I would appreciate a reading from someone please, thank-you

  • I would appreciate if someone could do a reading for me. Im in a relationship with a man I love with all my heart and he is talking about wanting to marry me someday. Everything is wonderful, except our **** life could be a little better. I would like our lovemaking to last a little longer, which I understand that is something he has little control over, and he is not the type who likes to have **** every day, which i wouldnt mind at all. I would like a reading that can advise me on how I can improve our intimacy without hurting his feelings(since he is sensitive to the subject). I would also like to know the future outlook of our relationship and where it will head. For the first time in my life I believe i found the person i can spend the rest of my life with. and our love is real for each other. I just want us to have the kind of passion/great **** that i have had with men in the past.

  • No, a man can learn to control himself more. There is plenty of information about it on the internet or in books. You need to face this issue honestly with him if it is something you want to happen. You can approach it with sensitivity and not make him feel like he is at fault - he may not know that there are things he can do. Perhaps show him a printout of techniques you have researched and you can discuss it together. Tell him that you want to please him more too and ask if there is anything you can do, too. So it's both your concern, and the focus and responsibility is not just on him.

  • Communication is the key

    I did a reading for you,

    Your feeling stuck and stagnate (look deep and figure out why)(you have the work ethic and the strength those cards come up later

    I get a good feeling for your boyfriend he comes up a couple of times

    You going to have good results but you are going to have to work for them

    Part of being stuck was being depressed and discontent

    Your learning your trade

    and you have the strength to do it (believe in yourself)

    You want lasting happiness (keep working at it and it will come)

    keep the communication open with your boyfriend (i get a good feeling)

    the cards shift a second... i get the feeling you will get a new job, (but I don't feel it will be permanent)

    Work on that communication and good things will come

    hope that helps,



  • thank-you for your insight. it was much appreciated

  • Its not always that a person that is suited for spending your life with and sharing a life with love, and later,children, is also a good lover. The holding out longer part can be helped but im not sure your drives match and that whether this is going to change, it usually doesnt. I guess you will have to decide how important the intimacy aspect is for you because that happens at a primal level.

    I just did a quick tarot reading and iot shows that you can handle some of the problems with a gentle, tactful approach. The Strength card suggests that you can have some influence over him. Also, if things do not actually work out fully as you like, you will have to let go off passing judgement. acceptance and new approaches (3 wands) are suggested. Hope this helps.

    Love and Light

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