Cancer Man Taurus Woman Love reading please

  • CMwTF - Vaguely, we will talk away, like, about a situation, our kids, etc...our own feelings..not so much, ESPECIALLY when we have had past reason to believe that it is pointless to share what we feel. I am thinking that perhaps her ex may have done that to her.

    You have to keep in mind a huge part of our nature is to nurture and take care of everyone except ourselves. Mainly bc that makes us very happy. When everyone else is taken care of and happy, we are happy.

    So, my guess is, she is probably picking up on some of your worries, knows she is partly to blame and therefore staying silent.

    Lately, one of the biggest problems that J and I have been having is this....we are deeply connected, I can feel what he feels and vice a versa. Recently, he has been dwelling on many things. Some not so pleasant, when I ask him, he says he is ok, but I call him on it, and he still tries to reassure me. I know why he does it, but I finally told him, when he is off, I am off. And I don't like being "off" especially when I can help him be 'on".

    But, bc he knows how deep my past pains, struggles, etc...he cannot, absolutely cannot put burdens on me. It's like he refuses to do that. I love that about him, I do. He is so sweet, protective, kind and gracious. So...I usually just sigh, smile, kiss his gorgeous face and let it go.

    I guess that's my way of reassuring him, that it's ok. I get it. He knows that I am here for anything he needs. If I can accomplish it ( which I usually can) then I will do it.

    But, I realize, I do the same thing. He will see me, come up to me, and ask what's wrong, I instantly snap out of it, smile and say nothing or I say I just don't want to talk about it and he gives me the leeway to do that. He doesn't push, prod or pry.

    However, if I am upset bc someone hurts me, he cannot help himself but to confront them. So, I have to be very careful about that.

  • Update- Things are going better than imagined. Kids get along amazingly. Worked through my fears and talked about it. Got the feedback I needed to hear. Happiness is a wonderful thing. Love my Taurus girl, she is all that I could have asked for and more. She did tell me its hard for her to say she loves me, but promises with time that will go away. She reassured me that she loves me and is mine.

  • that is really wonderful to hear, good luck to you both! what did she/do to keep your fears at bay? how did you feel before and feel now?

  • So happy for you both! 😄

  • She told me how she feels. It is amazing to give and receive and equal amount of energy in a relationship. Never really experienced this before. Thanks to all for support and advice.

  • Hey......

    CMwTF- How are things with the your Taurus....

    T7- Girl how are ya..?

    Things are going good with me........just wondering how my peeps are doing, so miss us chating on this thread.....

  • Hey T8- We are doing good. My Taurus girl is still struggling but working through it. We have been spending alot of time together with the kids and all is well. We are going away this weekend on vacation. I think me being patient with her will enable her to completely open her heart. Time will tell. For now I am enjoying our time together. She is going to tell her kids that I am not just her friend but much more. Once that bridge is crossed I think she will relax and just let things happen, Hope you all are doing well!

  • Cancermalewithtaurusfemale----

    Patience with a Taurus woman is well worth it. We reward individuals who are willing to wait for us, fight for us, and completely UNDERSTAND us.

    We're complex women with individual layers, it takes time for us to unfold these layers. This includes vulnerability. But it doesn't mean we don't feel. It's just awkawardly expressed.

    We're stability signs. We want to love you, now and forever. Unconditionally. Not just for the moment until the next person comes along. We expect the same from our partners.

    Cancers (not all) sometimes get caught up in the entire romanticsm idea of love and romance. You men love to be enamored, so everything has to be verbalized. And because some Cancer men require constant emotional reassurance, if it's not verbalized from a female Bull right away,then you tend to withdraw.

    Tauruses are a little more practical. Unconditional love has very little to do with roses, chocolate, lilacs, and candle-lit dinners...but more to do with laying by your bedside (and never leaving you) when you're ill, defending you and protecting you when the entire world ridicules you, carrying the burden of the hardships of the world so that you wouldn't have to, accepting your flaws, and handling it with ease.

    The only thing we ask from Cancer men...

    "Please give us time to get there"

  • Been crazy busy lately sorry for lack of update. Went on vacation end of last month and we had an amazing time. Still have not had an argument or disagreement going on 7 months. She turned a corner a few weeks ago and has let her self be completely present to the future with me. She is showing more and more of her loving sensitive side and she glows when we are together with all of the kids.....did I mention there is a total of 5 kids? One would assume that would be insane dealing with ages from 5 to 13 but it works so well its scary. We are an amazing team making sure everyone is happy and tended too. Thanks again to all of those who helped me stay the course when I was having doubt!!

