Is it really over? Really need a reading please

  • My Cancer man and I are long distance, been together 27 months and we were engaged, we broke up before 6 months ago but he came back saying he couldn't live without me. I have had a lot of pressures lately in my life and over Christmas and NY I started going out more and socialising (he does it himself so I didn't think it would be a problem) but he became so jealous and insecure, he was draining the life out of me questioning my every move and the arguments lasted for days no matter how understanding I tried to be.

    I ended up telling him I couldnt take anymore and cancelled my FB status, he said I had until morning to put it back, but I didn't. I tried talking things through with him but he just got so angry and abusive that I cut contact for 2 days, during this time he tried to contact me but I wasn't very responsive. But I missed him so much and told him I wanted to work things out

    He agreed but since then he has been so closed off, he says he is terrified of getting hurt again so I have to tip toe around his moods and anger, My pain doesn't even seem to factor and if I mention that its all one sided, all me trying to fix things he says "Oh its all YOU YOU YOU!" He says he darent even call me baby anymore incase he ends up feeling a fool.

    He used to be the sweetest most loving man I could wish for and I was supposed to be moving in April to be with him, we haven't seen each other in months and I asked him to get on a plane and come and sort this out, he said he wants to but he doesn't know if this can be fixed.

    Today I finally told him to take some space and only talk to me when he has made a decision. Will he come back? I can't even describe the pain I am in right now, when we were together in person it was the happiest I have ever been in my life but in the beginning I pushed him away a lot and he says he still can't get over the hurt I caused him.

    Last night he got jealous again and now we are not speaking at all after arguing, he wants me to trust him but he wont give me the same in return. Can anyone help? I love him with all my heart. I am a Cancer too

  • Hi LadyLUCK82,

    I drew some cards for you in a relationship spread and it shows a battle of egos here. Not that is was or anyone was right or wrong, but that this clash of ego is what brought you to the present situation. And you are now shown wanting to mend the fences and resolve things - starting over again from a loving place. But he is shown as still wanting the upper hand. Between the near future, obstacles, and best course of action cards you are clearly being given a message to take this step back and leave him be for now. Self-nurture is what is best for you right now. You are being guided to take this time to ground and center yourself...thinking about what you really want out of a relationship and assessing this current/past relationship with the eyes of TRUTH. Was it built on a solid foundation? As a long distance relationship, did you really spend enough time together to truly get to know one another - warts and all? Was it based on equality? Did one give more than receive? Were your needs truly met? Do not answer these questions too quickly or through the veil of the emotion of wanting him back. Go inward and be honest with yourself. I see a relationship in the future that is based on this equality and harmony, but not sure it is with this particular man.



  • Thank you so much Watergirl you don't know how much this means to me! I am going to meditate on your questions because I believe I could have answered them in a second earlier in the relationship but now I don't know.

    Could I ask you one more question because you have been spot on so far? Do you see someone else around him? particularly a Taurus woman? Am I being decieved by this man?

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