The Energies of February 2012

  • a message from Jamye Price

    February is a month of Focus. We are completing a cycle that began in December of 2010. Here we establish the stronghold of Divine Love within our creating. Your Will is tested to maintain your focus so that your magnetic force of Love is powerful enough to create the world you desire. Patience is pertinent to creating, for as you magnetize your desires, you are beholden to the Free Will of the world around you and cause and effect. This is the polarity game offering refinement and courage, for Free Will brings many options to you. There are those that offer you a choice that may bring immediate or large gain, yet the underlying intention is not love-based. There are those that bring an intention of sharing, growing and creating in love-based vibration.

    There are three types of Will and we each have all of them. Free Will belongs to you. Shared Will belongs to the collective. This falls into the all-encompassing group of Life on Earth – which includes Earth, as well as sub-groups like nations, genders, nature, time, religions, etc. Divine Will belongs to All Life (God). February aims us toward uniting the 3 into One. In December of 2010, we began a cycle of emphasis on Tri-ality instead of duality. This entails moving past polarity and into a union that includes rather than separates. The inclusive force is Love.

    There are clues to this in geometry. Duality (2) is represented by a line and has no visible dimension on earth. It is the 3 that brings a line into physicality through the joining of the 2 (imagine each end of the line curving up and uniting into a triangle). This uniting force is Divine Love, this is God. This is the self, sharing with another, sharing with God (Divine Love). The three Wills become enjoined into One. The 2, a line, can choose to keep moving in a direction and never conjoin through Divine Love and duality is maintained. But once you choose Divine Love, you have joined your Free Will with Shared Will with Divine Will. You have moved beyond duality into triality - the Trinity. You now have access to the Divinity that builds worlds through a momentum of Love. Because Free Will is within you, all of this must stem from within. That applies to each person. Intent is imperative, for it is the Truth of Will not words.

    When you choose to unite in Love, you become a Master of time, of creation, of your Divine Nature. Love heals/unites your past, your present and your future. You become a Divine Human that utilizes Free Will to support the Shared Will to support the Divine Will of All Life. Your life becomes Heaven on Earth. You are living Love, being Love and creating Love. February is calling you to the glory of your Divine Will. As you focus your inner intent toward Love solution, you become Whole within. You become a powerful creator that does not wonder if you’ve done enough good actions, affirmations or prayers to receive the loving life you want from some outside force; you Know that you have initiated the internal elixir of Divine Love to create a new world on Earth.

    How do we become Whole within? Unite all ‘opposites’ with Love. Unite all that separates (hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, etc.) with Love (forgiveness, support, understanding, etc.). All opposites and separations are within you. You are the sovereign being that creates your world from within. As you unite all that seems separate or opposite, you activate the power of your Divinity and that is what illuminates those around you so that they have inspiration for their own Free Will choice.

    The first half of the year will be focused on integrating the Divine Masculine/Feminine within (the ultimate separation), regardless of whether you are male or female. To integrate the Divine Masculine you need to forgive the power structures in the world around you. Do you fear something outside of you controlling you, overpowering you or dominating you? Do you want to dominate or control in order to feel safe? This requires healing your attitude toward the physical structures/societies that we live within. Integrating the Divine Feminine requires healing your attitudes toward your mother/sisters/mate, sacredness of sexuality, the unknown, holding emotional boundaries, receiving, vulnerability, emotional connection, limitation, nurturance, death, giving the self to another and safety.

    Since each human being is created with masculine and feminine energy, denial of any part of either is a separation of the self and True Power is inaccessible without that complete union within. Masculine in balance is direct, protective, generous and attentively focused. Feminine in balance is allowing, nurturing, supportive and intuitive. You should recognize those qualities within you in equal balance, providing you with the ability to honor the self and honor others equally because your internal union is conjoined in Divine Love.

    The Astrology

    On 2/3 Neptune moves into Pisces for the next 13 years, the sign it rules. Neptune represents the vast ocean that gives Life, thus it is the mysterious feminine. As you embrace the Divine Feminine within, you become well with the mystery of Life, the power of emotion, the unseen and sacred choice. Avoidance and manipulation polarize the Divine Feminine within, so observe where you are out of balance with these. Pisces is the collective water sign that feels the emotional connection with all. Unity is enhanced, not feared in a balanced world. Unite within the power of your sovereignty, then allow the overflow to nurture others through Divine Love.

    On 2/7 the full moon in Leo corresponds with Saturn retrograding in Libra (2/7-6/25). This full moon emphasizes Leo’s dramatic flair while Saturn turns the screws on the fair & balancing energy of Libra. This energy will rely on your peace within to Know that All is Well and maintain your focus on challenge being a gift, so no need to resist. Overall, Saturn retrograde in Libra is an opportunity to refine the balance of opposites. This is evident in the basic structure of our universe as the spiral pulls into a strong beam of focus until the compression leads to expansion. If you do not resist the circumstances of your life, you will find that everything leads to expansion. Improvement is the natural Flow of Life. Saturn in Libra will assist the merging of Divine Masculine/Feminine within as we review our ability to go with the Flow.

    Mars is still retrograde in Virgo. Gentle and meticulous Virgo is taming the warrior within. As we align our initiative with care and planning, our impulses serve our health - both physical and mental. When healthy people interact, things look very different than what we currently see on the world stage. The new moon in Pisces on 3/21 brings us into a new phase of connecting with the Higher Self and the unseen realms. As our psychic awareness increases, we have information beyond the words and actions we hear and see. A clear heart and mind accesses pure information rather than information that is resonant with our polarized feelings, beliefs and thoughts. When you are Whole within, you experience the Whole Truth.

    In Summary

    February will be pushing and pulling you beyond your comfort zone into Divine Love - the Love of Self, others and Source united into One Love. It is the Trinity that begins new form, and your Creatorship requires your focus if you want to build a life of Love. It’s your choice. Your Free Will is guaranteed, but obliged to collective cause and effect. As you choose wisely, you create wisely and improvement comes with greater ease and ‘miracles’ abound. Truly, miracles are commonplace when you’re creating with Love (Source energy). As you move through the month, remind yourself to choose Love until it’s all you see, feel and think. You’ll recognize you’re there when Love is your complete experience. Become a potent beam of Love that Loves the self, Loves others and Loves All Life (God) so powerfully that you magnetize a world of Love through you and expand that out. This is the work of a Master and February will show us where our Will is aligned with Love. Or not. ;o)

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