Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love reading please

  • CMwTF- Sorry that you are feeling this way , I am honestly rooting for the two of you, I really would love to see the "pairing" work , I am still convinced that Cancer men are the "cream of the crop" In another lifetime , he would have been the "one" . I didnt share my story to bring you doubt or negative thoughts, I just really hope she follows heart, I know I couldn't..

  • T8 - Once again girl friend you hit it out of the park!!! Cancermale - GO FOR HER!! TELL HER THESE THINGS................DO IT!!!!!! And do it NOW!!!!

  • Cancermale - WAKE UP and FIGHT for her!! What do you have to lose? Nothing.....really, you will be ok...ou already know that...just go for it!!

  • LOL well last night I went over there and told her what i was thinking and feeling. We stayed together. In the am she still wanted time to think and told me she knows what she has in me. I said ok and left. She knows what I mean to her and what her ex does. My friends advice is to just leave and tell her to screw off but I cant. I asked if she didnt know by wed what then? she said she would not be with anyone. I am slowly coming to terms with this crap. I know I will find someone if it is not her, but right now she has my heart. I will keep updating. Thanks for the support. I am really not a total pushover, this is totally out of character for me.

  • Hmmm I would have thought the "stayed together " was her answer....we Italians have a word for those girls... P u t t a n a... I am with your friends...

  • CMwTf - I am so proud of you!! I am! Geeze..if I could call her, smack her (jk) and get her to just know.......I would!! I am pulling for you guys!! I am. You have the best of my thoughts, my heart and prayers pulling for both of you......

    I am still standing in my bull stance and saying.....MAKE YOUR DEMANDS ON HER HEART!!!! She needs and deserves that!!!! Oy vey......if I could only tell you how much you and her and me and mine are so alike here......

    I suffered so bad in my marriage..but J..he has been so kind and understanding..even though I scare the beejesus outta him....I do I have known that for a long time. He has never scared me though.....I reached out to him and he grabbed my hand...we have been holding hands for over 2 years now.....stuck by each other through thick and thin...and is worth it!!!

    Dammit CM...shed that freakin hard shell, take a leap and GO GET HER!!!

    Don't be a wh o her MAN!! The man she has longed and dreamed for!!

    BC see, that is what we Taurean women do....we just have such a hard time putting that out there.......making it known...being vunerable...we don't like to be hurt either....too much for us to bear....

    OK....I am breathing now...I do wish the best for both of you...I do......I just know....:D

  • OH..and...WELL.( say the well like welle) should be out of character, bc you are truly in love with her!! See that is what true love does, it makes us better....:D

  • here is some proof of Taurean OCD at it's finest....gotta love me!! lol

    J and I work bc we are real with each other.

    He messes with me nonstop..why?? Simply bc he can. I always ask him..WHY do you do that to me? His simple response...bc it's fun!! He is very bad!! lol I usually snort a pfft...roll my eyes and can barely contain my laughter before I am finished with my dramatic hair flip moment!! lol That makes him laugh harder.....

    What I am trying to say guys need each other more than you need the air you do. Trust me....

  • Well I sent an email that basically lays it all out. The good the bad and the ugly. I was honest and told her I need to know valentines day, one because I dont have my kids that day and two because it was a day shorter than Wednesday and three because it is appropriate 🙂 I would post my letter but let me say you guys would be proud. She replied that she knows what its like to give your whole heart to someone and be kept in limbo and hates that she is putting me in the same position. I have some great friends around me and you all have been super helpful. SO I told her that if she doesnt call me on tuesday I will assume she doesnt want to be with me. Now come Tuesday we will see. I wanted so bad to reply to her today but am not going to do it. I have to keep my self respect. So Tell me ladies,,,,just how bad was that move?

  • CMwTF - It isn't a bad move per say.....I do understand about keeping your self respect. I do. But, I also understand the need to sometimes go for and fight for love!!!

    I am trying so hard to try and tell you, from a Taurus woman's perspective who has had a very similar life to your Taurus woman's life, that just once, take the burden off her shoulders and go CLAIM her!!! lol

    See, I know us T-gals well. We always do the right thing. We always sacrifice ourselves and our needs for everyone else. It is like, we cannot help it. I stayed in a horrible marriage bc I thought it was best for everyone else, when it was horrific for me. I survived and I turned that damn nightmare around. Not only for myself, but my children as well. And, my ex too.

    But, the thing about my relationship with J, is he is the only man I could ever count on. He is solid. When he told me, during our breakup, that I was his and his alone.....hubba hubba.......oh hell ya......and you know what, he is right, but hearing him say of the best moments in my life.

  • CMwTF - talk to me!! I promise you, it is safe.

