Suramya! Update (Kinda)

  • Hello Suramya,

    How have you been? I hope you're making progress for your PhD!

    A few weeks ago you generously gave me a love reading. In it, you told me I would need to heal myself before I could be in a positive relationship. Well, I know I'm still miles away from healing myself, but one thing I realized is that I'm terrified! Terrified of finding someone that would willingly be with me! I also acknowledge that i have a lot of resentment towards men for various reasons... At least I can slowly gather where I need to work on. Still, I know I'm not ready for a romantic relationship, but I'm hoping that in another 2-3 years, I'll be halfway there! (laughs)

    Would you mind doing another reading? I'd like to know what you and your cards have to say about my healing process.

    Thank you!

  • EIAI hey there! How are you?Am good but busy and just chanced to see your message. Sure I'll do a reading. as for trusting men,this would be a case of the blind leading the blind,meaning I have that problem as well;)

    Ever since i have come on this site i have started realizing that sometimes our own behaviour patterns and energies attract certain kinds of people and relationships. Each wound is a lesson learnt so there really is no point worrying too much about the future. reading what the captain and poetic and others here write, has taught me that its time I learnt to manifest things from inside out. Meaning if we are happy and centered, we will eventually automatically attract whats best for us. We have to trust that the Universe will provide for our highest good. Not that I have attained such elevation yet;) but it helps top try take little steps. will soon post reading as soon as I get a little time.


  • Dear EIAI

    Its funny that the tarot card spread corresponded to what I wrote before. Right now, for the next six months concentrate on building your own strengths and trust your intelligence and strong logic in making decisions and judging people. You will get the partner you deserve in due time (judgement) and it is not something you can plan or control, it will come to you (Wheel fortune). In fact there will be multiple choices (7 cups), in the second half of the year and after. But I did not get any clear profiles.

  • I did my favourite oracle card readings and you got some lovely messages there. You are urged to awaken your magical abilities from before (in this life or past life). You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality. Stepping outside into sunlight and moonlight, will help you make these connections. Know that you deserve good and visualize clearly what you want (not what you don’t want to manifest). You are a spiritual teacher and can do much to help and counsel others to follow divine guidance. Whatever route you are taking to connect to your higher consciousness is working. Your ability to visualize is stronger than you think and it is safe to develop your clairvoyance. You are being guided to sit quietly on a daily basis and visualize living a happy, abundant and meaningful life. You got some very good indications for further studies and the angels will help you with resources for your education/schooling.. When in doubt, you can seek expert advice.

    For the latter part of the year I got a card that shows opportunities opening up for you and some happy changes. This card had dolphins and the sea, so I wonder if you will be near such a water body or already are? These could well be opportunities for meeting interesting people(men) but in the card I see you revelling in your happiness and strength and body. Again the cards remind you that the strength to face anything is within you. Be strong and do not under estimate yourself.

  • Wow...

    Your reading has me floored. I have been reading some of the Captains post about the paths to discovery and how to improve ones psychic power. In my childhood I could predict things easily; sometimes I could see things like ghosts. Personally, I am very afraid to try and reconnect with it because of those things. I know I shouldn't be afraid, but I am, and I've been with this fear for years.

    At this moment I am always second guessing my own intuition. When I hear something inside speaking to me so clearly, I never trust it and do the opposite. I'm ashamed to say that I I've been doing that in a lot of readings that I have done here. But I guess that's my whole reason for coming to this forum in the first place. I'm afraid to reconnect with what I lost, but deep down inside I have been wanting to connect. I have never completely let go of my connection, but simply tried to hide it and ignore it.

    I hope that card of sea is indicating a trip. My fondest wish is to go to South Korea. If I am still able to go to university next semester I hope I get a chance to study abroad there. I had tried this year to go to China, but I couldn't afford it.

    Honestly, Suramya, I now believe that I'm not supposed to know of any man I am to be with in the future. I've had three predictions from astrologers and tarot readers and their predictions have never come true. (Though I understand why the astrologers' predictions did not come true since my birth time on my birth certificate is wrong.) And to add to that, whenever I try to call a psychic to inquire about that one man, I can never get through or I suddenly have problems with my credit card... This is a loud cry for me from the Universe

    Actually this reminds me of a time in the summer when I tried to meditate to see who the love of my life is. As I closed in on the person, suddenly these Korean singers I adore came to mind. Even though they had no voice, from their expressions they looked as if they were screaming at me angrily. I felt as if they were telling me to get out of my own mind!

    Hah haa haa! For now, I guess no more love questions until I cross that bridge.

    Thank you so much Suramya!

    I love your readings and how you follow up on a person.

    You are a wonderful, kind person!

    I wish I can offer you more, but if you ever want a reading, or to simply talk, I'm here for you.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks so much for the validation...that helps me:)

    The card was RHIANON from the Doreen Virtue Goddess deck. It spoke of reconnecting to your past ability and trusting it, but I had no way of knowing what it meant. Maybe you can google it.

    You go for it girl...allthe best for your studies. I will ask you when I need answers

    Hugs sweetie:)

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