Can I get some help with this reading please?

  • I did a celtic cross online if my ex-husband and I will reconcile? There were several pentacles and cups in this reading which confused me. Thank you!

    1. 3 of pentaclesR

    2. 6 of pentacles

    3. 9 of pentacles ( best i can achieve)

    4. ace of wands R (foundation)

    5.6 of cups (past)

    6. 5 of cups ( approaching)

    7.ace of cups (my role)

    8. 8 of pentacles R

    9.hermit R

    10.10 of pentacles

  • Hi Smarya55

    Overall this looks very positive to me for a reconciliation. The presence of both the three and eight of pentacles seems to say it will take some work (these are both cards of work)

    The Six Pentacles is the sharing card so that seems to indicate you both will be doing some sharing back and forth soon.

    The Ace of Wands (the presence of 2 aces in the reading) both are showing a new start in something. Beginnings with work, effort seems to be the gist.

    Six of Cups shows a lot of hanging on to "what was" and that can drag any relationship down.

    Five of cups (approaching) seems to be saying some grieving yet to work through. I almost have the feeling that you are going to have to let go of the past terms and conditions of the relationship and pretend you have just met each other... so a moving away from all of the old patterns and tapes, habits and memories and really try to establish a new (ace ace) beginning in spirit.

    The Hermit I feel is saying that you both can find happiness together again while maintaining your own personal private (freedom) space, without feeling that there are any weights and duties of the relationship weighing you down. You both need to preserve your personal freedom no matter what you decide to do together (as a new start).

    The Ten of Pentacles is an extremely strong and positive "outcome" card and shows the two of you very happy, fulfilled, and materially strong and accomplished. The presence of so many pentacles in the reading tells me that you both bring a lot to the table materially, and when you are together there is (or was) great material success, and you would like to see that return.

    That is my overall impression. How does that sound?

    I have been away from the forum as I am isolated in the backwoods of Georgia taking some r&r and visiting relatives. But I was able to sneak into town and find a wifi spot to get on here for a sec. Saw your post and thought I would respond.

    Love and light


  • Thank you so much for taking the time and helping me! I have had a very rough road and miss him so terribly. He is in a committed relationship and we are not even talking. I have tried to move on because the rejection and hurt was unbearable. I have done so many readings and have gotten so many time frames that never came. I was at home with my kids when we were married so I never brought anything financially. I was confused about 5 of cups but then 10 of pentacles was a good sign. we both keep thinking about the past.....I hate to ask this but do you see a time frame in the reading. I don't know how accurate online readings are but they always seem to make sense. Thank you again.. Blessings

  • Astra Angel, Do you think you can give me a reading on us? I would appreciate it so much. I am trying to see if I should just let go but something just tells me to hold on. Thank you so much

  • Hi smarya

    Hey sure thing...

    In this reading you will be the Queen of Cups and he is the King of Cups...

    I am simply going to ask the Tarot a series of questions and we will see where this goes...

    1. Let's start with, where does the relationship stand currently with him... I don't know where you actually are with him (are you two communicating at all?)

    Four of Cups - this seems to show some discontent in love. someone is not too thrilled with their emotional situation. Is that you or him? Three of Pentacles is a card of work, and there are three people involved in this card. I see that everyone involved in this situations is unhappy emotionally. You, your ex and his current companion.

    2. What are his feelings for you at this time? Two of Pentacles. The juggler. I think he has feelings for both you and his present companion. Knight of Pentacles. More material and this is not an especially love related sign... Six of Wands. I think he is slogging through his life right now, and would love to break out into the open spaces of the six wands.... I think he is stuck. Emotionally stuck. Five of Cups. Yeah... some sadness. Unable to move one way or the other.

    3. Your feelings for him right now... Five of Pentacles. Shut out from his life. I can imagine the pain you are feeling. You really have a deep love for him... and yet you are unable to act on it, or be invited into a warmer place with him. Alienation seems to be the dominant energy here. Ace of Pentacles. Something nice trying to be opened out, this Ace is the card of perfect contentment. So I am getting that even with the present emotional shut out with him, you can at the drop of the pin see how NICE it could be with him again, touching, close, warm, affectionate, tender, physical and very passionate. My God that must be tough for you... I would try to steer clear of too much of that envisioning and dreaming of him... that probably brings on tears, and you want to reign that in... Seven of Cups... yep. That is exactly what is happening.... the envisioning of love, possibilities with him is excruciating because you ARE closed off from him.

    4. What is the current outlook for you and him... should smarya continue to entertain hopes of something developing with her Ex? Reconciliation? Let's look at that....

    The High Priestess... intuition and mystery. What is your gut telling you smarya? Let him go? move on? Then I would do exactly that. This might be one of those situations where you will need to do exactly that. Four of Swords... yes... take a rest from him, from this situation is what I am getting... I do think you should let him go smarya... he is in a union now... it could be that because you are still feeling that there is hope with him, that may be keeping something better developing for you. Are you open to that possibility?

