Any help understanding this spread most appreciated :-)

  • Hi, I am new here, i hope i have posted this in the right place :-S

    I did a relationship reading and got the following cards

    What he truly feels about me = Page swords R

    What he thinks of me = 4 Pentacles R

    How he speaks of me to others = Knight Pent R

    What he wants to happen between us = 5 Cups

    What i want to happen between us = King Cups

    What will happen between us = Ace wands R

    I then did a further spread to understand more about the block in Ace wands R so I used this as a significator and got the following

    Death, 10 swords R, 6 wands.

    Now i am thoroughly confused. Is this saying i have thoroughly ruined everything and to let it all go in the past and move on? that he is so dissapointed with me that to hear from me is painful? or that if i get over what has happened to me in the past then there is a chance we can get back together? Any help with this would be most appreciated. I know i still have a lot to learn about tarot readings!

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