Should I bother with him?

  • Hello,

    Blmoon gave me wonderful help a few months back when I was breaking up with the Gemini man who turned out to be bipolar. Thank you again Moon!

    Since then we have broke off all contact. One morning I woke up, deleted him from my phone, computer, ect so I couldn't call him if I wanted too. The only thing I do know of him is what others tell me and it appears he is still a game player and a liar. But he is the past.

    I have been talking to two different men at the moment. Though I am sure I do not want anything serious, I would like a companion... or two. 😉

    One is a Gemini but I suspect he is holding back truths though at this point none of those things are my business so I keep my distance.

    Second is a Cap who lives near my place at the beach. Though for some reason he has yet to suggest we talk on the phone. All email, text. We plan to meet in person this weekend. BUT as we are communicating, it comes up that he has had some trouble in the past, 10 years ago. And since Gemini and all the other bad seeds, I am SO cautious of that. But then part of me says, but some people actually DO grow up, right? Right? Sigh!

    So any insight on these two possible situations would be great.

    I am also at the point of deciding a new career path, going back to school but will have to wait till Fall. So undecided about that.

    Thanks in advance. I appriciate it so much!

    (my bd is 5/15/71)

  • I do general readings. At present, you are really standing your ground. You're feeling like you're missing out, boredom. Too tolerant in past. Want to ask you if you're trying to live-up to an idea of security from past. I think you had a secure childhood and would like to re-create that but in the wrong people. Am I right in going there.

    Finding the will-power to quit destruction. Talk to people who can help make better decisions. Career looking better.

    Tendency to feel like you can wing-it. You're only at half your potential. Feel at times like escaping reality. This is what gets you into trouble.

    Overall, very positive outlook for you. Shows you as being very creative and capable. What you must realize is that you will acheive your potential on your own. Live life and be happy with it. You are trying to make something serious from play. That's your advice. Peace is within you. You will acheive mastery over things. Shows you avoiding negativity. Enjoy the lemonade. Avoid the lemons. You need to lighten up. In your friends position, will have help. Will acheive goals and be more in-line with who you are and what you want--especially financially. Shows you hanging-onto what you have and I think that's good. You need to follow your intuition because your not. In the present, your blind to the reality of these 2 guys. Let child's play be child's play. You'll master this. You only get hurt when you take child's play seriously. You have a very strong/positive reading regarding your own potential. Don't be tempted by boredom. Hope this helps and let me know.

  • Cards

    Above--4 of coins

    present--10 of rods


    situation--2 of swords

    past--king of coins

    challenges--six of swords

    future--ace of rods


    friends--knight of coins

    advice--5 of rods

    outcome--3 of rods

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