Watergirl, can you give me a reading please?

  • just broke up with a leo man. and im an aries.. didnt date him long but somehow we hit it off right away. im lost. donno where i should go. kinda wanted him back. not sure what he's really thinking abt me at this point. i just dont think we should end like this. am wondering if he wants me back or if it's possible to have a reunion. if you have time, please do a reading for me on this.. thanks in advance.

  • Yes, I will, but it might not be until tomorrow. Hang in there!

  • hi watergirl, some update here - he actually contacted me this evening saying he wanted me back.. last night was a mistake. nothing wrong with me. he just had too much pressure these days.. he sounded pretty sincere.. i certainly could tell that he cares a lot about me.. anyway, everything seems okay now... not sure what i can expect in the future? how's our relationship going? what should i know about him?

    am looking forward to hearing from you. thanks ;))

  • Hi DDTT,

    That's funny -- when I read your post and was about to do a reading for you I heard "wait til tomorrow." Now I know why 🙂 We just had a full moon in Leo this week so there has been a lot of emotional drama centered around relationships. Kind of a "this too shall pass" thing I think...

    So I did a relationship reading for you today and a lot of it came through being about patience and teamwork. Do you normally get anxious to move forward quickly in relationships? I think it's also about the Aries and Leo combo. You will both be challenged to not put yourself front and center and be part of TEAM instead. Patience, being open to and understanding of the other person's pont of view, etc. is key. Focus on the spiritual aspect rather than ego - find a kindred spirit place to work from rather than fighting for who's the leader. Whether this ultimately winds up as a long-term/keeper type relationship or not, I see this as an enlightening situation for both of you. You will learn a lot about yourselves.



  • watergirl, thanks so much for your reading. your right that i do get anxious about moving forward too much. thats exactly what happened between us! he wanted to be exclusive the first time we dated.. its very crazy. i prefer to slow down and really get to know each other... anyway, i guess thats his thing... and im trying to accept it. met him last night for dinner and it went very well. great conversations. he complained again that i didnt make effort, and im a horrible gf (he's kinda joking, but u know there is always some truth in a joke).. he said the breakup txt was just testing water see if i give a shit.. and apparently i didnt since i didnt contact him after. i could tell that he really wants to be with me.. anyway, thanks for your reading!!! it helps a lot!

  • btw, if you dont mind and if you have time, can you please do a two-choice reading for me?

    i need some help from a professional. now i have two ppl i know that i can turn to for help..

    A charges me more than B does.. they both seem great... i donno which one i should pick?

  • Ahhhh...now I understand that push me-pull you thing I was getting. His "test" was that ego-driven thing I was talking about. And although it can be wise to go slow in a relationship, sometimes it's just an issue of control (another ego thing). So you want to move slowly - at your own pace is more like it - because you are afraid of losing or giving up control. And he is Mr. Fire who wants to move quickly and be in control himself. That's the teamwork issue. You both need to drop the ego and talk to each other openly and honestly about your feelings. You...how moving too quickly scares you and why. Him....why he feels the need to play games and why moving more slowly makes him feel insecure. You need to understand where each other is coming from and then meet each other half way.

    I'll get back to you later on the Choice A & B thing 🙂

  • thanks for your advice, watergirl. it made perfect sense. we talked about it last night and now we r working on it.. i guess he's not used to dating a girl like me... he said he never pursued girls until he met me. i also think he doesnt feel secured about himself altho he's a man who has a lot to offer. the problem is i never pursue guys. lol. i like it in an old-fashion way 😉

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