karmic lessons down the road.

    The emotional maturity we must all strive to master is having the ability to manage our emotions in a healthy way so that we don't lash out at another person causing pain. Even if the other person is the one who hurt us. Communication is the magical solution. I'm not saying to learn how to hide your emotions or not feel them. It's being able to experience the emotion, understand them and talk about them in a healthy way until the problems resolved. When we master this level, and we no longer create larger karmic lessons, our lives will run a bit smoother.

    What this is all coming down to is addressing Gemi13 in being able to manage this rollercoaster ride with his dignity in tact and not creating a scenario that makes him look like the crazy one.

    I think we've all been awed by those people that seem to handle every situation with class. Sandra Bullock is a prime example of a person who must be going through alot of emotional turmoil but has never one time said an ugly remark about the other parties involved in her pain. The tabloids and the world are hovering like vultures just waiting for her to make a negative comment so they can make their millions in magazines. Let's all learn from her.

    My Sun Aqua, Moon Sadge, Mercury, Pisces, Venus Aries. I'm sharing this because of previous comment about your Aqua girl being able to express herself. And if I can remember correctly, her mars was also Aries. As you can see by my posts, I like to be straight up and honest in what I see going on with this interaction. I don't want to give falso hopes if I see an Aquarian behavior that I recognize as "friend" verses something more. I don't want to lead you into the slaughter so to speak. If I'm into someone, that person would never have to read between the lines and I would never risk any type of shady behavior like forgetting to call that person if the person was someone I wanted to connect with.

    I see an aqua girl who loves everybody and is having a good time in her life and is wanting to include you but is far from relationship mentality. She just wants you to be light and fun and to have no expectations. Even if you both ended up on some spontaneous rendezvous at some point, this would still be seen as a fun, friendly good time to your aquarian girl. She would want you to be as non-chalant about it as she would be. You wouldn't be any closer to her after that kind of encounter as you are now. Aquas are very capable of separating sex and love. For an aqua to commit to love, there are alot of ideals that the person would have to meet.

    I know you may not want to hear any of this but I think you need to decice if you can manage the "friend" card tactfully. If not, then let this one go. Hold your head high and keep your dignity in one piece, chalking it up to experience. Be friendly with her but expect nothing would be my suggestion.

    You have alot to give someone who can appreciate and respect the person you are on a soul level. Life is too short to waste it on a relationship that causes you pain or doesn't allow you to be comfortable just being yourself. Settle for relationships that make you a better person, not ones that destroy your soul.


  • Awwwwwwwh 🙂


    "Settle for relationships that make you a better person, not ones that destroy your soul."

    Depending on how one looks at the world, sometimes, a bad relationship or bad experience can make you a better person also. A stronger person too.

    Egos and dignity aside, sometimes it fares better to open your heart and be you. Let others be affected by you, in a positive light.

    The only crazy ones are the ones who don't take a chance, a risk. So they gain nothing.

    The best lessons that I've come to learn came from broken relationships, and I would have never learned them any other way, had they not happened in the ways that they did. I flew to Australia once, to be with whom I thought was the love of my life(an aquarius guy). He opened up a spiritual side to me and although it did not work out with him, my eyes were opened to so many new discoveries since ! The last one before my recent gem, was a libra.. very troubled, a complusive liar, really unfair.. whilst all the other girls left him, I didnt leave him alone, it tore me up at the same time, but i had to get to the bottom of it. After 2 years, everything was dragged out of the closet, i made that boy cry and face all his 'demons' and skeletons. After which, it was time to move on. We're bestfriends most of the time, and he still has deep feelings for me, but i can't return them. I'll always be there for him though.

    Every relationship i get into, it gets real intense,and we both learn so much, even though it may have not worked out, or at the possibility of turning 'soul destroying' as you say !

    It all destroyed my soul and made me stronger. And i'm friends with all of my exes, even my first love :). I hold no resentment for any of them, and nor do they hold any to me.

    So to Gemi13...... I don't know.. sometimes just taking a risk in the dark works out... even if it doesnt work out. If that makes any sense !