  • T7- I'm trying so hard to believe that love will win. The feelings I have for her are cellular. The pain of losing her hurts so badly. My heart wants to believe that she will have my back and she will choose love over duty. This whole situation is so hard. I know it will be ok if she chooses him but the pain will be difficult. I guess the thing that makes me have hope is she loves me and may just sacrifice herself for him and her kids. I feel completely lost. I have never wanted someone so badly. I am praying that god will see all of the good feelings I have for her and bless me with her heart. Thank you all for your kind words. I really dont know what I would do without all of your words of wisdom. I am praying that love wins. My promise is to cherish her everyday and be the man she has always wished for.....

  • CMwTF - ooohhhh!! You have made me cry!! Dammit!! The soft side I have for you cancer males is deep!! Can you not go get in your car, drive to her and tell her that? BC darlin, I know it would make such a difference. Not bc she doesn't love you...but the life of a Taurus female is sometimes a hard, long, empty road to haul. Duty and obligation are some of our 2 most foremost driving forces!

    It is like we need the Staples easy button, bc we overwhelm ourselves. But what we need, is a strong, giving, loving, faithful man!!! And we do not dare to assume that, we have to be shown that. We doubt ourselves as much as you do. I know.....hard to believe but we do.

    When J and I are together, it is like there is no one else in the world. You know what I am saying to you. And to think that I almost lost that........but..he did not allow me to do that. He gave me my time, but stepped in when I needed him too.

    I have no clue how he knew that, but he did. I am just thankful that he acted upon it. BC without him, I am truly lost. But I was willing to sacrifice him and us, for everyone's well being. Do you see what I am trying to say????? I was on my way there, but he stepped up. Something that I am not and was not able to do.

    Right now, his oldest son is a mess. I know I am not his mother. I know that boy needs me, but I so easily took a backseat to the facts. It is what we Taurean women do.

    Please CMwTF....stop it for her...please....

  • I really have tried. I can say with all honestly that I have done everything possible to make her see what she has in me.

  • O'My I have been away to long........

    CMwTF- Thumps up to you for going to see her. Staying there, most of all sending her an e-mail about The good, The bad & The ugly......I'm glad that you stated you wanted to know Tuesday. I don't think it was a bad move or call......

    I do agree with T7, sometime we need that someone to say, Hey Im yours NOW, PRESENT, and FUTURE. He's your PASS, you tried to wrk that out. His lost...!! Your my Treasure & my Spark. Im just supposed to say OK, you can take her......NO sorry, dosen't wrk this time Baby..!!

    So any insight about the "X", did she say anything about What kind of things he is doing to show he has made this change, and what is different...??????

    T7- Thanks girl-friend. So glad you told him to go for her.....So true about Cancer making a demand, we Taurus Female are suckers for it......It make us think. Til this day it hard for me to even leave my CancerMan, I have been through a lot with him. You see 2 yrs ago I found out he was talking to another women, you know that set me back, and broke my heart.....I'm having a hard time dealing with that, because I feel he's gonna look again.....

    Any-who enough of me.......Fingers are crossed wishing all the best...CMwTF


  • She didnt really say anymore other than he was sharing/saying more. The fact the kids started saying things makes me believe he might have done some coaxing.

  • O yeah CMwTF he sure did.........But that just goes to show how manipulative this person is, and his interest isnt getting back together just to confuse her.....Any man that wants to rekindle with there spouse doesn't take 2yrs to realize that....I think she is just being considerate of all thats involved....

  • CMwTF- Taurus7 is absolutely right about us Taurus women , she nails it all the time , I have a terribly hard time expressing myself through words , I am no way as evolved as Taurus7. I KNOW my heart is no longer with my husband since cancer man still holds it, however, like Taurus7 said in earlier post we WILL sacrifice our own needs for those we love, I have for the past 15 years , but for the first time I experienced a love I never knew possible and I have never really been in touch with my feelings since I learned to bury them deep with my relationship with my husband to keep the peace and to" keep on keeping on" so of course it scared me to death, I literally shut down with my cancer "friend" When I told him, I felt pressured and to take it easy, to "slow down" he took it the wrong way and got defensive, I could "feel" his love for me was very strong , but I needed more . When my cancer guy flat out said " I don't get it , what do you want , I give up , you dont want to talk about anything , so I give up , I cant win" he said "looks like you already have your mind made up, and I cant force you to do anything"

    See thats where it went down hill, because if I had to tell him exactly what do do , then it was pointless, not that I was playing games, but It wouldnt be the same , I didnt want to have to tell him come and stake your claim! Does that make sense , In order for it to feel sincere , it had to come from him on his own . You gotta take the "bull by its horn" , thats the only way for me!

  • So if I am reading that correctly, your advice is to wait until Wednesday and if she say she is going with him I should go over there and do what? tell her I love her and want her? What if it is just a phone call?

  • hahaha, no easy way out , no phone call. Please do it , go to her and stake your claim! Its what we Taureans are always saving someone else , we deep down inside really want some one to save us!

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