Is the Scorpio man in to me or do out to destroy me? :D?

  • Ok so i met this man when he was drunk, and he was siting in the back of the car my friend was driving. im a scorpio too so we had from the start little childish argument like a old couple 😄

    after 1h sitting in the car he started to rub my back and i told him to stop cos i don't like to be touch like that specially when i don't even know that person, he ask me when did i last time have serious relationship and ask me a lot off personal cuestions, after that he started to touch me more and told me that i have a brick wall and im not acting myself now 🙂 i ad him on my fb and he ask me there can he touch me... and do i now let ppl touch me and so on 😄 second time we met he was also drunk when i saw him and again in the back of the car and he started the talk by asking me can we touch 😄 and i sayd no! then he suddenly started to talk that he had a famous girlfriend many years ago and he sayd that he is no brat pitt but many women wants him and then he told me that im not his type and so on... then he start to tell my friend that she have beautifull green eyes and can she come to his plays for kissing and so on and that blue eyes are not so nice ( i have blue eyes) that he likes green eyes more 😄 this continued lot of times in this same car ride 🙂 ok after a moment of cilence he askt me do i have a boyfriend and i sayd no he askt why i sayd that my lifestyle is not ok for that at the time. then he again was telling that my friend looks nice and asking her to kiss him and tell me that i dont look so nice and not his type..blaa blaa blaa silence again then he askt what kind of man do i like, and i told him that he dont need that info on me and that he should now just continue talking to my friend nice things 😄 he got mad and told scream at me that i have to tell him or he will distroy my frinds car 😕 ok so i told him just to anoy him and make him stop this stupid questions that i like sneaky manipulaiting rich jewish men hahaha then silence and he got SOOOO angryyy he started to scream at me and told that if i was a man he would beat me up and so on, i got little scared so i told him that he understood me wrong and he started to demand i explain my self... ok so after that he got out of a car and without any words just left home... after 10 minutes he caald me on my phone and sayd he was sorry for acting this way, and he askt me that i say to him what did i ment by the men i like.... i sayd to him that hey u r drunk lets talk when u r sober he got little angry and told that he is sober now i sayd no and he got angry again.. and started caaling my friends phone saying he is in love wit her that can she come to his house now and so on... ok ppl please help me what the **** is this guy about?

    Im dont know why he behave like this, but i have to see him time to time cos my friend seems to like the thing he told abouth her eyes 😄

    Im scorpio 19.11.84

    He Is scorpio 20.11.88

  • This guy wants sex and he is not too fussy who with. Stay away from him or you will get very hurt. He's not serious about love and has to get drunk before he has the courage to hit on women.

  • There is no relation from the astrological sign because he was interested in you but you were not. So it depends on person desire. For more information you can visit or you can also call on +919878463783 or +919878694967

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