Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love reading please

  • CMwTF - I am not sure anyone enjoys being vunerable!! lol I know I don't, but I have found that allowing myself to be that way, gives my life a deeper and greater meaning. That is just my opinion and experience though.

    Reread the last to paragraphs of what VOC wrote, then read it again, then read it one more time! lol

  • VOC - How I try to live is just like you described in your last two paragraphs of your previous post. In all areas and relationships of my life.

    I have learned that the more I let go, the more peaceful my life becomes. I NEED a peaceful life! I do! I hate drama! So, the more peaceful I am, that energy comes off of me. I am happy go lucky by nature, I love to laugh, I try not to make mountains out of mole hills, so I am a person that people enjoy being around, just bc of how I am trying to live my life best for me.

    With that , the immediate people in my life, my children, J, my family and friends get the very best of me and what i have to give. Unconditional love and understanding. Insight and wisdom that has come from my lifes experience.

    I hope that helps.

  • yes absolutely Taurus...i've found that holding yourself back...bottling things up...crying alone, etc. all these behaviors are pretty much futile. Of course you DO run the risk of losing the person - but I'd rather lose them and be happy than miserable with them...i've also found that to love the other person completely, give them the benefit of the doubt, but also push them (in a loving way) to far inspires the other person in some ways i feel to behave the same way.

  • Well kids tonight I got the answer. Apparently the ex husband has been making a play to get back together. She has been struggling between choosing possibly getting her family back together or staying with me, She told me she loved me and if she didn't it would be an easy decision. She said that we are together she feels free and that I am the most amazing man she has ever met. This really hurts. She asked for a week without contact from either him or me to make her decision. I love her enough to let her go if she thinks she can be happy. I guess next Wednesday I will find out what happens. This is going to be one tough week!!! I want nothing more than to hold her forever. I will except her decision with dignity. Life is a bitch sometimes.

  • Sorry for butting in here but have everything crossed for you and sincerely hope all works out well.

    Good luck

  • I'm sorry to hear must be difficult for you and it does really suck...BUT, and i know that my logical approach might tick you off, but reflect on this've known each other recently, while her ex husband has been there for a while, and this made her think of you two...If you didn't mean so much to her she might not have needed to mull it over so much (time and companionship usually beats a recent flare or spark) don't feel so bad (easier said than done) and hang in NEVER comes easy...

  • CMWTF,

    At least you know why....and that she loves you. Hopefully she will choose happiness over practicality and will be with you. Prayers for you.

  • I appreciate the kind words. My thoughts are all over the place. On the one hand I think 'What is a week going to do?' She says her heart is confused and doesn't know what to do. I know she loves her children dearly and the thought of possible bringing them their father back I am sure is weighing heavily on her. We had four great months and she says when she is with me her heart is free and she can breathe.

  • CMWTF -

    I am a mother of one child and I stayed with my husband because of my son. I wouldn't have hesitating splitting up for my cancerman though...not for a moment. Happiness makes life sweeter...believe me, duty makes it long and arduous ~ Although now me and my husband get along great and are becoming friends again. Not pie in the sky sweet romance, but friends is a good place to be.

  • "hesitated not hesitating"

  • CMwTF.....Kinda makes me wonder if this "X", saw a change in her during those 4 months. Men seem to lurk when the other spouse, has found her spark again, and they are not the reason for it..Maybe he found out she has been dating some one, and wants to cause confusion, IDK just my opinion.......

    Although 22yr. is a long time being with someone, and it took him what 2 yrs. What in those 2 yrs. he wasn't interested...smh

    Im so sorry........


  • I have thought about that and I hope she is too. I truly believe that people do not change. You can alter a bad habit or two but you are who you are. I just hope she realizes what we have and fights for us. You guys are all really helping. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am.

  • CMwTF.......I hope she is to......sometimes we don't see it. Thats why we ask for space. Well I tell you 2 yrs of not being with your "X", trust me it's not all Peaches & Cream as when you were in the relationship......

    I was married to a Virgo my 1st husband, and when we divorced, about a 1 yr later, I met my CancerMan. My "X" did everything he could for us to get back together, even before we divorced. We share a child together, and ...I kept asking what was he gonna change, he couldn't give a straight answer....Long story short. We are good friends.....and I married my CancerMan took me a while to say Yes......LOL

    Chin Up CMwTF......


  • Good luck CM hope everything works out for you and your Taurus love, have my fingers crossed for the both of you.

  • Cancerman, I too had to make this very difficult decision , when my Cancer friend came crashing into my life , It was pure bliss, I feel EXACTLY like your taurus describes, "like she can finally breath" I could be the real me , it was truth. My husband did a a huge turnaround on his part , the one I had waited so patiently for , for 15 years! It was very hard because making my decision for anyone else would have been a no brainer had they been following their heart , no question I was happiest with my cancer friend , but felt my loyalty was with my husband and I owed it to my children to be a family , Im an old school, traditional to the extreme so the father of my 3 children is where I belong and where I choose...

  • TW8 - My thoughts exactly!!!!!

    CMwTF - Since you can't call her, doesn't mean that I can't! 😉 lol

    I am not sure if staying away for a week is the best idea. Yes, she asked, so naturally, bc you love her, you will obey her wishes, but I know my romantic side and well, I can picture myself doing that to J, him being obedient like you but what I would REALLY want id for him to coming charging in, grab me, kiss me and tell me that he is the only man for me!!

    You are in such a hard place!!! I feel for you deeply!! I am hoping that this all works out for you!!

  • I had to get some things off my chest and the reality is that her ex has been making a play to get back together since december. She thought she closed that door but once her kids started making comments it was in her head. I told her what I felt and that I really would have appreciated knowing that info back in december. She says she loves me and wants to really have a clear head, her heart wants to be with me but her head wants to do what is right for everyone. I am taking it day by day. Part of me wants to just cut my losses but I am a hopeless romantic and will wait to hear what she has to say next week. I have a busy weekend planned and have working out like a madman. It will all be good no matter what happens. I know what I bring to a relationship and she is not able to let go of the past, there will be someone else. I have learned that when its good it can be very good.....and for the taurus ladies are wonderful people..definitely going to be on my A list if this situation does not work out 🙂

  • In my opinion the kids informed "X" that Mom has a boyfriend. Your right she should have told you this in December, and good for you, revealing your feelings. I believe she did close that door, and is just in a "illusion" of "What If". Because she wouldn't have fallen for you, if she had that door open. Yes us Taurus Women love deep, once we have been stepped on, remember our "Heart" goes in a "Shell" and it stays there.....

    Keeping busy is good, releases the stress, and our mind focus......

    Ty for the compliment CmwTF we are all here to help 1 another, get some insight, and yes comfort, that we are not the only ones.....



  • Thanks TW8- its all good. I want her to be happy either with me or him. To be with someone out of duty does not makes sense to me...but who am I to say. I want nothing more than to have her in my arms but if that is not possible I have to let her go.

  • Well you are some one. Your the other Man.....Who put a smile on her face, lift her up, when she was down....Someone she could share her day with, and feel as if its all gonna wrk out.....Some who put a spark and light in heart, that she fell for you.....Thats something.

    Hang in there......


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