AQUA - oh dear!!

  • Alrite so im a gemini and shes an aqua.

    Ive been reading a few posts on here and my aqua is deffinately interested. I've gotten past that point. She knows im interested and i know she is interested but I want to take things further. Hence why i need your help!!

    At first she was very weird and cold and distant but would always stare at me etc, so I told her i liked her, she hasnt directly told me "i like you" but its obvious. She is the one who now initiates contact all the time (as opposed to me being the one who was chasing her previously). She emails me everyday at work and we email each other all day, we have a college class together on tuesdays and thursday nights (only times i see her) and she'd always get to class before me.

    Now, she asks me to meet her before class (we both get there 30mins before class) and we hang out before class (she never used to do this when she'd come early she'd go straight to class). We've been meeting up before class about 3 times now. The first time we met before class i was walking towards her and she hugged me hello which i thought was really weird since she's always seemed so cold and i've been reading that aquas arent very touchy feely. Also when were in class she'll quickly glance at me but very quickly so i dont notice her (haha but believe me i do)

    Shes always complimenting me and telling me how hot and good looking and sexy iam etc etc. I've been talking to her this morning and she asked me if i'd get jealous if i saw her with someone.... so after knowing this do you guys think she is deffinately interested??

    How can I move things forward without scaring her or seeming "clingy".

    She is aqua sun, gemini moon, venus cap, mars aries. I am Gemini sun, libra moon, venus & mars cancer.

  • Gemi13 ( you're not 13, are you?). I'm cappy with aqua moon. You are in love, man and she is, too and testing what you'd if you see her with another guy. Keep close to her, don't get jealous ( although you may be control it). Test her back by seeing what she'll do with the other guy. In hind sight, how she behaves around another guy is your gain because you know how she behaves around you. Good luck.

  • Hi and thanks for your reply. Lol no im not 13. Im 21 🙂 but 13 is my favourite number so yea!!

    Im not in love. YET. Neither is she thats a guarantee. But she is slowly opening up to me. I guess I just have to keep playing it cool but stil interested.

  • Gem13,

    I sort of consider my self a wee bit experienced with Aquas .... me, my son, my dad, and a daughter who's Gem/ Aqua ( actually, both my daughters are geminis ) So .... my apologies,

    : > ))) for being interested in an Aqua!

    She's into you, no question! When she "tests" you with questions like, seeing her with someone else, she is seeking reassurance that you are interested in her too. She needs stability and security so she tests .... figure out how to tease her about things like this while also letting her know Not to go there. She's a Live Wire with a need for adventure, but underneath it when in love she needs a sense of where its going and a place to feel grounded.

    "How can I move things forward without scaring her or seeming "clingy". "

    Help her see the above in you. Try doing practical, nice things for her --- it'll be appreciated! Plus, use your intuition to get closeer or back away depending on Her signals Not your desire.

    Geez, this sounds devious, : ) My quick take on this based on what you listed for planets is some great ( your sun/her moon), some not so great ( your mars/her venus). Based on all the planets

    no wonder she caught your eye! Look for both of your Mercury's. Communication is always a good way to get things off the ground AND to take things further

    Especially for a Gem - Aqua connection!

    Good Luck! ~ Laie

  • Im an aqua female and she is interested. Yes were not very touchy feely. Were air signs so we go with the flow. We come off very unemotional sometimes.. but that doesnt mean we dont care. We like to get a rise sometimes (Hence asking about other people) its a way for you to show were important and your not letting us go anywhere. I've done that.. more back in high school than now but its like an attention thing. We are very freeing so dont try to control us or we will be gone very fast. You cheat, lie, steal anything to dishonor trust and we will never forget.. may forgive you though. If you want to take it to the next step than bring it up more. Dont be slow go after what you want. You know she likes you now do what shes been waiting for you to do. As an aqua i've always been attracted to the man who came after me and got what he wanted. I cant stand the men who wait around and take a super slow time. By than im off with the guy who manned up and asked me out! Go for it!! Take her out and give her attention. But let her be independent and you keep it cool and sexy.

