How to not allow yourself to be punished by a Cancer man?

  • Why are Cancer men so vindictive and vengeful? And how does one combat or get around the emotional manipulation and punishment of a Cancer man?

    Why do Cancer men always want to feel the need to "put someone in their place" when they have been slighted (whether it's true or perceived)? And why can't they just simply let an issue go and move on?

    Why do they always have to one-up you and even if they did deserve what you dished to them (they can be so mean, petty, vindictive, jealous, childish and rude), why do they always feel like they are right and you are wrong? Even when they are clearly wrong?

    So again, how do you deal with this and not allow yourself to become embroiled in their manipulative games and how do you stay off the emotional roller coaster ride?

    Thanks in advance

  • HA...I have a cancer man too, so I am with you on this!

  • I'm finding you simply can't reason with them, all that works is backing off and giving space so hopefully he realises how unfair he is being, I'm being punished by mine right now too 😞

  • Yeh me too, though it is his problem not mine.

  • And mine, the wrost part is that he's in university so im punished to the point that I cant sleep or eat until he flipping talks to me about whatever is going on in that washing machine of a head he's got. I'm a scorpio so holding back when I know he's being an arse has been extremely difficult but some how I've managed it, for the past 6 days it literally feel like im going to verbally hurl all over him if this carry's on but I cant because I'm frigthend he's going to leave me....again, but this time its for good says him and I believe him because when he's says stuff like that you know its serious, so yea I know this doesnt help in how to deal with it because I would also like to know but atleasst you know your not alone 🙂

  • Well, I found the remedy for jealousy - dish it to them! be as jealous as they are over small imagined things and they'll stop it! hehe (it usually works for a few days frankly).

    the rest I still don't know how to address them, but trust me, they're there! cancerian men have this talent to make you feel as if you're imagining stuff - so I feel that I need to reassure you: it's THERE, we FEEL IT TOO. hehehehehe 😉

  • Thank You! It's like they are impossible!

  • Sorry to hear this. Hopefully he will come around.

  • I'd love to dish it back but that takes so much energy! They can do this forever, ya know. Not worth it. I'm just trying to stay out of the line of fire.

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