Please some help Please

  • I have been having some really bad dreams. And one of them I have been having a lot.

    It is about drugs. I have been having dreams that I am using drugs and that there is

    always something going on with it. Like I would be doing something that I know i should

    not be doing or going some where I should not be going. But todays dream was I was with

    A man and he gave me a job that in real life I would have to be able to work that kind of job with

    the police dept. But I don't think so because of my age and because I know I would not be able to

    pass the academy but was just lucky in my dream. And then I was with my friend Ann and her daughter Erica and we were looking at sweater jackets and her mom told her no she could not get three them because they were gang colors so she got one that was a different color. And then I was telling them something about 25 dollars I am not what. But then I was somewhere and I was doing drugs and then the man in the dream found out and I felt bad about it. And he still was willing to help me and keep me with this job. And that is the kind of dreams I have been having about drugs. I have not use in 16 years in April. So I am not sure because I don't want to go back that road again in life. I have two beautiful boys and I am going to school and I am finally getting my self on the right track like I should have been but I am going right now. What does this all mean and what can I do to help myself with these dreams

    Thanks Illona

  • Hi Illona, I think these are anxiety dreams. Maybe something is going on in your life that triggers the old associations and buried anxieties. Is there anything at all that you are currently doing, that deep down you know is not good for you ? Any anxieties in your waking life ? Maybe these dreams are warning you against the temptation (if there is one) to escape from the problems rather than dealing with them. Also maybe in your sleep some part of your consciousness is sabotaging the good progress that you are making in life. It's perfectly normal, because we all have a "shady" side. Just be aware of it and stick to your plan. Probably your subcoscious mind is telling you to be aware of that side and not to relax the vigilance.

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