Clarification in a Romantic Potentials Reading, please!

  • Hi, I am new to the forum. I usually have an easy time of understanding the readings I do for myself, but I have to admit, I am stumped on this one. Thank you in advance to anyone that can clarify!

    I did a Romantic Potentials Reading; I think I understand most of it, but am stuck on the cards that represent

    Self, Significant Other and Chariot.

    The questions was: "What is the potential for he (DOB 01.06.1974) and I (DOB 12.12.1973) will get through this difficult time and become a solid couple?" We are at a crossroads (the 6 month mark) and have been arguing more than usual. We still haven't completely made up; I am trying to make some changes, as this is the first romantic relationship that I want to be able to stick with despite its ups & downs. I believe that it will ultimately be a deeply satisfying relationship, but feeling a little down tonight.

    Situation:Seven of Arrows

    Self: Magic

    Significant Other: Nine of Cups

    Advice: King of Staves

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Queen of Coins

    Next Steps: Two of Staves

    Potential: Chariot

  • I think I posted this in the wrong section-I will post on the correct one. Sorry!

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