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  • Looking for a reading. Nothing inparticular, just to see what the cards say.

  • Hi Aries68,

    You feel stuck. I did a 7-card Arc spread for you and it was all about your base chakra (stability, security, safety) and movement forward. The color red associated with this is also a message that you need to stoke your fires - get passionate about something (or even just life) again. You are being asked to take charge of your life. Spiritual insight will lead to the wisdom that will help propel you forward in your physical world. Below are the cards I pulled followed by my feelings/interpretation of them:

    Card 1: Issues or influences from the past that you have brought with you into the present situation. This could be lessons learned or not yet learned. --- "Stand Your Ground" (#7, Indigo/Spirit)

    Card 2: Present influences, your current situation. --- "Positive Movement Forward" (#8, Red/Physical)

    Card 3: Near future influences, how the situation will be unfolding next. --- "Movement, Choices, Decisions" (#2, Red/Physical)

    Card 4: You, your perspective. --- "Discontent & Boredom" (#4, Green/Emotional)

    Card 5: Your blind spot - what others can see that you cannot. --- "Patience & Planning" (#7, Red/Physical)

    Card 6: Best course of action - the next best step to take for your highest good. --- "Authority" (#4, Major Arcana)

    Card 7: Potential Outcome. --- "Financial & Material Changes" (#5 Red/Physical)

    Your past issues are about having the strength to stand alone and not surrendering or giving up your control or power to others. But the "Stand your Ground" message alongside of the following cards also came through to me like you are stuck in one place - in a rut - not moving forward. It takes that inner spiritual strength to muster up the courage to move forward - regardless of whether or not you have the support of others.

    Your current situation and near future are all about moving forward. It feels like that rut you are stuck in is keeping you on the fence. You need to make a decision and then take the first step forward. Choose and move is the motto here. Your blind spot is about analysis paralysis. Sometimes we think too much about things and let our fear keep us in the same place. It feels like you have given up control - or just given up. You need to reassess your situation, what you want, etc. and then come up with an action plan. It is time to MOVE forward!

    The card that showed up as you and your perspective validates this. Boredom and discontent. You are feeling drained emotionally which has led to feeling drained physically and is now appearing as a spiritual depletion. But you must realize that the only way to change this is to muster up that courage to do something about it. Once again, get yourself out of that quick sand and make a decision about what you want and start moving in that direction.

    Your best course of action is the Authority card which is the same as the Emperor in the Rider Waite deck. This is all about strength. Tap into the masculine side of yoruself. Take back control of your life. You have given your power away. Be courageous and authoritative. Seems like you may need to learn how to deal with male authority - definitely your own by embracing it - but there also may be past issues with male authority figures in your life that you need to resolve.

    The outcome is CHANGE. That's exactly what is needed. It also suggests that by taking back the reins and steering your own course with logic, courage and the force of your intention, that your financial situation will change for the better.

    Hope this helps...



  • Thank you watergirl for this. It verified for me, that what I have ben doing to change what has been happening, is the right path....

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