  • So glad that things are working out. I love it......I know it scary about the kids part total of (5), when Z & I got together we had 3, decided to have 2 of our own....O'My what were we thinking. But it all turned out great. The many vacation we took, camping name it....I miss them now. Our oldest is 25,24,21,17,13.....with 2 grandkids...just a suggestion do forget each other.....Have date nights. I wish Z & I did that, with the kids keeping us busy. We lost communication between ourselves, we would talk but always about the kids or things going on at home...

    Wishing you well


  • Thanks TW8- I can only assume that 'do' is a 'don't' 🙂 What I have learned from my first marriage is that date nights, couple only weekend getaways and still acting like we are dating is essential to keeping the spark. I am definitely the more open communicator but she is way more emotionally stable. We balance each other perfectly.

  • Sounds great......At least 1 cancer male gets it......Again hope continues to go well.......Have a Wonderful Easter...

  • Been a while since I posted an update. Things are progressing, Maybe not as quick as I would like, We spent the night with just my kids for the first time friday, We slept in seperate beds. I have to admit that after 7 months I am looking for more time than just a couple of times a week to see each other, I am finding myself overanalyzing her actions. Thinking she is pulling away when she is just grumpy. The past of her pulling away before eats at me. She is not a good communicator of her thoughts and sometimes just gets quiet for no reason. Totally love her but would love a taurus womans perspective.

  • Taurus and Cancer connections can be educational to say the least! My former bf stared to pull away and then I parted ways. I guess I wasn't patient enough. The two key differences between Cancers and Taurus' are Cancer's react more on emotion while Taurus don't react, the contemplate. Cancers are impatient , Taurus' are deliberate and cerebral.

  • CMWTF---Hey well Im glad things are going like they are at her pace....Sorry us Taurus females love taking our time....Yeah we can be reserved with our emotions. Doesn't mean she won't communicate with you, maybe she doesn't know how.....Remember we analysis everything.... Whatever your feeling, discuss it with her, let her know you want her to communicate with you more....

  • spoke to her and the fact that her kids are going away on vacation with their dad and his girlfriend is bothering her. I got a bit emotional and thought it was about her possibly not wanting to be with me. She said she pushes everyone away when she is sad and does not know how to not. I told her I want to be there for and she said she appreciates and knows that but does not know how to reach out. I told her I get that she will miss her kids but she needs to communicate a little. Just let me know that you need time and I will give you space. She said she will try. I asked what she saw for us and she said she doesnt see as far as I do into the future. We will see each other this weekend so I am just being myself but giving her space to work things out. I just want to hear that staying the course with a hurt Taurus girl and being there for her will enable her to eventually start thinking of a solid future with me and not be so afraid of sharing with me.

  • CMTF----I can relate to how she is feeling. Home a lone, no kids.....What am I gonna do.?? You workout. I remember you stating that a while back. Get her to join you. It will keep her mind of the kids, and focused on herself....Maybe by doing that she will fine her way....

  • Update. Spoke to her this morning about the pulling away and coming back. She says she still struggles with the picture of us together with all of our kids. I told her that what your family looks like does not matter it how it makes everyone involved feel. I basically told her that she cannot keep pulling away. It will push me away. She said she loves me and is working on it and thanked me for being so patient. I told her I am not going anywhere but she has to find some mechanism to tell me a little of what is going on in those moments so I can help or just understand.

  • HAve not posted in a very long time. Still with my Taurus woman. We have been together now for about a year and a half. Kids all get along. Mine tend to be a little hesitant but hers are all good. I see her about 5 days a week. It is going well. So many milestones have passed. Still some residual issues with ex but more that she is just mad at him. Trying to stay stable and avoid talking about things when she gets quiet is still sometimes an issue. She has moments where she is just quiet and I have learned that sometimes she does not have much to say. I can see myself married to her one day but not for awhile. She still is not there completely. We have talked about it though. Just wanted to let you all know that Im still on the path with her. Hope all is well

  • That is so great to hear...I'm glad things are working out.....We Taurus Women think to much, and analyze everything in our heads, a bad trait we have. Sometimes a hug is just all we need, it's that sense of sercurity.....Things for me & cancer are going well, now it's our children and there relationships that worry us the most.....I hope all continues to go great for you...

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