  • Thanks for your replies guys I really appreciate it and it has deffinately given me more confidence but this girl is SOOO weird!! She is so hot and cold im still so confused and not 100% about her!

    So yesturday for eg, she emails me everyday at work. She hadnt emailed me at all so I figured she was busy or was just detaching herself and in need of "space" so I let her be and didnt email her until late in the afternoon and I just sent her a link to a video about aquarians lol and that was it. I didnt get a reply from her at all and I was a bit dissapointed but I didnt want to pursue her if she hadnt been replying. So we had class last night and I text her before I left work asking if she was going to class and if so we were going to hang before hand or not worry and jus see each other in class. She text me back asking me to tell our teacher that was going to be running late. She completely ignored what I had asked her and didnt even acknolwedge it so I didnt reply. About 30mins later she text me again saying "babe im running late i'll be there at 5.30 latest 5.40 will you be there at that time?", I ignored it & didnt reply. ABout 15mins later she text me again going "im at central" I replied like 10mins later saying that id be there in 15mins & I was running late too so she text back going "okies wait out front?" I said "yep". Oh yea and she said she didnt go to work because she was feeling really sick in the morning and asked if I had emailed her. So now I know why she was MIA.

    So I was taking longer than 15mins and she text me telling me that she was going into class. I text back telling her I was around the corner and to wait, she text back saying she was already in class so I left it. She text me straight after asking if I was downstairs still and if I could buy her a drink as she left her ATM card at home and her dad would be coming on our break to drop her money and she'd pay me back. I rang her to ask what size of the drink she wanted and she answered but she spoke REAAAALLLYYYY fast like she seemed really nervous to be on the phone to me LOL it was pretty cute actually (we've never spoken on the phone always through emails or text or in person when we see each other in class). So then I told her id buy it and she text me after we hung up asking where I was, I went to ring her again and then I see her walking down the street towards me and I asked werent you upstairs? confused and she goes that she went upstairs sat in class, left her bag and came back down because she "felt like going for a walk" and I thought to myself BULLsh*t, maybe she wanted to see me but didnt want to say it?? lol. So when she was walking up to me she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a big strong tight hug lol and we spoke for a bit while I smoked my cigarette and the whole time I wasnt really looking at her in the eye (it makes me nervous) and I could see from the corner of my eye she was STARRING at me haha. Anyway, see what I mean by hot and cold!?!?!

    XTINE I understand what you are saying but as a Gemini I want what I want NOW and QUICK but with her I feel as though I have to be really patient and play at her pace otherwise she'll freak out and detach herself from me!!. If I was to go after her like you say, wouldnt that make her freak out and close up on me because she'll think im being clingy??

    LAIE she has a merc in pisces and mine is in gemini. Not a real good combination is it? lol.

    Okay so in the past she's told me shes wanted to make "her move" on me but she never has. I've told her ive wanted to make my move soo many times but I never do because she is hard to read and the last thing I want is to get pushed away. I told her once that I saw her going to the bathroom that i was THIS CLOSE to following her and she goes "you should have babe! no way im going to push you away, if anything i'll be encouraging it". So last night I saw her go to the bathroom and I summoned the courage to follow her. She was already in a cubicle when I got there and she didnt know I was in the bathroom too so I go hows it going?? and she was saying something and I went silent I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo nervous LOL my plan was to kiss her obviously and I go to her I dont even know why I came im going back and I started walking off and then I go actually no i'll wait for u so I waited and she came out and stood somewhat close to me but on the inside it was a push and pull of should I? shouldnt I? etc etc and I didnt end up making my move lol so we were walking back to class and she had changed her pad (sorry for the dirty details lol) and she asked if I could see it because it was bulging I walked behind her and I go nope u cant see it, just wait, and I put my hand on her ass LOL and then I go nope cant even feel it! and thats it we walked in.

