Would like a reading for a very personal matter. Please

  • I would appreciate if someone could do a reading for me. Im in a relationship with a man I love with all my heart and he is talking about wanting to marry me someday. Everything is wonderful, except our sex life could be a little better. I would like our lovemaking to last a little longer, which I understand that is something he has little control over, and he is not the type who likes to have sex every day, which i wouldnt mind at all. I would like a reading that can advise me on how I can improve our intimacy without hurting his feelings(since he is sensitive to the subject). I would also like to know the future outlook of our relationship and where it will head. For the first time in my life I believe i found the person i can spend the rest of my life with. and our love is real for each other. I just want us to have the kind of passion/great sex that i have had with men in the past.

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