Is it normal for Scorpio males to get distant at times?

  • The scorpio male I talk to regularly has been distant with me the past few days. He won't respond to my texts and the last conversation we had was a great one and the next day it's as if I don't even exist. I'm not sure what to think here.

  • I would act as if nothing is wrong and do not contact him. I have dated a couple of Scorpios and for different nsons, they are kind of like Cancer guys sometimes and they go into their caves for a while. Last year I reconnected for a little while with a former Scorpio flame, 20 years after! He had been trying to pin me down for a longtime and had rejected me 20 years ago. So after several months of pursuing we sort of had something in October. We are in different countries so it is great when I had seen him but not when we are away and have to communicate in other ways. So he withdraws completely, sometimes for months, the reappears. I have learnt that if I do not mind what he does, he will return on his own...can you do that? go about your things and see if he returns on his own?

  • My post is plagued by typing mistakes...sorry. The pad of the computer is too sensitive and messes up my writing sometimes!

  • Yes I can do that, I noticed when I didn't contact him for a few days he would come back. My worry is that I'm wasting my time and don't know if this is the one. We are long distance as well, but only a few states away so it's a short plane ride to visit. When I'm with him, he's very attentive, but sometimes when I'm not I feel out of site, out of mind. But, I also feel that if he didn't have feelings for me, he wouldn't contact me so much. He's the first Scorpio guy that I've ever dated and I'm still learning how he is, but when he gets distant it feels like a slap in the face. I care about him a lot and I am drawn to him in ways I can't explain. I even had a tarot reading done that said I would move for him and marriage was in the cards for us. It was crazy how I even drew the scorpio male card. That was my first tarot card reading experience too, so I'm not sure how accurate those are supposed to be.

  • I used to know one who is distant also.

    but I am a Leo so it may not be the best match

  • Scorpio men are elusive by nature, they loathe clinginess. They blow hot and cold and are inconsistent.

    They are also kind, caring, generous loving, sensitive people. Personally having dated 2 scorpio guys and having a scorpio best friend and mother.

    I can't handle scorpio men they are just too hot and cold even for me and I am pretty chilled out. Ideal man is one thats chasing you and doesnt lose interest easily like a scorpio man does, they love mystery and as soon as thats gone its hard for them to stay as keen. Annoying I think they need a really chilled out woman that loves her own space and lots of it. One who lets him rule the roost she just has to float along and go with it. Toooo much effort for me but maybe you cna cope with that! Good luck

  • Dear lag83,

    You say that you do not want to waste your time. What is the rush? I was in a long distance relationship before and I truly loved this person, but yet I let my anxiety take over as to where things were going and whether we could make them work in the future and I did scare him away. Men pick up on these signals, even if you are not verbally saying it. If you truly like him let things flow at his pace, which in a long distance situation may mean a lot of time for things to settle down and in. Let him take the first step and be positive and cheerful when he contacts you. And DO NOT mention the future, let him take you there, not you...

  • oh, one more thing, do not get attached to the outcome, being whether or not you end up together...that will cause you to behave in an anxious way. Go about your life and have inner confidence that if things are meant to be, they will be...

  • Thank you all for your insights! I am going to be laid back about the relationship and see where it takes me. It's just hard when you like someone so much and you can't see them as much as you would like to as it is, not to start having doubts. I'm going to let him come to me from now on and I'll respond happily to him when he does.

  • good decision Lag83 🙂

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