Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love reading please

  • I wish I could talk to you in person , and knock some sense into you! You have to do it! Its what she is waiting for .....

  • Well Girls I am going over to her place tomorrow night. She told me wednesday but I have my kids that night. So tomorrow it is. I will have a chance to find out what is happening. If she tells me she is going to be with her ex then what? I ask her if she is sure and she says yes. Walk away? Grab her and tell her again how much I love her?

  • Yes, Cancerman , Just Grab her and tell her , she will absolutely melt ,MELT!!

  • Or at least , thats what im praying she'll do ....Surely what I would have done! But you've got to at least try that, at it HAS to be in person , nothing over the phone will have the same impact , its so easy to hide your feelings that way!

  • Well that is exactly what I am going to do. Wish me luck!!

  • Cancerman , im literally nervous for you, I have butterflies in my stomach right now as im typing this! Ill be praying for you!

  • BY the way , im going a little off the subject here .. Im a little curious about what is it that you find attractive in the qualities of a Taurus , or your particular Taurus woman, was it her looks? Were you purposly looking for a "certain type" ?

  • I like her affectionate nature, the way she looks at me with love in her eyes, the way we can spend the day together laughing and sharing. She grounds me and makes me feel completely at ease. When I am with her I can finally relax....the thought of losing that scares the hell out of me. If she feels the same way about me I will know tomorrow night. I just hope she gives me at least a chance.

  • I am over the top affectionate , especially in public for some reason , is that an issue with you , would you prefer it to be when only together in private? Also can I ask you what your opinion is on the comparison to being with someone as emotional as you such as a pisces to a earth sign like ourselves. (forgive me on all these questions, I promise last one)

  • Nevermind , you dont have to answer that , I dont know why Im asking this , I am with my husband now , so sorry I asked . It wouldnt change anything. I think I got carried away remembering me and my cancerman .

  • There is never enough affection as far as I'm concerned. Public, private it all makes us feel like we are loved without having to be told.

  • CmwTF - Just wanted you to know that I am anticipating tomorrow along with you!!! Hoping for nothing but the best from me!! 😄

  • OMG!! GO AND CLAIM THIS WOMAN THAT IS WANTING YOU TO CLAIM HER! Sorry, I just read 2 pages back!! No calls, no texts, no emails....RUN to her man!!

    UGH!!! 😄

  • T8 - I know girl!! If my J even thought about looking or talking to another woman, it would devastate me!! I feel ya there. I admire you so much!! I think you have it going on to the extreme!!! Please keep me posted!

    Eartangel - Hey doll!! What do we have to do to make it clear to CMwTF - to go and effing get her?? I mean hello?? What woman does not want to be swept away??? And darlin, I am in no way shape or form wiser than you!!! Not at all!! Love you!!

  • Taurus7 , Idk, Maybe I just wish I was braver like you , to walk away from the only thing I have known my whole life , I sometimes feel that if I did , I would feel this overwhelming sense of freedom that I have never expereinced and through pain I will gain greater strength. I truly believe me and my cancer friend meshed so well , I believe we had true potential to be something amazing , it was really awful timing and too many complications. My kids are smaller and maybe , just maybe ( I convinced myself) that all the pain , humiliation , and sorrow will not be in vain , I want to be able to wait long enough to find my reward .

  • Oh earhty!! I was not strong, I thought like you did. I allowed a man to physically and emotionally abuse me and emotionally abuse my kids in the hopes that God would intervene. It did not happen. It was by my pure resilience and strength that we made it out relatively unscathed. Which sounds odd, but by the grace of God, it is the truth. My hope and faithfulness never restored my marriage, but it paved a path for my children and myself to arise and not become victims. It was pure sheer will to not become a victim on my part or on my childrens.....I am not proud of enduring that. I question my self daily.

    I even told J today that I actually had a plan to send my kids away. Simply bc I knew I was failing them, but in the end, I could not do that, bc I was selfish. I needed them. I will always doubt my decision to stay and not send them away to be better taken care of. Better than I could provide. I can only hope my sacrifice will endure for them.

    I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, but it was NEVER right. BC too much hatred was present.

    I really appreciate your kind words, I do. But, my past mars my present. When you have someone who destroys the feeling of being safe within a child, especially when that person is their father, it is not a good thing. I have to live with that guilt. BC I married him, I walked down the aisle willing. No pregnancy, nothing.....and that man hurt my children far more than they ever deserved and I stood by in hope allowing it.

    That's messed up!!

    J is gracious though, he reassures me continually.He praises my kids non stop! My kids are not Jerry Springer headliners, neither am I, that gives me hope...:D but I often wonder, why did they have to bear that? WHY??? They are so good....yet suffered so. I can only hope it is for a purpose far greater then what my mind can comprehend.

    Only time will tell.

  • Honestly, I was so very weak. I stayed for provision and did my best to shield my children. Plus, I took my vows seriously.

  • Girls I am doing all I can. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. I will try my hardest to make her understand. I hate to admit it but her actions are speaking louder than her words- which by the way are next to nothing. I dont have high hopes but have picked up my spirits to be present for whatever happens. I wont beg or cry. I will tell her I love her and hug her. I will ask her if she is sure and then hug her. If after all I have done to try and get her to believe in me and give me a chance she chooses him.....well that is life. I know that I am a good person and will meet someone who appreciates me. I cant beat myself up. I cant drive myself crazy over this. I have two kids who I love dearly. I am just glad I have them half the time as my 13 year old has been a real help. Her philosophy is ' Dad- if she doesnt choose you....she is stupid' Love that girl. You guys are a great help and dont misinterpret I am going over there hoping for the best.

  • CMwTF - Please know that I get it!! I do. And, you are right, you should not have to beg. I am in your corner!!! I am. I just hope she wakes up.

    The fact that I chose J every day, matters to him. I do understand that concept. he is not sure sometimes, I'm not sure either!! lol But I just know I need that man......and he needs me too!

  • Cmwtf...

    Thinking of you today and praying all goes well with your woman... Happy Valentines Day ❤

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