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  • Hi i am in desperate need, i dont know where my life is going and i need any kind of help!

    I am a 49 year old single mother with 2 kids, i am not working currently but i am looking to get into welfare services so i can help other people and children in need. I have been sitting tests to get into these courses but i can never seem to get into them because of money or because i havent been successful in the tests needed to get in to them which is hurting a lot.

    Am i looking into the wrong course or am i meant to be doing something else with my life? I really need to work to earn money and survive but no doors are opening for me and things just seem so hard and gloom and doom 😞 I am lost and need help!!

  • scorpio49

    Right away I got that you need to look into something else which immediately I saw law enforcement. You could work in their admin offices as a receptionist is what I am receiving. You also should look into temperary work as this can lead to permanant work.

    There are grants given to go to school and you need to look into this. I feel that you will get work first before you take schooling. I see the color green so the job you get will afford you what you need. Jack is a name coming in here to share with you and a woman with a J in her first name also, these people will be of help to you.

    In the next three months your life will turn around and I see you smiling and going somewhere that has big unbrella's all around? New friends and new hope.

    One of your children feels female has a gift of writing or expressing herself very well, this will lead her to writing books or becoming an editior in her adult life. Don't worry so , have faith that you are one of God's children and he is with you and your children.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader when I have time, I come here and read for those in need.


  • Hi shuabby thanks for that!

    As a reply i'm definetly not an admin person and i hate the thought of a reception/office job. I am more of a peoples person. I am currently volunteering at an organization helping others in need. Do you see me getting work out of it? as they dont employ volunteers there.

    I am at lost because my heart is set with doing this type of work and i cant see myself doing anything else like admin work... I am really worried as i need to work to get a job to support myself an my family but i am not getting anywhere.

    And yes i do have a female daughter who loves writing and is very expressive, suprising to hear that she will get into this type of work, but i hope so as she is very good at it.

  • Scorpio49

    Volunteering is always good to have to put on your resume. It will be a heads up when you apply for the type of job you are looking for. Receptionist work is a people person type of work, you have to have heart for the people to do it. I am not feeling you getting the type of work you want right away. You will have to be schooled for it. I feel 6 months to a year before you are there. In the meantime you will have to take a job to have money to support your living needs.

    You may want to try to find work in nearby hospital as an aid , which would pay you and fullfill some of your inner needs.

    Thanks for the confirmation about your daughter she has a wonderful future ahead of her.

    Please keep in touch and I will keep you in prayers.


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