Need a reading! feeling discouraged and scared!

  • Im near the homestretch of my veterinary technician program, and this quarter is starting off horribly! and im failing all my classes after the 3rd week! i will admit that i need to study alot more, which i usually have with the exception of this quarter. but the program is also getting alot tougher, where we are actually putting animals under anesthesia. I just hope that even if i do buckle down and cram that ill still be able to succeed as as a tech. im afraid that i may not be cut out for it. but im reluctant to say i cant since, when i do study i do well. so im asking if someone could do a reading on me, and to see whats in the future for me and my propects in my chosen career field.

  • Fear of success is a comman afliction! Sounds crazy but true. We are held back by fear more than any other emotion. Go back to square one. What was the first intention? Was it a deep always wanting to be a vet? Or a crisis of need for action--to do SOMETHING. To choose a job that meant security --a garenteed paycheck. Was the desicion from your head or heart? Also, examine your fears---you need a mentor to help----schedual an apointment withe the teacher or try blogging with other vets. Maybe they were all scared at first! That is a big responsability---life in your hands---what if you make a mistake? I would think most vets passed through that stage of no turning back. Connect with others---do not isolate---maybe other students feel the same issues. Maybe this is the first time you have really been challanged---went for something important and yes it's a whole new ballgame. The higher the goal the harder the work. Three weeks is not long and you may just be adjusting. When it comes to knowing if it is for you or not that will come out on its own as if your heart--passion is not in it NO you will not follow through. Desire has to sustain you. How's your faith in yourself? If you worked your hardest--gave it all--do you see yourself doing it? My first weeks at college I almost quit as well--I was older and long out of the school habit--that crazy pace. I too questioned----my ability. Of course I did change directions and keep going and later did realize that I was overwhelmed because I just was out of the school loop---that whole being tested thing and having to study. It's a new discipline. You need a buddy who is going through it too. You are already in it--paid for so give it your all as three weeks is not long enought to decide.At least if you complete one term you'll know in your heart--ok--I gave it my best shot and it's not for me. Sometimes the way to finding what we are good at is by first finding what we are not good at! I think right now your feeling isolated. Talk to someone who's been there about your fears. Nothing worth having comes easy. Maybe you expected it to be easier. Three weeks is not long enough to find your method that works. To find your groove for getting things done.BLESSINGS!

  • thank you for your advice and input. it was very insightful. I going to be a veterinary technician not a vet but we do alot of the same things vets do. I definately know that this field is what i want to do. I am in my 6th quarter of a 8 quarter program so I am almost ready to graduate. but this quarter is alot tougher than i anticipated, and im failing so far, i going try and buckle down, and try to pull things up while i still have a chance. I worry about the lab class though, the professor had me back away last week and I failed miserly for the procedure. If you could possibly do a quick reading for me I would really appreciate. I would like to know how this quarter is going to go, if ill have to retake it, etc...

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