Should I move on from this Cancer Man?!?! Reading Please!!!

  • Hi, I have been off and on with this Cancer man for over a year. We just had a big dramatic blow-up fight last weekend. And we decided we should move on from each other. However, I really don't want to move on and have since tried to get back together. He says he cant do this anymore and he believes staying broken up is the best thing to do. My DOB March 12 1985, his July 10 1980. I would love a reading to get some insight. Thanks!

  • Hi, I go general readings so will cover alot. I'll try to get to by tomorrow at latest.

  • The peace and compromise is within you, however, it's wasted on this relationship. Strong indication this situation is over (death in situation.) You have done all you can do. Shows you as weighing good w/bad. Time to move on---Temperance/Judgment and Death paired. Also, major lesson (life lesson) you are learning in present.

    Above your reading is the 3 of rods. Embarking on a very creative path of your own making. Going on a very different path. You have a lot of good/creative energy. This could be very profitable/marketable for you. Your challenge in this situation w/this guy is that your idealizing it. I get this sense that you'd make a great wedding planner!

    Future looks incredibly bright/blessed when you follow this creative inspiration of yours. Get a feeling here that you excel in some area that needs development. This seems to be your life lesson. If followed can be profitable--Star/Hermit/Ace of Coins. The isolation you feel at present is actually a blessing. You'll have to work on your own to create this light you seek. Also, there is some financial difficulty. Also, with Hermit in your friends position--Isolating yourself from your destiny w/the friends you choose, being free from tormentor, awakening to your potential.

    In your advice position--you will find happiness. It will come after a period of realizing who you are. Celebration is your advice position.

    Hope this helps--Let me know


    above--3 of rods



    past--king of swords

    challenges--10 of cups


    blocks--five of coins


    advice--4 of rods

    outcome--ace of coins

  • Thanks Daliolite...amazing reading!! You told me everything I already knew deep down, but didn't want to face. There is nothing else I can do to mend this relationship and I don't think I even want to try anymore. I can definitely say I gave it my all. I am definitely at a point in my life that I need to find myself and what I want to do with my life. I am recently unemployed and I don't know what my next step should be. Should I open a retail boutique, go back to school to get my MBA, continue to look for a job in the same field that I am currently in, or just do something completely different? I would love a job that I can use my creative side. I have never thought about wedding planning, but it sounds interesting. Do you mind doing a reading that focuses on career path? Thanks so much for the reading it really helped!

  • My readings don't focus on one area. You're being shown as a creative person. You can always apply for positions in the field that you were in and on the side focus on your creativity. Is there some idea you've always had or area you're good at. If your unemployed, ask the unemployment office about community programs that aid in small business. I hope an area opens up to you. I think they help based on income as well. I would explore everything. Get friends who are like minded. You had a positive reading, so go with it.

  • Will do...Thanks!

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