    Sometimes, you're 'young', and its just something you have to go through. Its fair enough to offer advise about personal experiences etc, and not to mention, really helpful. But i guess you're at the point of where you're at, to learn for yourself. So learn ! 🙂 I believe everything that you ever come across is a way for you to better yourself into a much stronger person. A stronger person need not hide behind walls.. nor fear those that do, but instead give them a helping hand to break it down and build a stronger person out of them.

    If you're honestly sooo confused, rather than giving up, just play your best card.. just be true to you. honestly, true to you.. if that means making yourself vulnerable, go there. You won't be the weak one for it nor the crazy one. And this advise.. is not specifically for when dealing with Aquarius, its for anything.

    Gemi15, i may need your insight soon 🙂 First, seems you got yourself a few pages to catch up with on here hahah xoxox night night

  • That is the beautiful thing about choice, no matter the road you choose, you will learn. However, some roads have a few more chuck holes to go through and boulders to maneuver around. Ultimately, we all create our own destiny depending on the roads we choose to take, neither right nor wrong, simply a learning and growing experience.


  • Okay i've read through everything and taken it all in. Its sunday today lol and im fine.

    Oh yea I thought I might add that yesturday morning (saturday) she posted as her status on her facebook : "Had a great nyt with the ones I love!! Sleep tym now lil bit drunk!!". lol WTF so she DID end up going out on friday night just as I KNEW she would and just decided she didnt want me to come. She also went to a club in the city NEAR ME because some people comented on her status and said they had seen her at a certain club.

    See I had deleted my facebook for a few weeks and she doesnt know I re activated it yesturday so she put her status up thinking because i wasnt on facebook (since i had deleted it) and that I wouldnt see it and I made a status update today after i re activated my facebook and obviously she saw them, knew I had re activated my facbook again and DELETED her 'status' so I wouldnt see it or see that she ENDED UP GOING TO A CLUB IN THE CITY (NEAR ME). tsk tsk!

    So come on thats game playing. She doesnt want me to see that she lied to me and I caught her. And I changed my profile pic on facebook to one where im looking verrrry smick 😉 lol haha and I signed in this morning and shes changed hers too to something SUPER hot. aahh shes so hot!! lol anyway!

    Alrite I think i may have gone overboard with this situation. You see im not IN LOVE with her, im not DYING for her love, im not FALLING IN LOVE, I dont even really know if i want a relationship with her to be completely honest. And no im not just saying this because she fkd me over but because ive been thinking and now that im over the "being injured by her actions" part its cleared my mind and ive sorted properly through my feelings. Anyway my point is honestly I JUST want to be her friend but I also really wanna be close to her like... I want to GET TO know her you know, like KNOW her everything about her but in a kinda 'friends with benefits' kinda way. More of a friendship but the occasional kiss or cuddling etc you know. lol I sound like the biggest idiot. haha

    anyway so ive decided to just leave it for now. Our class starts again in 1 week. I gotta remain calm for the rest of this week and NEXT tuesday I'll see her again. And when I do see her im just gonna be cool you know lol im just over this whole situation and I want it to be sweet again, no bad feelings, no 'confusion', just sweet, carefree kind of. Just be FRIENDS with no feelings 😄 lol.

    Alrite thanks everyone! Arizona, lol you always deserve EXTRA thanks 🙂 is everything well with you??

    Ethereal, give me a day or so and i'll deffinately be able to give u some insight 😉 lol

    have a good one!!

  • Gemi13, i'm gonna type it out before it gets lost at the back of my mind somewhere and i decide i couldnt care less lol. ( Cause it'd be nice to know.. than to just forget. Sometimes i feel in battle with two/many more people within me haha)

    Okay so.. He called me last night (infact he called me a few times yesterday) and we were talking/joking around when all of a sudden he says "i should see you, i want to, but i'm always so busy"

    Me : "yeah although its cool, you've got work and stuff to do, seriously i understand:)"

    Him : "I know, but I make time for my friends, and always plan stuff with them, I'm just so busy these days. but i should see you ?"

