Captain, a compatibility reading please

  • My birthday is 24 November 1959

    His birthday is 14 June 1971

    Would much appreciate your time on this and thanks in advance Captain.

    Have a wonderful day ahead

  • This can be a good working partnership/friendship between colleagues engaged in social, religious, aesthetic, or spiritual endeavours. But it can be a difficult love affair and poor for marriage. At its heart, this relationship is idealistic and directed inward. Though capable of being outgoing, its deepest concern is an unspoken spiritual bond ultimately aiming to help both of you to become fully realized individuals. Without a mutual respect and a tireless dedication to shared beliefs and principles, this relationship will not work. This combination can gel effectively in the area of implementing ideas; in fact, getting projects off the ground may be its speciality, and keeping them running a constant preoccupation.

    A love affair here tends to be short but intense. It rarely develops into marriage - both of you are usually too independent to surrender to such a union, unless it can be structured in such a way as to leave you two relatively free of responsibility. Thus, having children together would be ill-advised.

  • Thanks for your time Captain.

    Saddens me as we're both ready for a relationship and seem to get along really well together and children together would NEVER enter the equation. Was so hoping he was the one for me 😞

    Keep up the sterling work - it's much appreciated x

  • But you are good for each other's growth, just not as lovers, but as friends.

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