    Uuuugghhhhh she CONFUSES MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. What does she want!?!? I dont want to keep on asking to meet up with her because I dont want to pressure her or make her feel like im desperate!!

    Oh yea another thing lol SORRY GUYS!! I just need a LOT of advice. The other morning she text me saying "thinking of u xo" i didnt reply. I got to work and she had emailed me saying good morning and asking how I was. I replied and I was being short I said "im okay how r u". She replied saying she was okay and asking if I got her text this morning. I replied saying "ye i did. why do u ask?" and she replied going "because you didnt reply?". So she gets annoyed that I dont reply to her but then she can ignore me and and ignore my texts and I have to shut up and put up with it??.

    Another thing with her is, soooo many times i've told her I want to see her and i'll come out to meet her (she knows I dont drive so she knows its an effort for me to see her) but im willing to make the effort for HER and she will never directly say "NO" but she will somehow say no but indirectly. So I dont understand what is up with her?. She always mentions when were together in a group with our other class mates that "we should all go out together sometime" but then when I want to see her just her and I she freaks out or something lol


  • You guys are such a good match. Just take your time, you guys ar still toung. But Gemini and Aqyua are the most compatible and we truly understand each other. Chemistry is for sure there. I can relate. But just take your time and have fun.

  • OMG, please over look my spelling. Meant to say you guys are still young. Sorry....

  • lol i hate taking my time i want things to happen NOWWWWW!!!!! 😞

    and believe me, theres BIGGGG BIGGGG chemistry lol

  • Gemi13- well no.. you can go after what you want and not be clingy. Be a man and take charge. She seems very independent and out there. Total air sign lol. Hot and cold.. um I think shes just going off based on how she feels. See aquas tend to do things the way we feel. For example: we don't have routines like virgos may.. we dress how we feel.. we speak how we feel.. you will ALWAYS know how we feel.

    You actually have her in a good place. It seems like she likes to play boss but the moment you pull back shes right back on you. This is how we act unemotional.. we act ok but it bothers us or we care deep down! Just calm down and relax. Play hard to get but dont be a jerk about it lol. If you have the confidence ask her out on a date.. on the date don't be all clingy and too sweet. Just be nice and caring. You'll ave her for good. Aqua women are free but very loyal and caring.. we remember EVERYTHING so dont be mean or rude. Again she will always go based off how she feels.

  • If she keeps denying you offeron going out than you may have to turn the tables on her. We dont like weak men. Like I mentioned before. We like a good catch. Its sad but we know how to play into people and read them very well. we will never tell you striaght up how we feel (like scorps do) because were afraid to be mean to the nice. Something maybe holding her back.. shes not dating anyone your sure of that? When was her last relationship? Did it end badly? Does she have trust issues? She may also just want to chill out for a bit and not get to serious right now.. i've done that.. actually to my last ex bf. I was 18 at the time and "played" with him for about 2 months and a half till I decided I was ready to commit lol we were together for 2 years. We werent compatible thats why we split. But I acted somewhat the same way she did. Im 23 now so ive grown a bit and got addicted to a scorp ahhhh!

  • Okay so how do I go after her without being clingy?? Like how much is too much

    I've decided to tell her. Im seeing you this weekend like it or not so pick a day. Or will that be too much pressure?? lol She is super independant and an aquarius to the T.

  • and by "turning the tables" you mean what exactly??

    As far as I know she is single and free

  • Honestly just have confidence. Its an aqua girls biggest turn on. Thats not to much to say but if she declines again than shes hiding something. You may have to back down till she feels she can open up a bit more. But I will tell you this she is very attracted to you and interested. She sees potential otherwise she would be giving you the strict friend attitude. Trust me she likes you. Just have confidence. Being clingy means your dependent on her. Shes dependent on herself so be dependent on you also. Being clingy also means you always talk about love and what not. Aquas love virtually anything, the weird, the unconventional. So talk or ask her opinion about that. It shows you have a mind.. your notcing she has one too.. your confindent and you dont need her to get by. Of course we love to here how your happy to be with us or love us or whatever just dont get to mushy when the time comes. Just always be you. Relax you got this.