    I don't care who you have feelings for... how lovely and dear they are to you... a relationship is a two way street... and without his reciprocating or reaching out to you, there is really nothing to go on. Is he married now? That should normally be a sign that you should avoid dreaming of him, as you could cause some "problems" there and then you have to deal with that.... I would say if he is married you should totally let him go... if it is something else, then you could probably keep some hope... I still think the best thing for you is to release him in love and expect someone even better for you to come along.

    Ten of Pentacles. And that is exactly what I see developing for you smarya!

    Two of Cups! Yes, I believe that is what is developing, and based on this I would focus on YOU more, love YOU, and begin to really open your heart to someone new entering... this does not mean that you shut the door to your ex, it simply means that you begin to open yourself up to ANY options out there, and let Heaven begin to orchestrate something wonderful, probably something that you weren't expecting... a surprise... our angels love to surprise us! And as much as we think we have our companions all picked out... heaven loves to swoop down, and trump us, raise us up even higher... and kick it up a notch as emeral would say ha ha...

    So you love yourself smarya.... wish positive blessings and prayers for your ex and his committed relationship... and say to yourself.... "two of cups... something very, very sweet is coming my way that I never in a million years dreamed of... "

    Because you are very loved from above, and the Universe always has the nicest plans for us... and you are due for blessings, so wonderful, so beautiful.... and one day very soon, those tears will not be tears of pain... they will be tears of deepest love and happiness in the arms of someone who would never in a million years think of rejecting and hurting you.... an angel man for you is what I see.... so lovely the two of you.... keep the faith my darling....

    love, astra

  • Wow that was so right on. No we do not communicate at all. Our kids are going through such a difficult time. I have tried so much but accepted that he would rather be with someone else. The whole divorce was very short it was out of anger on his part. His actions show that he is very happy but his eyes are so lost.... something tells me to hold on but it's been so long and it's burning me out, the waiting, heartbreak etc. They are not married but it's so in my face that I can't bear it anymore. I haven't been ready to date but I hope I can just so I can let go easier. Do you think you can see where their relationship is heading? I don't know if you need names or not. The have been together for about 18 months now and we have been divorced 18 months! Thank you again so much for your time. I will keep thinking of the 2 of cups:)

  • Hi smarya55

    Okay... I took a look at this and here is what I got

    Laid out three cards

    You - Queen of Cups

    Him - King of Wands

    "Her" - Queen of Swords

    I then started drawing cards to see where their relationship is going...

    Knight of Wands - creative energy flowing from him to her

    The Magician - they are experiencing something "magical' between them, not sure what

    Knight of Pentacles - some flowing material energy between them

    Two of Pentacles - A move most likely.

    Two of Cups - the Outcome for them - looks good to me. These are all very positive, flowing and creative energies so I see nothing here that indicates they are heading for heartbreak hotel.

    As for you...

    I drew the Hanged Man.

    So here is the deal smarya.

    This whole experience with him is something that the angels have cooked up to help you develop,deepen spiritually so that you can enter your TRUE bliss and FREEDOM and ultimately end up in a place that far surpasses anything that could ever possibly happen with him.

    So I would bless their union, forgive and forget and start developing your sensitivity to someone(s) new to enter your life. Heaven has you on an amazing path! These heartbreaks are for purpose, to pull us out of the ditch of depending on the material aspects of people and focusing on one person so much that we end up creating potential prisons for ourselves.

    You are a butterfly! You are meant to soar and to enjoy the nectar of many flowers! Your heart is being opened to the wonder of existence in a free and playful way! That is all Hanged Man stuff.

    The Hanged Man is seeing that life is conspiring to BLESS him/her, not torture him. it can feel like torture, however that is the breaking away of the old paradigm, the caterpillar phase of our lives. Let it go. Let him go. Even were he to come running back to you one day, it would still first have to be that you release him completely and entertain "new" fun relationship(s) that are full of positive energy and pleasure... I do see someone very, very sweet coming into your life...

    Seven of Pentacles and Ace of Wands - you are in that Hanged Man/Seven of Pentacles "seeing life differently without a lot going on that you think is amazing".. then however, after this phase is finished the ACE of WANDS starts up for you and you will enter a brand new phase of your life that is on a much higher frequency of pleasure. That is what is happing to all of us.

    Six of Wands. Yes, that is exactly it.

    Something very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very wonderful is happening in your life.... I would focus on Spirit, whisper to the wind, and be looking for new signs of interest... from new directions... stay sensitive to Spirit's leading... open yourself up to someone new, SEE yourself with a new companion and it is very, very, very wonderful... your Ex is not the only guy in the world you know...I just checked and there are


    guys on the planet.

    Surely there might be... just maybe... possibly... just maybe maybe maybe... one more guy... out of 3.4 BILLION that would be better for you... than a guy already in a committed relationship?

    Just a thought 🙂

    love, astra

  • Oh and for the boys...

    there are 3,386,509,865 girls on the planet

    That's a lot to choose from!


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