    Me : "Well, I guess you'll see me if you want to see me. "

    Him : "I'll probably see you next sunday then"

    Me : "sweet !"

    Him : "Actually i might see you tommorow after work"

    Me : "sure !:)"

    Him : Actually no i can't, I'll be all gross, and need a bath and change my clothes

    Me : alright sillyface lol

    hahahah. 😕 honestly.

    I make plans without thinking about seeing him cause i know it won't happen.

    Some days i'm cool with that, cause i can concentrate on heaps of other stuff.

    But i don't understand the point in him swaying back and forth.. he always does this. (And at this point, thats the part where i'll need your insight please ! lol)

    I'm not dependant on him at all. But so far i'm learning, seems that is what he kind of wants.

    I decided to go all out completely mushy with him, and its been going for a whole 2 weeks now and hes been reciprocating, kinda. But after this week, i got lots of work to focus on, hes gonna be feeling the disappearance. Ahhh don't wanna play cat and mouse.. or hide and seek. Okay maybe hide and seek, irl. -cause i love hide and seek. But i mean ahh he also does this thing where he'll make impossible demands like its 10pm and hes in london somewhere, calls me and makes a statement like "you should be here" and then the next day when i'm like ah wish i could see you :), he says (in a completely serious tone) "well i did invite you to be here but you didnt turn up". What ! lol

    He asked me for a 'dirty' picture last night but i sent a sweet one instead and he called me straight away and was all 'high pitched', telling me i had a pretty face. lol. He's so silly. Truth.. i'm in no rush at all, his lil games give me time to focus on myself lots. But i don't want to get bored of him 😕 especially since i'm not running cold atm..... do you feel hes taking slight advantage of that ? He told me the other night that he really 'fancy's' me.. a slang term for strongly liking someone. But hmm, i'm gonna carry on with the mush, till i hear from you 😛

    Hes completely loving it, i know ! Any other girl would have moved to a different planet to get away !!! lol xoxoxo

    Oh also this is so odd that we're kinda both in the same position right now lol..kind of really similar hey !

  • Anytime Gemi13, I wish you all the best life has to offer. I will check back in for updates in case anything changes.

    Good luck to you, too, Ethereal127. Relationships are always an experience, for sure. You seem to have a very positive attitude which is a beautiful thing and are managing the relationship ride nicely. You probably have a very strong sense of self, a powerful gift to have mastered.


  • ArizonaSunday Thankyou 🙂 Its hard sometimes because theres other influences in my chart too (Leo, Pisces, Sagitarius) I feel the pull a lot. But knowing who I am makes it easier to accept/willing to learn who he is. Looking at the ways that others have previously adcised me, its as though I'm expecting to marry him or anything crazily dramatic like that, when merely i just want better understanding for who he is, thats all 🙂

    Its jusr something that would probably be valuable to know in the aspects of our friendship too.

    So far, he has called me every night. And txted me. We don't go too emotional, although i have felt him back out a lil, i seem to be able to draw him back in by showing a lil affection through words. The eclipse in cancer is really affecting my emotions at the minute, and I am trying to stay consistant with him. Work is stressing me out. I try not to take that out on him.

    Gemi13, I hope you're doing alright. Don't worry too hard about helping, you kinda have(i re-read this whole thing again ) i think i've figured it out. A mix between toying with/teasing me to see how much i want to see him, a possible control tactic, insecure about his new haircut and what i will think to it/keep me on my toes/test how much i like him/likes to hear me say how much i miss him, wants to detach from reality -so is playing in his mind, and needing his own space to recharge from exhausting himself with too many other things that take all his physical energy. What ever it is exactly, i'm sure neither me nor me lost tooo much sleep on it.

    i do this to people all the time too, when i have lil doubts, want to keep a lil distance or just feeling lazy. I guess its no different hey.

    Oh didnt mention, he likes to watch me from afar, whilst i'm totally oblivious to him.

    i.e in town etc, waiting for a bus. He never comes up to me, but he'll tell me about it later and say that he felt he'd look too silly to come up to me.


  • ahaha **neither HIM nor me.

    I love typos.

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