Astra, May I please have a reading...last time!

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you!!! Hope all is well. I promised myself I wouldn't ask for a reading and would figure this whole Virgo dilemma out on my own but I actually need one last reading 😞 Okay so the last time you gave advice you suggested I soul search and really decide whether or not i wanted to be with my fiance. Well, i did that and i decided that he and I are just not right. So i told him how I felt and surprise surprise he felt the same way too! So all bets are off. He and i are officially over. I will be leaving to my own place in June. That's when I'll have the money to go. Also, my job has been sort of unstable, I don't know whether I'll have one tomorrow or not so i have to save as much money as i possibly can.

    Okay, now to the reason why I'm writing you today. I have a Virgo update. So I took your advice, I listened to my heart and reached out to virgo. He told me he never wanted to fight and wanted to be friends again. Ok so after that conversation I contacted him about ten days later just to say hello and things from then on picked up. So the day after he told me about his friend (I think I told you about her and you said she wasn't an issue), he emails me again. He says hello then asks for a picture of me. So I was still kind of hurt from hearing he had someone else so I was caught off guard by that request. I mean, we just started speaking again!

    So I ask him what type of picture he wanted and he goes "you know what I like" which means he wanted a s e x y picture. So again that threw me off guard and kind of turned me off a tiny bit. So I tell him no and that i don't want to step on his girlfriends toes. He says "how would she know?" Again, another turn off. So I ended that conversation by telling him I don't want to break up a happy home. Two days later he says he misses me then says "baby can I please have a picture of you?". I tell him no again because my gut is telling me something just isn't right. So I was ready for him to never contact again because I felt that he had a motive and I wasn't playing along in whatever game he was playing. Surprise surprise he continues to contact me. Sends good morning emails like everyday. Then he asks when I was going to come to his town again. I told him I wasn't sure but would probably be soon.

    So it looks like things are going good with us. We're taking our time (as I told him we should and he said he was okay with that), and moving at a slower pace. Now here is the part I am writing and requesting a reading for.

    Yesterday morning I get a call from my sister, the same one that lives in his town and didn't want us to be an item. She tells me that he has been showing his close buddy all of the conversations we've been having. She goes on to say that his friend told her that virgo is REALLY digging this friend of his, you know, he likes her ALOT. So once she told me that I got the feeling it could be true, especially since he was so desperate for a picture and was probably just playing games with me. So I decided I wanted to see for myself whether or not his feelings for me were the same. So I send him a picture. Just a regular picture I took in a hotel room while I was on vacation. So he responds less than a minute later and says "where were u at in this picture?" So I tell him then I ask him to send me one and he does. I tell him he looks nice and that it was silly not to exchange pictures. He responds with a smile face.

    So now I think what my sister said is true. First, he didn't even make a comment about the picture itself and second he ended the conversation so aprubtly with that smile face. So my questions today are do you see that he still feels the same way about me? Are his feelings and words sincere or is he just playing games? I would be surprised if he did feel the same about me. And two, is is it true what his friend said... that his feelings are very strong for this other woman?

    Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you;-)

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