Captain can i get a reading please - iam depressed

  • Dear captain, my dob 26th July 1970, married for last 18 years, My husband dob is 4th feb 1962. I also had an extra marital affair last two years with a person born on 4th sept 1968 which i cant still term its closed or not, . But not in touch with that person anymore, last time i met my extra person was in Jan 2011. Though we spoke on phone twice this year after our meeting in Jan 2011. Lots of confusion these days, i am feeling terribly depressed, can you please read for me and let me know whats in store for 2012? Will my affair with this guy is over or will he come once in a while to trouble me? How is my life with my hubby? Please eagerly waiting for your reply. thank so much in advance

  • You and hubby: to say that the two of you don't see eye-to-eye would be an understatement. This relationship arouses deep feelings, and learning how to channel them in the right direction is the big challenge here. Destructive and even hurtful tendencies can emerge in the emotional realm, but at the same time the relationship can exhibit great pride in its partners' accomplishments. Your sense of authority Cuteleo does not always take a favourable view of your husband's youthful ease and more objective attitude. Emotional expression, intensity, and upset is usually a given here. At first you were probably enchanted by his easy energy. But as time goes by, you can become frustrated by his less serious or more distant approach to life, love, and your relationship. There's nothing wrong with having fun but in a marriage, fulfilling family responsibilities is also important. If the relationship becomes conflicted, mis- or un-communicative, or hurtful, then it is time for a drastic change, whether it be for both of you to try to fix what is wrong or to decide whether to go your separate ways.

    You and your lover: as a couple here, you two will have the ability to accept each other's often peculiar personal characteristics and to be sensitive to each other's needs and wishes. In fact the relationship is often drawn to unusual or out-of-the-way experiences and people. But a strong physical or sexual attraction is often missing between you. Lighter and less passionate or earthy feelings are usually the norm. Intellectual, aesthetic, or spiritual matters are often more interesting to you, and your love affair - though empathic - is apt to become more platonic than sensuous as time goes by. Your lover can come to find you a bit aggressive and over-eager for attention, while you may find him intriguing but ultimately a bit negative and critical. Thus, it's rare for this relationship to go very far or to endure.

  • 2012 for you is all about YOU. You alone and not anyone else. It's a time for you to do what you want to do to be happy. It's OK to be a little selfish this year. 2012 is a time for new beginnings. Embrace courage and be open to initiating new ideas. A wave of new energy is supporting you, wanting to move you in new directions and bring you a greater sense of self-definition. It is a time of birthing new ideas. Define your nature and these ideas as you follow your dreams. You are learning to initiate what really motivates you. It is not a time to wait around, since you could miss out on what this year has to offer. You are laying down the blueprint and foundation that will set the pace for the rest of your life.

    This year holds the promise of being an exciting new adventure for you, with life taking on new challenges that pave the way for the next years in your life. This is a time to clarify your goals and it is a time to act on them. Hard work may be necessary to get a new venture or plan moving. Your physical strength will be up during this year, perhaps higher than it has been for some time, as you have some special needs for this extra energy. If you are unable or unwilling to answer the call to change and make the move in your life that appears necessary now, your prospects may be delayed for years. If you delay changes or ignore the chance to expand, the energy and momentum might be taken out of the entire year. Because of this, you may feel like an adventure, a major change in your life, something new. New goals should be clearly set and worked toward, as this is really a new beginning of a new year cycle and it is best not to dwell on the past at this time. This will be fairly easy for you to do because most of the problems and disappointments of the past will tend to disappear, leaving the way open for these new challenges. This is a great time; use it to its full advantage.

    Set some realistic goals, ones that you know you are able to accomplish, and yet offer some challenge. By being realistic you will go beyond your comfort zone without setting yourself up to fail. Your goals can be in any areas of your life, especially those where you feel stagnant.

    Initiate new relationships by making new acquaintances and friends. Connect with others outside of your home. As you extend yourself look for events, classes, or groups that stimulate you and offer learning opportunities that align with your new goals. Take a risk. Think bigger. It takes the same amount of energy to think big as it does to think small. Begin to dream more. If you hear yourself thinking about things you don't have, start thinking more about things you would like to have. Take baby steps so that you are actually building upon successes, rather than taking big leaps that often set the pace for failure. A little bit consistently really adds up.

    Acknowledge yourself by valuing your accomplishments each day. When you give yourself recognition by noticing your progress, you make yourself stronger. You may even want to make a list of your accomplishments, even the smallest ones, because they all add up. They provide fuel for further progress!

  • Hello Captain

    I would like to get a reading as to why my love interest 10-1-1977 wants to leave me 12-16-1974... we dated for two years.... i waited for him and was patient with his emotions but he just doesnt see a life with me.... can you please help me figure out what is going on

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