A Reading from The Captain Please

  • I would really like your help in making some career choices. I am currently unemployed and don't want to go back to work in what I have been doing. I would like to start some kind of business but seem to lack the follow through. I have been exploring some interests but don't seem to have the passion that people talk about. My card reading has been developing but I'm not good at reading for myself. I need some direction.

    My birthday is 9.17.52

  • What are your interests? What does get you excited?

  • I have become interested in making jewelry and also have been delving more into tarot reading. I just don't want to sit behind a desk anymore and work for anyone. I have been also looking at possible real estate choices though I don't have a lot of money right now. I'm just very anxious and confused about taking another office job.

  • What is your past history of employment? Do you need to make money to live on or is are you simply looking for a way to occupy yourself?

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