Need a reading! feeling discouraged and scared!

  • Im near the homestretch of my veterinary technician program, and this quarter is starting off horribly! and im failing all my classes after the 3rd week! i will admit that i need to study alot more, which i usually have with the exception of this quarter. but the program is also getting alot tougher, where we are actually putting animals under anesthesia. I just hope that even if i do buckle down and cram that ill still be able to succeed as as a tech. im afraid that i may not be cut out for it. but im reluctant to say i cant since, when i do study i do well. so im asking if someone could do a reading on me, and to see whats in the future for me and my propects in my chosen career field.

  • You can't back out now just as you are so close to finishing. Otherwise you may always feel like a drop-out or failure. The time to decide if this profession is right for you is after you have actually worked in it for a while in a professional setting. Until then, you cannot possibly know how you will react to the real thing. So knuckle down and get back to studying and put your fears aside for the moment.

  • thank-you so much. i needed a good push 🙂 i would never dream of quitting. i just hope i dont flunk out, booted out from failing

  • One door closing only means that another will open!

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