  • Turning the tables... like do what shes doing to you. Play that game or just go back to doing you. She will notcie and make her think about what shes losing. Makes her work to get it back. I've always liked guys who made me work a bit. I've never liked it just handed to me. You always want a good story when meeting someone : ) she maybe different but im sure she feels somewhat the same.

  • My Fearful Friend,

    I'm an Aqua and I can tell you that your Libra moon is taking waaaay too much time being indecisive.... your Venus and Mars in Cancer needs to crawl out from under your safe shell and make a move! She is definitely interested but you only have a window of time before she turns and walks away. You won't even know that she's done playing until you see the back of her head in the distance. She has already dissected your ever move, including the reason why you do things. (or don't do, in this case) The fastest way to lose her is to play the "do not respond to text" game. She is wise beyond her years. She won't have the patience for it. She's a straight shooter and doesn't like dishonesty. Even though you're not lying in the sense of intentional deceit, it won't be appreciated. She is a strong, independent woman who needs a STRONGER confident man!

    I will tell you the best thing to do... Honestly, I don't know how much clearer she could be in letting you know she's interested so it's time to ACT! (I'M NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU, JUST HELP YOU) If she sees even the slightest sign of weakness, you're burnt toast....she'll chew you up and spit you out!

    So far, it looks like she's making all the moves. She won't do this much longer. You can carry this game out longer with Sadges but an Aquarian will tire and be done with it and never look back, no matter what you do. AM I RIGHT LADY AQUARIANS OUT THERE?

    YOU WALK STRAIGHT UP TO HER, GRAB HER BY THE HAND AND TEEELLLLL HER WHAT YOUR PLANS ARE FOR THE TWO OF YOU FOR THE EVENING (and whatever you do, DO NOT say, "Is that ok with you?") She needs a man who knows what he's doing and where he's going, without question! There's a difference in being confident and strong than in being arrogant and domineering. Make sure it's the first and not the latter. If you can do what I just suggested, she will melt in your lead.

    Then, of course... once you have her, the real work begins! LOL!*** : D *** She needs her brain stimulated because she is intelligent with flashes of insight so make sure you are capable of speaking. (You're a Gem so that shouldn't be a problem) Take plenty of vitamins! With that Mars of hers in Aries, she doesn't like sitting around!

    Another sure fire win is to casually mention your future desire to make a difference in the world. Maybe work with underpriveledged or say you're planning on starting a learning center where the youth are free to express themselves artistically or even organizing a fund raising event to raise money to buy blankets for an orphanage in Chile after the earthquake. Humanitarianism is a major deal. It could be the craziest goal but if it's yours, she will have a great respect for you.

    So, my game playing Gemini. I hope I wasn't too harsh. It's just that being an Aquarian myself and following the story, either the plot picks up fast or I'm gonna have to change channels!

    I wish you the best of luck... I'll be cheering you on... just don't leave me in suspense!

    No worries... ther'll be no charge for this session : D


  • Yes any signs of weakness were out of there. I am Aqua and I hate a weak man. That is one of my pet peeve. It just totally work im nerves too know that a Man is interested in me and is just weak. there's no way I am giving him a chance, No Way...... but she's interested in you.

  • Arizona- right on! I was trying to say the same thing. CONFDENCE or I'm gone... Or someone else got me cause the last guy took too long lol.

    Gemi13- there you go u have 3 aqua girls telling you to do the same thing!

  • Gem13,

    The two of you seem to have some decent compatibility in your personal planets. Have you had a synastry chart done yet?


  • Your Aqua girl's moon and her mars will tell you the kind of guy she's attracted to. She's got a Mercury ruled Gemini moon~ so she need's someone who's whitty and challenges her intellect and her mars is ruled by mars in Aries (added punch) a nice passionate fire sign ~ passionate about life! She's attracted to a confident, self starting, action oriented man.

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