Hello Captain I really need your help

  • Hello Captain

    I would like to get a reading as to why my love interest 10-1-1977 wants to leave me 12-16-1974... we dated for two years.... i waited for him and was patient with his emotions but he just doesnt see a life with me.... can you please help me figure out what is going on....

    Also do you see a relationship for me in the future? And if so how soon?

    thank you and sorry for the mistake

  • and how did 10-1-1977 really feel about me?

  • You and your love interest: this relationship was better designed for friendship than for love. It brought out deep feelings in both of you, but not always comfortably. Neither of you are known for your emotionalism - in fact, you both have a knack for detachment and objectivity. Yet emotions here are intense and sometimes inexplicable, often manifesting in an explosive and frightening manner. The relationship often carries with it a secret known only to its partners, one perhaps rarely discussed. That secret may contribute to either the depth or shallowness of the relationship.

    You two may not achieve a blissful consummation in your love affair. Frustration is as likely to predominate here as satisfaction, since the operative emotions are often confused. Thus one partner's feelings, desires, and hopes may feed off those of the other, yet without permitting any lasting happiness or fulfillment. Although tremendous sexual satisfaction may be achieved for a period of time by one or both of you, it is rarely sustainable. You RR may have highly unrealistic expectations of this relationship that cannot ultimately be met by your partner, while he may be baffled by his inability to fully satisfy you. He may feel like a failure and want out of the relationship. Instead of looking for such ultimate experience or for consistently high levels of pleasure, the two of you would have done better to be content with your emotional bond, which could have been considerable, given time to develop.

    RR, you need to examine what might lie behind your dissatisfaction. Your partner loved you in a sort of parent-child way but he didn't understand you or what you really wanted from him. He left because he didn't believe he could give you what you needed in a relationship and it's true you both had very different ideas of what love should be like. He was a kind sweet soul yet he felt he couldn't live up to your expectaions and wanted to avoid the ugly confrontations and open fighting that he feared might be the end result. He left before he could get dumped, mistrusting his own ability to maintain a healthy relationship.

    You will attract a new relationship when you have resolved your issues to do with love. Namely, your fear of being alone and your deep need to have a strong mental connection with someone, that leads you to hook up with people you really have nothing in common with. You're normally a very sane, responsible person but with love matters, you can have some adolescent fantasies that don't bear much resemblance to reality. Look for patterns in your relationships because your love choices can range from the narcissistic to the unbalanced - for example, maybe your mother was narcissistic or your father was unstable - or vice versa, or you may always be attracted to certain types of unbalanced love partners. Do you fear losing your identity or individuality in a relationship? Could that be why you don't connect with people who are truly compatible? Sagittarians are usually truth-seekers, so it should be fairly easy for you to get to the bottom of your love issues. Once you do, you will attract the sort of love connection you are seeking. How long it takes is entirely up to you and how much inner work you are prepared to do.

  • Hi Captain...

    Maybe you explain something to me...

    I met this Virgo man, and fell really deeply for him...I waited for 4 months before I told him how I felt...He told me the following month how he felt...I was thrilled...We finally met, and we had a wonderful day...Sept. 2011, I asked a very stupid question to him...I think I did this just to get a response...Well I got one...He was not very happy with what I asked....Seem like since then, he has been distancing himself from me...Mind you, we met after I asked this question...Also, I always initiated things...He would not invite me down to meet him...He would only call if he was returning my call...In the beginning he would email, text, and call...We also chatted on msn...Any way, I was wondering if you think he is still interested...I asked him several times, and he will not respond to the question...My thought is either he was lying when he said it, or he still does, and I am being punished for asking that question...Guess he is letting me simmer in my own stew..lol...I was really hoping for a relationship with him, but I'm starting to think that maybe we be better as friends...I don't think I could be a friend...I would want a clean break...I could not sit around and watch him love someone else!!!!Can you give me your perspective on this? Thanking you in advanced...BTW, I am a cancer.....

  • Laidye, I do want to help you but this is RebelRouser's personal thread. If you click on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page, I will answer you there in your own thread. And it would help if you gave me both your birthdates.

  • Hello Captain,

    I want to apologize for not thanking you 2 months ago but what said blew my mind. You really hit the nail on the head it scared me a bit and I also didnt want to start trying to figure him out again based on what you said. Again thank you very much for responding.

  • You're very welcome!

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