Please can i have a reading on love please?

  • i recently had no luck with any males atm, i was kinda of seeing someone but he didnt open his feeling to me, and was much older then me but always asked to see me and when we argued he got in touch first etc, we stopped speaking yesterday and havent spoke since just need help on whats installed for my love life and if i should keep away from him?

  • Please say:

    • your birthdate.

    • your previous relationship history

    • what you want in a partner or relationship

    • if you think you have any past issues regarding love or loneliness

  • 16/06/1994

    last boyfriend very horrible relationship, the lad im on about very careful how he shows his feeling his been hurt before,

    i want love,trust,sercuity,

  • As soon as you deal with any issues that may be holding you back in love, you will meet the right person for you. By looking at your profile, I see that your fear of being cheated or taken advantage of can hold you back in a relationship. But you have to learn to trust - especially your own intuition that can tell you who will not hurt you. If you look at every potential mate with fear and suspicion, you will ruin a relationship before it starts. You may also have a tendency to associate excitement with bad boys which can only get you into trouble. You can become rather controlling and manipulative in a relationship in order to get your way, so watch for that attitude as you may not be aware of it. Develop your more compassionate side and take care to stay in touch with other people's needs. You may also be sabotaging your own romantic efforts because of a subconscious desire to be free. Your natural sense of adventure might not allow you to settle down for long with the same partner in the same place, at least while you are young. There is no denying that you have much charm and you will no doubt attract many hangers-on, but you must be careful not to let others become dependent on you or to use you. The best thing for you is to cultivate a close circle of friends, people who will support you and give you sympathy when you need it. In the long run, affection and empathy are better for you than turbulent romance.

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