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  • Hello..I am a typical Leo girl born on 27th July,1992..For last few months,I have been dating a Cancer guy born on 19th July,1989..We started dating rather casually..none of us were serious about it..But as time passed by,i sort of started liking him..I don't know about his feelings still..We are more of friends than anything else..I justa am confused about him..I just want to know are we conpatible astrogically??

    Are there any chances??Will he be a good choice for me??

    I am very confused..

    Please help!

  • Your love affair can be difficult but, if you make it through, marriage can turn out well for you. There is an electric energy that manifests in this relationship and it can lead both of you to great success. The relationship demonstrates a high level of intelligence, which it usually puts in the service of ambition - getting to the top is important for both of you, and in fact you may rank the personal side of your relationship second in importance to its social, politicial, or financial goals. Power drives must not be allowed to get out of control here, however, for the relationship can run amok if not properly guided and controlled. There has to be an equal balance between work and play, and ambition and intimacy. Your partner tends to equate his worth as a person with how much he earns and how successful he is career-wise. You yourself tend to hate being pigeonholed so you run away from the traditional or conventional roles society or family and friends may try to assign to you - just don't let it push you away from the people who are trying to get close to you.

    A love affair here does not normally have outstanding depth or passion. It abounds in energy but doesn't always direct it well - sexual energy in particular may wind up sublimated into other activities. Marriage on the other hand can work out excellently, as long as you both are given full independence, and family responsibilities are kept to a minimum. As spouses, you two may be very ambitious for each other, or may even team up in a career activity. You are quite capable of working out an arrangement that suits both of you, managing to preserve whatever quality time together you need - for example, even when work demands prevent you from seeing a lot of each other. Your children however must not expect a great deal of fuss or attention from you. But don't ever let your careers get too much in the way of family.

  • Now let me just discuss the confusion with you..may be you can help..

    this cancer guy is a class-mate of my ex..he knows EVERYTHING about my past relationship..and he sympathised with me,when i just broke up,slowly i gues he had feelings for me and proposed me..and probably i am the first girl whom he was proposing..he has a lot of family responsibilities..he proposed me with a condition that he can't that tag f permanency to our relation till the time he is not done with his family responsibilities which would take quite sometime..and he also told that i wont say i am madly in love with you with only one month of aquintance bt yes i like you and would love to know you more and fall in love..i was just out from a relation which also started on with a condition that "i cant marry you",so i was not ready for a similar situation i rejected him..he stopped talking to me for 2-3 days,i too didn't contact,then he contacted back and when i said that if he wants i will leave his life permanently..he requested me never to leave his life..then i told him i will find a girl-friend for him but he was like,"i am fine to be single and being attached with you,please don't bother me with all this"..from that day,we are friends for last 5months,we have known each others deepest and darkest secrets,loved each others company but never discussed about relationship anymore..he keeps enquiring that do i like any guy??am i happy with him etc etc etc..

    Now for last one month,he got busy with his college work and all and we talk much less thes days..but yes,i love talking to him,feels jealous when he talks about girls or his ex-crushes etc and can't tell that to him also..i don't know what to do..

    On the other hand,there is another gemini guy born on 22nd may 1989,who proposed me..he is like ready to give permanency and all..he is much more good-looking than the cancer guy too..he is dependable and sucessful too..a bit sex-crazy but he is like i will marry you mine forever..don't talk to other guys etc..he is a bit dominating but he is a good friend..

    NOW i am REALLY confused between these two guys..i want a settled life now but i don't know with whom..none of them knows about the existence of each other..and i feel guilty if i get a bit also close to anyone of them..i find it ethically wrong but is not able to decide and i dont want to take a decision for which i have regret later..i am not in a condition to take anymore pain after my last relation..

  • You need time to heal after your last relationship and you should tell all these guys that. You must not make any quick decisions about your future at the moment while you are so vulnerable. Rather than hooking up with someone and regretting it, you should spend some time on your own sorting out who and what you want in life. You have all the rest of your life to find that special partner. Don;t rush it - after all, when you go shopping, you don't buy the first thing you see, do you? If these guys really are your friends, they won't rush you and will give you all the space you need. If they do try to push you into a relationship, then it's probably only sex they want.

  • I know its a bit strange to ask for something like this but still if u would PLEASE look into the atrological compatibility between me born on27th July,1992 and the gemini guy born on 22nd may,1989..PLEASE thats a request..

    Its not that i will be accepting anyone of them because i think you are right,i would better ask them to wait which i already did bt yes,i would wish to know..

  • Astrology predicts that the relationship between you and the Gemini guy is best for friendship and worst for love. Your acute differences of temperament would ruin a romantic relationship. The Gemini would find the relationship a bit too serious for his liking and he would rebel if you tried to get a commitment or promise out of him. His changing moods, needs, and desires would drive you up the wall as you like to know where you stand and find uncertainty unbearable.


    We are good as friends but when it comes to things likes relationship and all,he is just not the one for me and it is again proved today..His mood-swings are just unbearable for me..

    Thank You so much..

  • I don't know why but Captain I am getting attracted towards the Gemini guy a lot..Yaa whatever you said is true..But still I like him..I dont know about the future of this relation but I may try..

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