Coincidence or Reality?

  • Hello everyone! This is my first time to post a topic.. I hope you guys can help me with my dilemma. Here it goes:

    When I was a kid, I kept dreaming and thinking of things that sometimes come true allowing me to feel deja vu or sometimes, I dreamt the complete opposite but the flow of events is exactly the same. Btw, I am 17 now and lately, I have been experiencing these "coincidences".(not sure though.. or maybe there is a psychological explanation for these instances. I would be very grateful if you help me out..


    Whenever I dream of something, I always remember in my head the exact thing that happened in my dream.. the people, surroundings, their dialogues and what happened. (around 15-16 years old) One of the worst nightmares I had was when I dreamt that my uncle had died. I woke up the next day and called my mom back home and ask if everything is all right there. She said that she was at the hospital because my uncle had a heart attack the night before. Thank God he did not die but I had goosebumps because of what I heard so I told my mom about my dream. Then, she told my cousins and other relatives about it but they did not comment on it so I just took it as a coincidence.

    Whenever I study for a quiz or exam the night before the exam date, I always dream about lessons in my head. Sometimes, I feel like I haven't slept at all. There are also times that I sleep through an unsolved math assignment but I dream about it again and when I wake up, I already solved it in my head. I also experienced this when I don't get a certain item in an exam. Thus, I finish the whole exam first and when there is enough time left, I would sleep for 20 minutes. Again, there is a lot going on in my head even though I'm asleep. I wake up again with an answer in my head (the answers are not always right though.. but at most times it's correct)

    Random Thoughts:

    My random thoughts are the things that are bugging me these days.. I just think of these thoughts out of nowhere and sudddenly, they come true a few minutes/hours later:

    There was this time when I was in the public train on the way to school. I felt like it was the day when I was meeting my classmate in the morning a few months ago. I suddenly thought of the day when she left her chemistry lab notebook on the day that we were going to pass it. On that same day, we were to pass our lab notebook as well. To my surprise, she left it on that day too.

    My grandfather was driving me to school but I got bored and looked outside the car window. I thought of the last 3 characters (numbers), Then suddenly, a car overtook us and those three numbers appeared in that car's plate number in exact order.

    I went home and opened my laptop to study for an exam. Then, I said in my mind: "I hope my laptop does not experience power supply problems just like 2 years ago." Then, I printed some papers. After 30 minutes, I noticed that my laptop has low battery level so I decided to plug it instead. But alas, my laptop does not detect any current at all. I later found out that the charger overheated. However, I was still confused on whether my thoughts have something to do with my laptop's power malfunction.

    My friend invited me to his house for the first time. I wanted to go but I had a literature extra credit work to finish so I said I'll just catch up. My other friends laughingly said: "too bad, you have to attend that talk." I jokingly thought to myself: "One of you is going to experience bad karma." After that, one of my female friends almost tripped while walking and laughing.

    My friends and I were trying to save money and avoid eating out for a change. We planned an excuse so that we can avoid it so I jokingly said, "why don't we tell them that we had stomach ache? so that we don't need to eat out tomorrow. That night, I have a stomach ache. Still, I don't know if it's psychological.

    I am a person who is very obsessed with her school grades so sometimes I don't care about my health. A friend told me that I should stop overworking myself but I told them that it was okay because the Christmas holiday is near and if ever I get sick it would only take a few days and fall on non-school days. Contrary from what I expected, I was sick for 2-3 weeks. In short, I was sick for most of my Christmas vacation from various ilnesses such as cough, gastrointestiritis, pateolar tendinitis and allergies.

    So far, that's all the experiences I had. I have still a lot more "coincidences" but that's all I can remember for now. Please help me on these. I have been bothered by my dreams/thoughts because they rampantly occur nowadays. I kept thinking it is coincidence (I sure hope so). I keep on believing that 7 or 10 instances is still a coincidence. Also, for 1 week now, I have been having weird dreams/nightmares. It's already 4 days straight. I hope you can help me with your opinions comments and suggestions. Thanks!

  • Have you ever gone on-line and studied synchronicity. That's what this reminds me of. Random events happening in reality or co-existing to reinforce. A lot of these synchronizing events seem to be psychic phenomena. Your psychic phenomena seem to be synchronicity. Dreams are spiritual. Since this was a close relative I think this was a more spiritual experience. I don't know how the great mediums such as John Edwards tunes into or develops his gift. Some say that they are shown certain symbols that have meaning like an envelop opening may mean a person will receive news etc. I've also heard of vibration levels. Because of your studying and learning, I think your vibrational level is high. In other words, your very receptive now. All neurons are functioning (and growing.) I wouldn't lose sight of the fact your able to tune into different frequencies, so to speak. I am no expert, just some thoughts. Don't look to others for support. It exists, just hard to explain and understand.

  • ps--i'm not saying don't discuss it/just saying a lot of people you'll encounter in life think it's fiction.

  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you reading my lengthy post and giving your thoughts on my experience. 🙂 I was a bit enlightened because of your comment~ Well, to be honest... there was an incident that my thoughts about someone dying is not actually a person I personally know.. sometimes, I use curse words to people when I lose my temper and what I thought happens to them.. sometimes, I feel guilty when I see something bad happens to them 😞 For example, our town mayor whom I hate because of alleged corruption. I wished him dead because I thought that our town is suffering because of him. 1-2 days after I said that, the news said that the mayor died in a car accident. Because of that I felt guilty of what I said.

  • I often feel like things happen for a reason. It was meant to be. I also believe in a higher/positive power. As I read your posts it's almost like you are a little ahead of the game. Moving forward. Are you studying the medical field. Good luck in that.

  • I'm not studying medicine. I'm actually studying in a business school right now and thinking of pursuing law school.

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