Trying to identify some cards/ deck

  • I'd like to start by saying I'm very new to tarot, I haven't learned how to read the deck, so please forgive me if I use incorrect terminology!

    I went to someone a few months ago for a reading, and am trying to remember the names of the cards in my reading... unfortunately, I don't know what pack she used.

    There were four cards she said had a big meaning being drawn together. One was definitely the Wheel of Fortune, and another was definitely the Lovers card. The other two I am having trouble remembering.

    One I remember as being called "temptress" but have not been able to find a card with that name, is there something close to it in meaning, or could it be another name like "empress" that I misunderstood?

    The other"s name escapes me completely. I remember the depiction on the card vividly, but cannot find a picture of it anywhere: The background appears to be a beach with a ship in the water. A man is standing on the beach. He is surrounded by four other men, all with torches. I was told this card represented a person who is sought after by others, who is in high demand, and who is someone other people gravitate toward.

    Any ideas of what those two cards might be called?

    Thanks so much!

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