Staying out of the line of "punishment" of the Cancer man?

  • Why are Cancer men so vindictive and vengeful? And how does one combat or get around the emotional manipulation and punishment of a Cancer man?

    Why do Cancer men always want to feel the need to "put someone in their place" when they have been slighted (whether it's true or perceived)? And why can't they just simply let an issue go and move on?

    Why do they always have to one-up you and even if they did deserve what you dished to them (they can be so mean, petty, vindictive, jealous, childish and rude), why do they always feel like they are right and you are wrong? Even when they are clearly wrong?

    So again, how do you deal with this and not allow yourself to become embroiled in their manipulative games and how do you stay off the emotional roller coaster ride?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Um, I have never experienced this and hope I never do......if you are, I am sorry. I truly am. I am sure it is not pretty. Just walk away and do not look back.

  • I concur with Taurus7- If you have matter what sign that treats you this way dont walk but run. That Cancer will come chasing after you and if he has half a brain will realize what a complete jerk he has been and make a real and conscious effort to change. If he doesnt well then you just saved yourself a whole lot of heartache. Good luck and dont sacrifice your happiness to be with anyone!!

  • Thank you, and I agree. Walking away is the best thing.

  • Yeah, he's chasing now but I don't know if I want to be caught. Too much headache. Not worth it.


  • There sure are a lot of threads about Cancer men on this board. One has to wonder if the same woman is posting multiple threads about Cancers under different handles.

  • Wise- I noticed that too. So many problems with Cancer men.

    Virgal- While it is a trait of Cancer (both male and female) to be vengeful and spiteful, you don't deserve it. I gurantee after he does those horrible things to you, he goes home and knows that it wasn't right. He knows he should apologize but he can't be the bigger person. We are very emotional but that's no excuse for the things that he's done to you. I would suggest being the being person and walking away. As long as you know your actions are better (i.e. you're not acting like a toddler) then that's all that matters.

  • No, I don't frequent this board much and certainly don't have time for those kind of games. Cancer men are just very intriguing and interesting people and tend to have alot of female fans (and enemies) who just simply would like to try and figure them out.

    Good day,

  • LadyCancer,

    Thank you, and no, I don't feel as though I deserved that treatment. I'm pretty sure he knows he was wrong, and I have walked away. I can't deal with the moods and vindictiveness.


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