Should I move on from Scorpio man?

  • Shuabby gave me this reading last year and it's all true (except he's in his early 30's, not late): There is a man coming into your life down the road a bit. He will be intelligent and have his own business established, I sense him to be in his late thirties touching forty. He will be single and may have never married that is until there is you. He will have a wonderful sense of humor and be able to really keep you interested on more than one level, he likes to travel and I see a boat here. Yes, you will be on fire for this one and he comes in as a water sign, so he can keep the embers burning. He is not that far away from you, by December you will know him.

    Supposedly he is my future husband... but we are no longer speaking as of recent.

    So here is the story. I delayed his response in making us official because we've only dated for 3 weeks and within those 3 weeks I've seen him 3 times total. I told him I would give him an answer at the end of Jan (within 2 weeks) and he replied, "Who are you waiting for??" I told him, "No one. I'm just hesistant jumping into another relationship so soon after the last one ended horrendously." And he replied.. "I don't know... I usually just give up. I hate wasting time." I replied, "Well, if what the psychic said was true, then we would be together regardless."

    From then on, he started to go clubbing on the weekends (he never goes clubbing unless it's a b-day and it wasn't a b-day), and he showed me a clubbing photo of him behind some girl. I did not react, and didn't make any comments regarding the girl. It seemed to put him off that I was not jealous. He would still contact me, but at a lesser frequency each day and even to the point where I contacted him first (he always contacted me first prior to that). Then he would sometimes reply to what I say with just a smiley face, and he never used emoticons before and I asked him why he was using it all of a sudden and he just smiled with another emoticon. He didn't ask me to go out like he usually does every week, and I've hinted to him to come visit and he would change the subject. He responded, "Maybe next week" and gave me reasons as to why he couldn't come over the weekend and his excuses checked out (saw photos posted on his Instagram). Then the following week was the end of the month and I said, "So... it's the end of the month. Do you still want your answer?" He avoided answering the question for 2 hours and finally replied, "Sorry, I fell asleep and just woke back up."

    I thought he was playing a game by purposely avoiding my question so I ignored his texts for two days and finally answered when he asked, "Are you mad?" I replied that I wasn't mad and that I knew what was going on and I'm not playing along. He kept played dumb and pretended he didn't know what was at the end of the month. I told him he was seeking revenge because he thought I was playing a game with him and he's playing one back and it would be to his best interests to stop lying. Then he made up more excuses as to how he slept all day on the weekend (he never sleeps all day.. he's always up at the same time every morning no matter what).

    I told him to be mature and admit it. Then I told him I was done since he won't admit and it was a waste of time. He finally responded, "Are you talking about your last text, 'So it's the end of the month. Do you still want your answer?" Then he said, "I don't know what's at the end of the month. Let me see if I can find it. I'm so lost." And he kept texting every half hour and I ignored it. That was on a Monday night, and on Friday I texted him, "I felt like you were using every tactic to get me jealous because I delayed your answer." No response. He recently unfollowed me on Twitter (I have no tweets), but I can still see all his tweets since I've been following him prior to his deleting me. On one of his tweets, he lied and said he went on a date on Monday before 4pm. He works M-F 8am-6pm rain or shine and never ever takes time off from work and is always on time (he owns his own business). He knows I look at his social networks.

    I posted a photo of the beach I went to on Thursday night (which happened to be the same beach me and him went on one of our dates) and two days later, he posted a photo of a woman's manicured hand and took photos of all the places they went to that day (making sure he included her hands and clothes in the photos). They were places that were very similar to our dates or places we've planned to go. What do you make of this? Is he REALLY my husband? If so, what should I do if anything? If not, who is my husband?

    His chart:

    Sun Scorpio

    Moon Gemini

    Mercury Libra

    Venus Virgo

    Mars Pisces

    Jupiter Gemini

    Saturn Sagittarius

    Uranus Sagittarius

    Neptune Capricorn

    Pluto Scorpio

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