Cancer Men Help

  • I was wondering what's the likelihood a cancer comes back to someone after a rough breakup? He just broke up with another girl too..

  • OH with this breed, you NEVER know! hehe

  • haha i'll tell you if my ex comes advice don't waste your precious time on cancer men..they're not worth it..not all of them but most..they are moody, manipulative, lying, girly bastards

  • VOC - you made me laugh bc that was EXACTLY what I was going to say!! lol

    I say move on sweet heart - throw yourself into living and loving life!! YOUR value is not in having a relationship or a man......

  • :(. They have amazing qualities and confusing qualities. My advice is as the others...try to move on. You just will be waiting for something that may never materialize, believe me, I know.

  • We do sometimes totally suck. Bad break up? So I am reading he broke up with you? Did you cheat on him? He cheat on you? I am guessing someone did something if he broke up with someone else. I should have been a detective I know 🙂 More info to be clear but if you cheated on him than no, if he cheated on you then yes...and you should run. There are some shit people in any sign. Personally cheating is no bien. If you want to be with someone else you break up..period. good luck

  • lol no clue why but I smiled at everyone's comments. I love honesty!! I've moved on but you know how sometimes you think back to good times, yeah I"m pulling one of those lately and it bites!

    CancerMale - you should be a detective! well he pulled a typical cancer move and dumped me to date another girl who he's been chasing after for years. In the end, he never got her. I refuse to be the backup, but at the same time I've read over and over again cancers try to go back. I'm semi preparing myself (I'm on of those people that plan ahead) because I was madly in love with him.

  • oh girl I got manipulated so bad its not even funny! I could write a book on the crap this one did to me!!

  • I can tell you this...if you are not the 'ONE" a Cancer picks, then you want no part of them. MY J picked me. clue at 1st, but I know now. That may sound odd, I could see the possibilities with him, before we ever started a relationship. Yet, I kept my thoughts to myself, yet, my actions did betray me. They

    BUT, if he would not have been on board to give it a whirl. just like I was, it would have been a complete disaster. I know that.

    I would have been just like all these other women who have had bad experiences. I just got lucky. We are perfect for each other for the present. The right here and now. Will it last forever? I have no clue, I am just enjoying our current time.

  • well idk at one point he thought I was "the one" because he in a round about way asked me to marry him and even introduced me to his whole family. She came back into the pic so....

  • oh hmm thats why I'm mixed up I guess too. Introducing me to his fam, being jealous, etc made me think I was "the one"

  • Oh baby girl!! I understand, but listen to me, as an older woman, words are hollow and actions are strong with young ones. He mislead you. I know he did not mean to do this to you, but, he did.

    I have done my best to teach that to my children. That anyone can say anything, but if their actions do not away......the actions are the truth.

  • Hi SuniEl,

    I agree with Taurus 7, it hurts so much, I know. My ex Cancer did the same to me, he went all out, made all these plans, introduced me to the whole family, wanted me to move where he lived, blah, blah. And then he pulled back, once he know I was in and just puff! disappeared! To this day, he never even officially broke up with me. And this Cancer man was 42 when he did this!! So he didn't even have the excuse to say he was young...

    He broke my heart, and it took me a really long time to recover. As a matter of fact I still long for him, but there is someone new for me. It just is not good because I second guess everything the new one says, because he sounds so much like the Cancer...But yeah, the difference is that perhaps this one does show me (so far, we will see) that he yes, actions speak louder than words and also observing through time how someone behaves in different situations...

    Take care of your beautiful heart.

  • Taurus7 - 🙂 I think I'm looking at the good and skimming over the bad. Actions do speak much louder than words and so far his actions have been nothing but mean! I even told him I cried about him, such meanness!!

    mardepp - wow I'm so sorry to hear that. I find myself comparing everyone to him which I shouldn't bcuz its unfair. aww thanks this heart is tired of being hurt though 😞

  • SuniEl - we baby!! I know it is hard, but doll, you deserve to be loved for exactly who you are!! Forget him!! Really!! Carpe diem dear one...carpe diem....I can guarantee you one valuable thing.....true love is NOT hard work. It flows naturally like a river.....yes, it has its boundaries, its ebbs and flows....but you just know....:D

    Nothing but hopes for the best for you baby girl!!

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