Where did the Communication End

  • This story relates to a situation I had w/ 2 sets of neighbors. One lady has twins, boy and girl, age 14. These are beautiful and healthy children. She is a reformed junkie. Her children don't stay in school because they have been out of school for so long. She got court-ordered home-schooling and a social worker that visits 2x per week. I have known her approx. 1 1/2 yrs.

    My other neighbors ex-husband got to know this family. I was warned about this man a while back from his ex-wife. One reason why she divorced him was that she thought he had an attraction for young girls. She also found that he was looking up pornographic sites regarding young girls on her computer.

    So, I warn the mother. This is after she told me she didn't trust him. Well, what happened is this man bought a bunch of stuff from her and helped them out. I warned her about 4x. When I would see him and her daughter take off in the car, I couldn't believe it. The mother told me that he was lonely and eccentric and that he would sit down w/ her and talk to her and she trusted him. I ended up calling Child Protection. I feel very strongly that I saved this girl's life. The worker agreed. Nothing did happen, and it all came to a good conclusion. They don't talk to me anymore, but that's ok.

  • You did the right thing.

  • Well at least u r considerate individual and i believe in d long run they'll appreciate what u did but u can truly be proud of yourself

  • I think what you did was very good. If he was looking up pornography on young girls, and he was attracted to young girls, your phone call probably prevented a very sad and traumatic future for the girl. So what if the mother doesn't want to talk to you any more, I think it is much better to save a child from harm than to stand back and not butt into the situation. What you did was very heroic and I commend you for it. That was an excellent choice you made, and hopefully you feel no shame in getting involved.


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